Is this electric BMW a conspiracy on wheels?


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Frank Stephenson is angry. Maybe a little disgusted too. Why is the designer of the original BMW X5 so angry? Well, have you seen the new all electric BMW XM SUV design?

Frank has. He feels strongly about it, especially the angles.

So many angles. They make Frank apoplectic. Apparently they just start randomly go everywhere. Frank can find no logical reason for them and he despises them. He says BMW is designing just for the sake of design and without purpose. I cannot over stress this point. The angles are a lot.

Then there’s the front end, overly large, overly complicated (again with the random angles!), and weird. Frank digs the hood, it’s a clam shell version that fits over the entire hood space, which means that those two annoying hood lines have been cleaned right up and after he points it out it is pretty cool. I guess.

But then, BMW decides that it has done enough logical, sensical designs and it goes for an extreme front end, just huge and awkward and bulky, and short. So short! It’s like the me of car hoods and I am not known for my sporty performance. I’m more on the short-and-awkward side of things.

The whole thing. He hates it. He looks like he’s going to throw up or cry a couple of times. It’s not easy to watch, but then he gets into the why of BMW’s newest addition and it’s…different. See, I never knew there were automotive conspiracy theories. Period. Like at all. I thought conspiracies lived mostly in the government/Hollywood realm of things. But it turns out, no.

Apparently they are much more pervasive and often include reasons to intentionally design an awful car so that when BMW goes back to its traditional classic look people will be overly thrilled. Kind of a New Coke vs. Coke Classic theory. At least that’s what Frank seems to think..

Then he invites us to share our automotive conspiracy theories too…

Watch Frank’s pretty funny and only a little strange review here:



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