David Bowie’s impression of Mick Jagger was spot on


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There was a time when Little Richard was more popular than The Rolling Stones. Seems crazy written down, but it’s true.

In the early ’60s, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie were just kids starting off in the music biz and man, oh man, did they look up to the very talented and obviously vastly underrated Little Richard. (According to Bowie, Little Richard was not little at all, as Bowie, who said in an interview that he was gifted a jacket by all-around class act and former supermodel Iman. Looooong sleeves apparently. I feel lied to.)

But the hands-down coolest part of this video is when Bowie talks about a Little Richard concert in 1963. Who opened up for The Bronze Liberace? None other than the Rolling Stones, led by a 20-year-old Mick Jagger and, shock of all shocks, he already had the attitude. 

The Stones were totally unknown at the time and, according to Bowie, there was pretty much no one there. Their fan base consisted of about six kids, so when a heckler shouted out drunkenly at Jagger that he should get a haircut, Jagger heard it clearly. 

According to Bowie, who then hilariously imitates Jagger’s unique voice, Jagger just looked up and said, “What? And look like you?”

Hilarity ensued. 

Check out the epic interview here.

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