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Getting away to a lake is one of the most relaxing ways you can spend a vacation, which is why lots of folks choose to do it! While a lot of people just rent a cabin for a few days or weeks, those that really like the vibe of being near a lake tend to purchase a lake house they can return to year after year. Lakes offer ample opportunities to stay active, and there’s all kinds of activities you can enjoy in water including swimming, kayaking, water skiing, tubing, and canoeing among others. No matter if the lake is large or small, there are sure to be some great memories made and lots of fun to be had.

Do you know a couple or a family that has a lake house and you want to get them a gift? Well you’ve come to the right list because today we have 10 gift ideas for a lake house that any owner would be delighted to receive including:

  • Gift cards to spruce up their lake house
  • Practical gifts to make the time at the lake even better
  • Must-have lake house decor

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1. Bass Pro Shops gift card

A gift card to this outdoor store can help them stock up their lake house

Text a Bass Pro Shops gift card

If your friends have a lake house, chances are someone in the family likes to do some fishing or boating. So what better way to help ensure they always have the supplies they need than with a Bass Pro Shops gift card? This place has it all when it comes to getting out on the water, including boat motors, boat covers, trailers, anchors, ropes, paddles, and lifejackets. You can also purchase canoes, kayaks, and fishing boats right from their stores!

If they like to fish, they can choose from all kinds of different lures, lines, fishing poles, tackle boxes, boots, and outerwear. This gift card would make a great gift for someone who really loves to be at the lake and gives them a chance to pick out exactly what they need right now. 

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2. Personalized lake sign decor

Help them make their lake house feel like a home away from home!

Every lake house needs decor, and what better way to add to the lake vibes than with a personalized sign? Each sign is professionally printed on hardboard and framed with solid wood. You can choose to have the family’s name included as well as the name of the lake and the year they started to come there. Each sign is waterproof and it can easily be wiped down should it get a little wet, and it comes with easy to use hardware that’s already attached and ready to hang on the wall.

Anyone with a lake house would be proud to display a sign like this that reminds them not only that this is their relaxation time at the lake, but that it documents the lake they love and the year that they started making memories there. 

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3. HomeGoods gift card

Decorating the lake house is fun when you have a gift card to spend

Email a HomeGoods gift card

In addition to lake house signs, your friends or family with a lake house are going to need all kinds of other items as well. That’s why a gift card to the home decor specialists at HomeGoods would make an amazing gift idea for a lake house! Chances are their regular house is already well decorated since they live there most of the year, and that the lake house probably could use some comfortable additions. Whether that’s couch pillows, blankets, rugs, kitchen supplies, bath towels, or sheets, HomeGoods has exactly what they’ll need to make their lake house feel a little more like home.

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4. Nautical themed door mat

Contribute to the water theme with an engaging (and functional) door mat

Whether they choose to put this handy mat at the front door or the back door, it’s going to work hard to keep out the mess that shoes can bring to a clean lake house. Made out of PET fiber and featuring a rubber backing, this mat is sure to take the dirt and grime off of shoes that have spent the day roaming the shores of the lake or hiking through nearby forests. Not only is it extremely functional and environmentally friendly, this mat features an anchor design and festive blue color that would be right at home in a lake house. It’s just the right size too, and is 23 inches wide by 35 inches long. 

Help your friends keep their lake house clean on the inside and give them a doormat that is sure to spruce up any doorway!

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5. A good set of campfire chairs + s’mores kit

They’ll definitely need seats when they have campfires at the lake!

When the sun starts to go down and it’s time to come off the lake for the day, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a campfire going. No matter if the temperatures drop, or it stays pretty warm throughout the evening, having a campfire is always a fun activity. The whole family can enjoy a good campfire, but they’re going to need some chairs to sit on like these comfortable and sturdy glider chairs. Each chair is made with eucalyptus grandis wood that is dipped in a protective oil to protect it from the outdoor elements and features a polyester canvas seat that’s super easy to clean.

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6. Gander Outdoors gift card

No matter what outdoor or lake gear they need, they’re going to find it at Gander Outdoors

Text a Gander Outdoors gift card

Another great store that offers a lot of necessary items for a lake house is Gander Outdoors (now known as Camping World). Here you can find all kinds of great gear for camping, boating, and fishing that anyone who has a house on the lake would find useful. The great thing about gift cards is that they allow the recipient to choose exactly what they need, when they need it. There’s no way you could know that your friend needs a new fishing rod, or is interested in a new boat cover. But when you send them a gift card to a store that caters to their hobby or interest, they can get exactly what they want. 

Image Credit: Gander outdoors.

7. Personalized set of glasses

Gift a special set of glasses that will stay at the lake all year long

Your friends or loved ones with the lake house will need to make sure they have dishes, cutlery, and stemware for their kitchen, so why not make them extra special and gift them a personalized set of glasses! This set of four, 14 ounce stemless wine glasses would make a great addition to any lake house kitchen, and feature a laser engraved Adirondack chair with space for a customized name. Each glass is made from Tritan copolyester, which is a shatter-proof material that ensures these glasses will stand the test of time, either outdoors or indoors. These glasses are designed to last longer, cutting down on replacement costs and waste, and they offer crystal clarity with a glass-like look and feel. They’re dishwasher safe, BPA free, and can be used to hold hot or cold drinks. 

Image Credit: Premier Home and Gifts.

8. Customized lake coasters

Showcase their favorite lake and keep all the tables safe from stains

Coasters would make a great lake house gift, especially if they’re personalized to match the silhouette of the actual lake! These coasters are made of real wood and are 4 inches in diameter, the perfect size to fit all kinds of different drinks. The outline of the lake (that you can customize) is cut into the coaster, offering a stunning 3D effect. You can also personalize the coaster with the name of the lake and include the family’s name if you want. These coasters come in a set of four, and will offer years of use protecting the tables of a living room or dining room from the dreaded water ring left behind by a wet glass. 

Image Credit: Etsy.

9. Lake Life sweatshirts

Keep the morning and evening chill away with this cozy sweatshirt

One of the main reasons people want to get a lake house is to have an escape where they can get away from it all and relax. What better way to truly embrace life at the lake than with an oversized Lake Life sweatshirt? No matter if you’re going to the lake in the warmer months, the mornings and evenings can still get chilly near the water, which is why this sweatshirt would be a stellar addition to your vacation wardrobe. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, it features a crew neck, unisex sizing, and set-in sleeves to ensure your comfort.

Image Credit: Etsy.

10. Customized Visa gift card

Give the gift of choice to your friends with a lake house

Email a Visa gift card

Sometimes you just want to make sure you’re giving someone a gift they will have no problem using, and what better gift card to give than a Visa? Visa gift cards can be used like cash almost anywhere in the world. This means if your friends want to purchase gas for their boat, pick up groceries for the weekend at the lake, or ensure they have enough coffee before they start the drive to their lake, they can do it with a Visa card. Another bonus to giving a Visa card is that it allows them to support local, small businesses or shop online.

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Those are the best gift ideas for someone who has a lake house!

If you know a couple or a family that have a lake house, it’s always a nice idea to get them a little gift to start out the season. They’ll be thrilled to receive any of the gift ideas for lake houses on this list, so whether you get them one (or more!) items, it will definitely be put to good use at the lake.

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