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I wanted to put together a series of meal prep pizzas made with pita bread that could be prepped for the freezer in minutes. Both kids and adults will love these. They are truly a healthy fast food! Simply microwave or bake for a few minutes in the oven, and you’ve got a delicious meal in moments!

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Meal Prep Pizza

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to prove to people with my recipes over the past couple of months or so that meal prep doesn’t have to take up hours of your day or weekend. I know there are a lot of posts on the internet about prepping meals for the week and how you should set aside 4-6 hours of your weekend to get it done.

Well, I think that’s ridiculous. I mean, if that’s what you want to do, more power to you! (And can I hire you for the weekend?) But for the rest of us who have other things to do, my Weekend Prep Meals are your path to prepping meals without spending hours in the kitchen.

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Single-Serve Pizza Recipes

These pizzas are all single serving recipes. Make as few or as many as you wish. They are all vegetarian, but you can easily add any meat of your choosing.

If you’d like to make all of them, here is the shopping list. Please note that because there are no actual measurements for these recipes, the shopping list will most likely give you more than you need unless you make a ton of these. But the good news is that all the ingredients are foods you can easily work into other meals or snacks. There is nothing exotic or complicated here!

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Ready-to-Eat Pizza Ideas

A batch of these can be made and stored in your freezer in minutes, and you’ll have a grab-n-go meal with a quick pop in the oven or microwave! I make these for my son all the time. They have become a bit of a staple around here, so I started making them ahead of time.

And you know what? Not only did I make these and get them into the freezer really quickly, but now my son can easily prepare himself breakfast in the microwave without me having to worry about supervising him! I know the microwave isn’t always the best choice, but when your kid wants to make his own breakfast, it can really put a mom’s mind at ease.

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1. Pesto Pita Pizza

This pita pizza recipe with pesto and tomatoes is super fast, easy and delicious!


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2. Hawaiian Pita Pizza

This Hawaiian pita pizza is vegetarian, but it can easily be made with your favorite healthy ham to make more authentically “Hawaiian.”


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3. Mushroom Pita Pizza With Onion And Swiss Cheese

This delicious mushroom pita pizza made with onions and Swiss cheese is sure to become a fast favorite.

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4. Breakfast Pita Pizza Recipe

This breakfast pita pizza is perfect for stocking your freezer for those busy weekday mornings.



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