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The best things to sell on Etsy are often the things you underestimate.

Items that people use in their everyday lives are usually your best bet. Don’t underestimate simplicity. However, many Etsy shops fail because even though they are selling things that people are looking for on Etsy, they can’t find their listings. That’s because sellers neglect to use the keywords their potential customers are searching for or they aren’t doing it as well as they could me.

Demand is not enough to run a successful Etsy shop; you need a way to reach that demand. On Etsy, that means using Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, on your listings.

Best Things to Sell on Etsy: What can’t you sell on Etsy?

Before we talk about what you can sell on Etsy, let’s talk about what you can’t. Anything you sell on Etsy must be specifically made by you (both for digital and physical products), vintage or a craft supply. You can’t sell anything else on Etsy.

Yep – that means you can’t resell items if they aren’t vintage or craft supplies. Read Etsy’s Seller Policy for more information.

What sells well on Etsy?

Many things sell well on Etsy, but there are three types of things we think perform far better than any of the other categories. Those three are collectibles, custom/boutique style items and digital products. Our list of the best things to sell on Etsy goes into some of the most searched for and best selling items proven from data that we grabbed from a tool that we use called Marmalead.

How to Find What Sells Well on Etsy

When starting an Etsy side hustle, researching how to position your shop and listings on the platform is a must. Marmalead is a tool we use and love that helps us with that research. You can enter keywords to see the search volume and competition. You can also compare keywords, see competition between keywords of the same listing type, predictions for how the keywords will perform in the coming months due to seasonality and trending data, and more. It’s a must-try tool for any Etsy seller to help them reach their potential customers.

Another tool that we like is the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension, which also works in Etsy but can be used for any SEO research you do for your side hustle (or researching a potential side hustle).

20 Best Things to Sell on Etsy This Year and Make Money From Home

There are tons of different categories of items and niche things that you can sell on Etsy and be successful. This list will give you inspiration and ideas of what you can sell, although you don’t have to limit yourself just to the items below!


Stickers have always been popular. People use stickers for devices, walls or even for subway stations, on the side of buildings, street signs or wherever else they want to leave a mark. 

Stickers have been a way that we can make a subtle statement. The four different sticker keywords below have a high monthly search volume on Etsy and sell well. You could create something like a sticker dropshipping business with Etsy using a third-party like Printify.

1. Studio Ghibli Stickers

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio known for films like Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Stickers of their characters are very popular on Etsy, so much that 2,400 people on average are searching for them every month.

2. D&D Stickers

Of course Dungeons & Dragons has stickers … and they’re very popular on Etsy.

3. Clear Planner Stickers

Many planner-obsessed folks love using stickers in their planner. Clear planner stickers are especially popular.

4. Feminist Stickers

Women, nonbinary and gender nonconforming folks belong everywhere, including stickers. Feminist stickers sell well on Etsy.


If you have a taste for fashion and a good bag, selling purses on Etsy could be something that you might want to try. These four keywords do well on listings and have a high selling rate.

5. Backpack Purses

Backpack purses are functional and cute. Think of ways that you can use trends to sell backpack purses in your shop.

6. Cross-Body Wallet Purses

Cross-body wallet purses are popular because of their lightweight and comfortable wear. You can make your own to sell or resell purses on Etsy.

7. Butterfly Purses

Over 4,000 people a month are searching for the words “butterfly purses,” and the keyword is low-to-medium in competition. There is room for small shops to excel with this keyword.

8. 1970s Purses

1970s purses fall within vintage/thrift store fashion, which is our favorite style. This style sells very on Etsy, as people flock to the platform to look for rare vintage bags of that time from designers like Dior and Gucci.


Rugs are essential to any living space. They add cushion to hard floors or tiles and are able to tie a room together completely. Rugs are among some of the best-selling home decor categories on Etsy. These four keyword sets bring in high search volumes every month.

9. Quilted Mug Rugs

Quilted mug rugs are actually rugs for your glasses – quilted coasters. And they’re a small niche in the corner of Etsy, bringing 260 searches a month but with a very low competition rate. They are especially popular for the holidays, and folks like to collect them.

10. Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are a popular search keyword since many parents buy kids rugs from Etsy. Etsy usually has a better variety to choose from than department stores and has the ability to be customized.

11. 8×10 Rugs

8 x10 rugs are the most popular rug size on Etsy with 50,000 monthly searches. If selling rugs is something that you have an interest in, keep this size in mind.

12. Handmade Rag Rugs

Handmade rugs are both a popular trend and shopping keyword on both Pinterest and Etsy, which is a great reason to use Pinterest to promote your Etsy listings.


I myself sell printables on Etsy but neglect the store more than I should. Even with that, I am able to make passive income on the platform because I did that keyword research beforehand (and I like to take advantage of Etsy ads on my listings).

These four keywords are quite popular.

