Cindy Crawford’s post about Grammys fashion will blow your mind


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Some things never go out of style … like being Cindy Crawford. Especially being Cindy Crawford in an iconic Versace gown.

Cindy Crawford at 1992 MTV Music Awards in a Donatella Versace gownPhoto credit: Cindy Crawford / Instagram

Beauty, class, elegance and a little bit of kink are always appropriate at music awards shows, and when Cindy Crawford broke out a stunning, strappy, gold buckled number at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards presentation it got a reaction. Though honestly, in 1992 anything Cindy Crawford did got a reaction (I mean, remember what we all did to our eyebrows? Yeah, I still have wax related trauma I’m working through with a professional. It’s sad.)

But true beauty is, in fact, timeless, and Crawford herself proved it when she posted vintage photos of herself in the one-of-a-kind Versace to her Instagram account on Monday. But, it’s the reason why she posted them that is really cool.

See, this year, pop star and all-around happening chick Dua Lipa wore the same dress (to the Grammy’s this time), and when two women this gorgeous rock a frock like this there is never even the consideration of “Who wore it better?” We are just glad they did, because a dress like this is not just a dress. It is absolutely, 100 percent, art, and art never goes out of style.

That is what Crawford’s photos truly show. That no matter the time (It has for real been 30 years since 1992, y’all! What??), true beauty endures. It doesn’t have to be altered to what is “in style” or “on trend” (though i am digging Dua Lipa’s accessory game) it is always and will always be art, and 30 years cannot diminish that.

Time only gives us space to appreciate what was always special … There is a lesson here, and we have Crawford to thank for it.

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