The mullet is back, but it’s been around for centuries


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In the 6th century A.D., the Roman historian Procopius wrote the following description of some of the Celtic warriors fighting fiercely against  the invading Roman army: “The hair on their heads they cut off in front back to the temples leaving the part behind to hang down to a very great length in a senseless fashion.”

You know what he’s describing there? Something that has apparently confused and confounded people for centuries. It’s….


Hide your kids, hide your wife! The much maligned mullet is making it’s way back into the mainstream, this time cleverly disguised as the “Wolf Cut.” So, if someone offers you one of those…..just say no unless you are a tall 19-year-old who is professionally good looking. It’s just going to make a mockery of your head — your whole character really. Its’ the type of haircut that changes all perceptions of the wearer.

While most people assume the haircut was born of the ‘80s as so many wonderful and horrible things were, it dates back significantly further, as that description of the Celts would suggest. We simply cannot continue to lump the mullet into the category of “A Flock of Seagulls” hair from the ‘80s, even though it could be argued that era was the haircut’s modern-day heyday.

Because, you see, as we discover more and more about the ancient world through the finding and translating of archaic writings of great import and the discovery of artifacts we see the follicle joker show up again and again. So, in 2018 when an excavation team uncovered an ancient figurine they were more than a little surprised that it wore a full-on mullet.

So, is the Mullet actually the grandfather of horrible haircuts instead of the spawn?

All signs point to yes.

Check out some of the greatest mullets of the modern era:

Mullets are back! How many of these famous ones do you remember?

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