13. Meal Planner Printables

Meal planners are in high demand, with many of us trying to better our health and wellness in one way or another. Think of niche meal planning trends going on and use Pinterest for searching for those trends to help you create and list the perfect meal planner printables that could bring you passive income.

14. Blog Planner Printables

I actually sell my own blog planner printable on my Shopify and Etsy. If you’re a blogger who wants to help other new bloggers, this could be a great idea for an additional stream of income.

15. Budget Planner Printables

If you have a budget that works well for you, try repurposing your own budget style in a cute and easy-to-use budget planner printable. You can make your printable design in Canva and list it on Etsy. You can also create multiple styles with different colors and formats.

16. Vacation Planner Printables

If you get a rush from planning the perfect travel itinerary or have a format of vacation planner that you love to use, create them as digital downloads/printables and sell them as a side hustle.


Jewelry seems hard to sell online with the competition that is out there, especially on Etsy. However, there are categories and keywords that have gaps to fill. These keywords show promise.

17. Ancient Greek Jewelry

Ancient Greek jewelry has 3,000 people searching for it every month. From opal and goddess necklaces to gold and silver ancient styles, this category has a lot of promise on Etsy.

18. Chanel Jewelry

Chanel jewelry is a popular category, with 33,000 monthly searches. However, it should be used wisely if it’s a category you want to go after. You cannot create jewelry with the Chanel logo on it and try to sell it as your own as a designer-inspired product. However, you can buy vintage Chanel jewelry from thrift stores and resell them on Etsy.

19. Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire wrapped jewelry is a popular search item with many possibilities. You can sell wire-wrapped crystals, gems and more.

20. Succulent Jewelry

Succulent jewelry is exactly what you think it is: It is jewelry that features little succulent accents on it. Popular items are earnings and necklaces.

Tips for a Successful Etsy Shop

You can’t create a successful Etsy shop overnight, but there are a couple of key things you must have in order to build a booming shop. From the nature of this article, you probably already guessed that keywords are definitely important. Your listing must be descriptive, with keywords targeting the most search traffic and least competition. But that isn’t the only thing that you need for a sale.

Here are four things every successful Etsy shop must have (besides following Etsy’s legal recommendations):

  1. Listings that target high volume keywords
  2. Good photo quality with different angles
  3. Use Pinterest to market your listings
  4. Great customer service – treat your customer like your best friend

Happy Selling!

Now that you have 20 ideas for the best things to sell on Etsy this year, use this information as inspiration for where you’ll go next with exploring this side hustle.

Think of things that you would enjoy making or selling, and start researching using the tools we mentioned in this article. See what ideas you come up with for your own specific vision. You might be excited to see what you find.


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A special arrival deserves a special gift, and you can’t go wrong with Etsy for cute baby gifts that you won’t come across in your local department store. Maybe you’re a friend wanting to give the family something uncommon or you’re the proud parent looking for finishing touches for your little one’s nursery. Either way, the items on sale at the craft, custom and vintage marketplace fit the bill.

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Is there anything cuter than a baby in a bonnet? A baby in a silk bonnet, maybe. This gorgeous item from BabyBonnetsByIris comes in a range of sizes and colors, from raspberry to olive green, with prices starting at $6.99.

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Little baby feet don’t stay little for long, so a footprint art kit from Circle & Square Decor helps you create a cute memento of those newborn days. This one is professionally printed directly on 1/4-inch clear acrylic and comes with a solid wood stand. Along with the footprints, it features the baby’s name and birth details. Choose from different sizes starting at $25 for a 3-inch by 3-inch sign.


Baby milestone markers are a must for all those social media updates and keepsake photos. The White Loft offers monthly or “firsts” etched wooden tokens, with prices starting at $29.99.

“Love these! Such a cute and simple way to celebrate every month!” said one reviewer.


New parents can never have enough blankets for their tot, so if you’re searching for a gorgeous gift, look no further than this handmade quilt with a sweet deer pattern from KBlandford Designs. It’s 100% organic and comes prewashed for that authentic puckered look and a super-soft texture. It’s priced at $129, and you can have it personalized for $149.

Editor’s Note: While this blanket would make an adorable backdrop for a photo session, infants should not sleep with blankets or any other items in their crib.


It looks like a work of art, but it’s actually a functional item for your baby nursery. The minivalley’s macrame mobile ($59.50) is handmade from 100% cotton and beechwood, so it ticks the environmentally-friendly box. Little ones will be captivated by the stars, feathers, beads and rainbows.


It’s never too early to start reading to your child, and you’ll definitely want some “forever” books that you’ll hold onto until they’re old enough to have kids of their own. This personalized nursery rhyme book from My Given Name Books ($39.95) is an Etsy bestseller.

“This book is simply amazing!” wrote one customer. “The quality is incredible and the illustrations/coloring are adorable. The mix of classic and personalized rhymes made for the perfect gift.”


