Yes, you can probably tell the difference between the sound of hot & cold water


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You have superhuman abilities. No, you can’t fly, and you most likely can’t freeze or melt people with your eye beams. But you can most likely hear the difference between hot and cold water being poured just from the sound … with some practice. 

Yes, this skill will change your life. Let’s go pick you out a superhero costume!

OK, it’s not going to change everything. Maybe keep the day job for right now. 

But if you’re curious about how you can tell the difference by sound, the scientists say that it’s all in the viscosity. 

Viscosity is thickness, and when liquids are warmed, they become less viscous. Think of honey or syrup, thick and slow running. But when warmed, all of a sudden, it’s loose as can be and heading for the edge of your plate like a herd of lemmings, and all you can do is be prepared emotionally and have your tongue at the ready. 

It’s kind of like that. 

But they go on. In this article, scientists further explain the bizarre phenomenon. See, they believe that the sound of water pouring into a glass is so common to us that our ears actually learn to distinguish the subtle difference in sound that different viscosities cause. 

So, here, of course is a video so you may check the level of your viscosity detecting superpower. Try it!

And no, don’t start planning your lair or go hiring an expensive butler/weapons developer. You are not at that level. But on the other hand, nobody is going to be slipping you a glass of hot water when you asked for cold water without you seeing, I mean hearing, that scoundrel coming a mile off.

Consider it a life skill. 

Check it all out here.

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