Hate Mondays? Watch this satisfying video of people doing their jobs perfectly


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Stressed out? Say no more. We have a perfect bit for you that most likely works as “eye valium.”

YouTube channel MAD LAB compiled a video dedicated to people who hate Mondays, featuring people who, well, obviously love them.

This jaw dropping, all-in-all very cool video shows people doing what they do best…


These amazing workers have taken their physically repetitive tasks, which would drive most people away from all these necessary jobs, and mastered them so well that it seems effortless and even satisfying from the outside.

It looks like magic:

A backhoe operator who gently lifts and transports huge blanket-sized swaths of grass out of a yard (I’m rougher on my duvet!). A lady who drives the Lamborghini version of a pallet truck in a way that should break the Matrix.

Very cool stuff, indeed, but it is not magic.

It is instead the ability to “lean in” to the repetitive movement. Accepting the limitations of the movement and exploring its boundaries, then moving fully in that space. Letting each moment carry to the next one.

The natural grace that allows an assembly-line worker to physically go beyond what a “normal” worker could do is what we are seeing here and it’s something that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t.

But for those who do have the physical ability to implement grace into mundane motions, assembly line work becomes something more than just a repetitive movement — it becomes something that resembles synchronized swimming or dancing.

I mean, check this out! It is very, very cool.

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