Just the thing to keep tiny feet warm and cozy, these breathable 100% cotton baby booties come in a range of colors (you’ll struggle to choose just one) and sizes. They cost $21.12 and are available from Green Elephant Cotton Shop.

“These booties are lovely, so soft and well made,” wrote one customer. “We love the colour, material and attention to detail.”


wooden name puzzle is a beautiful keepsake that helps those little fingers practice their fine motor skills. Made to order from PlaywoodNamePuzzle, these are constructed from plywood and non-toxic paint. The price begins at $4.20 for one letter and one figurine and goes up to $39.20 for 14-15 letters and an engraving on the back.

“It came out exactly as expected. Simple and gorgeous, thank you!” commented one reviewer.


A plush crochet teddy bear makes a precious addition to your little one’s stuffed toy collection. Handmade and filled with hypoallergenic hollow fiber, this plush from HappyToysByAnn costs $42 and can be personalized for an extra $4.

“Such a gorgeous gift, so soft. Big belly, generous size!” commented one reviewer.


Looking for a unique item of baby clothing? This fit and flare blouse ($48.99), made to fit a one-year-old, is hand-embroidered so that every piece is different. It’s definitely an heirloom piece that will be passed down through generations. It’s from PalomaMexicanArt.

“So beautiful! Colors are so vibrant!!!” wrote one happy customer.


They might be tiny, but new babies come with a whole lot of stuff. So an oversized bag, like this “Mama” tote ($49.99) from Symbolic Imports, is essential whenever you’re leaving the house. If you prefer, you can also get the rainbow in a blue color scheme.


A baby gym improves your infant’s hand/eye coordination and motor skills — and hopefully buys you some time to drink a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. Forget clunky plastic versions: this foldable wooden play gym ($54.99) from Poppyseed Play will look at home in any stylish space.

“Great quality and so beautiful and minimalistic. The family I bought this for loved it!” commented one customer.


Your little one is the star of their newborn photoshoot, but it always helps to have a few cute accessories. This adorable pom pom hat ($27.50) from Violet’s Playground is crocheted by hand from blue textured yarn.

“This hat is so cute! I can’t wait to put it on our little man for newborn photos! Fast shipping too!” wrote one customer.


It’s not easy to stay organized when you’ve got a baby to look after, but there are lots of beautiful items out there that help you keep everything in its place. This personalized headband holder (from $27 for a 12-inch board) from My Ellie Beans keeps those must-have hair accessories close to hand.

“This headband holder is everything I could have wanted and more! It’s so beautiful and I really appreciate the craftsmanship. ” wrote one reviewer.


baby swaddling blanket can help improve infants’ sleep by protecting them from their startle reflex, and may even reduce anxiety. Plus, wrapping a baby up like a burrito creates a great photo opportunity! Even better, this one from SugarHouseSwaddles is personalized and has a matching bow and hat (both sold separately).  The blanket comes in small, medium and large, starting from $29.75.


You don’t have to have your baby’s name on the nursery door when you can have it on the wall. This nursery name sign from Yippee Daisy is available in several sizes, with prices starting at $6.05-$13.75 for a sign with two 8-inch letters max.

“Loved the way the name turned out for above a crib!” wrote one customer, who noted that she bought the natural wood option so she could paint it herself at home to get the exact color she wanted.


If you’re not a fan of plastic teething and sensory toys, you’ll love this wooden baby rattle ($20) from Vida Blooms. Bonus: it can be personalized.

“It’s the perfect size for tiny, little hands,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s easy for baby to chew on and great quality. Love it!”


Personalized onesie options are everywhere, but this one from LilMeStore is particularly cute. It’s available in a wide range of sizes and with short, long or raglan sleeves, with prices starting from $9.99.

“The quality of these are wonderful!” said one customer. “They are Gerber Organic brand. Super soft!”


Rather than toss all the toys into a box at the end of the day, let them keep watch over what’s going on from this beautiful toy hammock. It’s available from LittleWoodPiece in different colors to match your nursery theme, with prices starting from $37.99.

“So beautiful and great quality!” wrote one reviewer.


For an organized baby closet, you need closet dividers so you can separate out sizes that are based on age ranges. This handmade wooden set from The White Loft, which includes seven hangers for newborn to 18-24 month sizes, costs $34.95 (or $39.95 with a “First Outfit” bag) and makes a lovely gift.

“These look exactly as advertised!” a customer wrote. “They are the perfect addition to our baby closet.”


A cute addition to the porch or nursery, this baby swing ($93.15 and up) from Swing Away Creations will keep your little one entertained. You can add teething rings and pillows to ensure it meets your needs.

“The swing met all of our expectations, it’s beautiful! The fabric is outstanding and feels like it will hold up great,” a user wrote. “It’s made sturdy and very well.”

Editor’s Note: We suggest you read the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidance on baby swing usage before you buy this or any other swing for an infant.


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