25 healthy road-trip snacks

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Hitting the road this summer?

You aren’t alone! After pandemics and lockdowns, spring fever is in overdrive for most people, and that means more people hitting the road. So if you have a long drive ahead of you, here are some healthy, clean eating snacks that hold up well for travel. Many of these will do well through an airport as well! (But check with your airline rules to be sure).


1. Air fryer roasted chickpeas recipe

We love roasted chickpeas! They make a very healthy and delicious snack that doesn’t need refrigeration for hours. And if you happen to have an air fryer, making this delicious snack is even easier still!

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2. Clean eating goldfish crackers

While it’s certainly easier to pick up a package of these popular kid’s crackers at the store, making them ensures that you feel totally confident about what you or your kids are snacking on. No artificial dyes or preservatives in this recipe!

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3. Grain free rosemary crackers recipe

If you are grain-free or even gluten-free, these crackers could be the answer to your road trip snacking woes!

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No bake granola bars

4. Oatmeal granola bars

You can’t go wrong with granola bars. And this no-bake version just makes like that much easier when you are trying to prep snacks. No oven needed!

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5. Clean eating trail mix

No road trip is complete without a container of trail mix. And trail mix doesn’t have to be riddled with processed sugar. In fact, it’s one of the easiest snacks to make with purely healthy, whole ingredients! Here’s our delicious take on this traditional road trip snack.

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6. Lemon honey almonds

Flavored almonds are never a bad choice. They make a nutritious snack while still giving you any number of flavors you can enjoy again and again. This version gives you a delicious combo of lemon and honey.

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7. Cranberry oat barn muffins

In case you hadn’t heard, muffins are a highly portable snack. Plus, they don’t have to be a diet bomb. They can be made quite healthy and still taste good, all while hitting the road with you. Give these a try for your next road trip!

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8. Clean eating Doritos

Yes, healthy, homemade, cheesy chips, (much like Doritos) are absolutely possible. While there will be some obvious differences in flavor, this homemade version gives you all the cheesy chip-iness without all the chemicals and preservatives.

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9. Clean eating lunch box muffins

If you haven’t heard of Lunchbox Muffins, you’re missing out! These travel-friendly mini muffins are perfect for your next road trip.

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10. Low carb snack bar

You don’t have to leave your low carb meal plan on hold while you hit the road. These low carb snack bars are a great way to stay on track while enjoying the scenery as you drive on by.

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11. Clean eating jam jills

Whether you call them “energy balls” or “energy bites”, they are a small serving of healthy energy to help you keep driving mile after mile.

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12. Clean eating low carb muffins

If you love the combination of muffins and low carb eating, look no further! These low carb muffins will keep you full on your trip without ruining your eating plan.

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13. Clean eating breadsticks

Thin, crunchy breadsticks are typically found on Italian restaurant tables. But we’re here to tell you, a whole wheat, healthy version makes for an incredible road trip snack! And this recipe makes a big batch so everyone in the car will have plenty.

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14. Garlic parmesan popcorn

If you are a popcorn lover, look no further. This garlic parmesan popcorn is both delicious and totally filling. It’s the perfect finger food for road trips!

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15. Coconut balls no bake recipe

If you are a coconut lover, these no-bake coconut energy balls make a wonderful road trip snack! Pair this with a cup of coffee on the road, and you’ll have energy to spare for hours without ruining your eating plan.

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16. Homemade kettle corn

If you love a sweet treat while road tripping (I mean, who doesn’t???), then homemade kettle corn could be perfect for your next trip! Pssst… don’t let the secret ingredients put you off this time of year. This tastes just like the stuff you get at a carnival, and you don’t even need a kettle!

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Nutty coconut granola bars

17. Coconut granola bars

Nutty granola bars are perfect for those of you who enjoy coconutty flavors in a granola bar. These are portable, nutritious and absolutely filling.

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18. Air fryer apple chips

If you love something crunchy to eat while putting the miles behind you, give these apple chips a try. The ingredients are nothing but apples, and you can make quick work of making a large batch by cooking them in an air fryer!

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19. Apple cinnamon muffins

If muffins are totally up your alley for road tripping, then grab a cup of coffee to enjoy with these delicious muffins!

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20. Clean eating soft pretzels

If pretzels are your jam, these big, soft pretzels are perfect for making ahead for your next road trip.

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Stuffed dates

21. Stuffed dates

You can never go wrong with taking stuffed dates along for the ride. These sweet treats fill you up with healthy nutrients while satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time.

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22. Banana muffins

If you love a classic muffin, these banana nut muffins are perfect for hitting the road. You can make them standard size or mini. They pack up well and can go for quite a few hours without refrigeration.

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23. Homemade cinnamon chocolate chip protein bars

If you love to pack a good protein bar for anywhere you may find yourself, these homemade cinnamon chocolate chip protein bars could be the answer to your prayers. Healthy, filling and totally portable!

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24. Blueberry corn muffin

Here’s another muffin you may want to consider for your next road trip. It’s just different enough to keep life interesting, but still satisfies your muffins cravings!

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25. Cherry pecan Lara bars

We all know and love how portable Lara bars can be. But did you know you can make your own at home? Here’s a delicious version of their cherry pie flavored bars.

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