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It’s 6 a.m. You’re up way earlier than you want to be, and your emails are already piling up. And even though you’re indoors, the cold, icy winter weather is really starting to get to you. All you want to do is go back to bed, but work is already calling you.  So what’s a person to do?

Turn on the kettle; January is hot tea month, after all!

No matter if you’re new to the fancy, classy world of teas or if you’re so versed in it that you’re practically a Royal family member, hot tea is a great cure for the morning grumpies on a cold January tea. To help you make the most out of hot tea month, we’ve searched Etsy high (tea) and low (tea; yes, low tea a thing!) for the best products for tea connoisseurs. These teas and accessories will be sure to get your kettle boiling even on the coldest mornings!

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Loose leaf tea
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Must-try teas

You can’t partake in hot tea month without, well, tea, right? So we’ll start off with a few essential tea blends and flavors, plus some more fun and exotic ones that will help motivate you to wake up when the winter winds are pounding on your windows.

Tea Samples From Around The World
LittlePrayerTeaCo / Etsy

1. Tea Samples From Around The World

This set is great for those who are brand-spanking new to tea. It’s got a great mix of teas that can help you determine what your tea taste buds like best.


Ginger Peach Tea And Other Flavors
beantowntea / Etsy

2. Ginger Peach Tea

While this may sound more summery, ginger peach tea can pair well with a tea biscuit to start your morning on a sweet note! This seller also has loads of other flavors in sample size, meaning you have plenty of options to choose from if ginger isn’t your, er, cup of tea.

ButterBeer Tea
beccaslittleboutique / Etsy

3. ButterBeer

Still tearing up over that Harry Potter cast reunion? Hit replay and sit down for a rewatch of the reunion (or the entire series if you have time!) with a warm cup of ButterBeer tea.

Strawberry Lavender Rose Tea
ultravioletteashop / Etsy

4. Strawberry Lavender Rose

What’s better than one luxurious flavor? Three! Plus, this sweet blend looks as good as it tastes, with its enticing pinkish tint. You can also add milk (or a milk substitute) to create an epic tea latte.

Blueberry Pomegranate Tea
NelsonsTea / Etsy

5. Blueberry Pomegranate

This fruity flavor combination packs a massive punch, even for a white tea, which tends to be milder. It’ll give you a citrusy burst in the morning.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Tea
NelsonsTea / Etsy

6. Dark Chocolate Cherry

OK, so this may not be the best morning tea (but we’re not judging if you do start your day with chocolate!). This dessert tea balances bitter dark chocolate with notes of safflower, hibiscus and, of course, cherry!

Banana Nut Bread Rooibos Tea
NelsonsTea / Etsy

7. Banana Nut Bread Rooibos

We couldn’t resist giving you at least one more dessert-like tea! For those who haven’t tried rooibos before, this particular blend of tea is a great mix of smoky and sweet, and floral and carmely. Add banana nut bread and you’re sure to get a winning combination!

Herbal Tea Sampler
BrewingHearts / Etsy

8. Herbal Tea Sampler

For those looking for a lighter tea, this herbal sampler may be a great option. You’ll get three different teas in a cute heart-shaped, biodegradable tea bag.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea
beantowntea / Etsy

9. Moroccan Mint Green Tea

We couldn’t make a list of tea essentials with at least one mint! This one pairs a stronger mint flavor with a green tea base, making it perfect for anyone looking for a great mint flavor without too many competing notes.

Novel Teas English Breakfast
BagLadiesTea / Etsy

10. Novel Teas English Breakfast

So, this one may be more of a novel-tea (get it?), but that doesn’t mean the flavor isn’t great, too! Each bag of English Breakfast tea has a quote from a famous author on its tag. Authors include CS Lewis, Rita Mae Brown, Alice Hoffman, among others.

TeaRoseHouse / Etsy

11. Organic Black Tea

Every tea collection needs a strong, bold black tea. This organic tea will surely help you wake up in the morning. Or you can add your favorite milk or milk alternative and some sugar to make a hot tea latte.

Blooming Tea Balls Set
SimplyblossomBoutiq / Etsy

12. Blooming Tea Balls Set

If you’ve never seen a blooming tea ball before, you have to give these a try! These are gorgeous teas that reveal beautiful flowers and herbs.

Honey + Matcha Tea
HoneyAndTheBeeStore / Etsy

13. Honey + Matcha

Matcha can be a derisive flavor, with many tea lovers finding it far too bitter and overwhelming. You can cut down on its bitterness by, first, buying a quality matcha, and second, pairing it with a secondary flavor, like a fruit or, in this case, honey!

Earl Grey
JansApothecaryStore/ Etsy

14. Earl Grey

Earl grey is another classic tea flavor that every tea drinker needs. It’s made with bergamot orange oil, which gives the tea its signature citrusy notes. A good earl grey blend, like this one, is usually a pretty reliable crowd-pleaser!

Sweet Watermelon Oolong Tea
MistyMountainTeaShop / Etsy

15. Sweet Watermelon Oolong

For our last tea suggestion, we’ve chosen this watermelon oolong, which, like the matcha, we believe will make a classic tea variety more palatable for tea beginners. Oolong is a strong tea that tastes similar to black tea, although it’s usually warmer because of all of the spices in it. But for those new to tea, it can be a bit too spicy on its own. So pairing it with watermelon can make it a great introduction to oolong!

Reishi mushroom tea
Marina Bagrova / iStock

Cute & cozy essentials

Now that you’ve got your tea bags in your shopping cart, we’ve picked out some essentials that will make your tea-drinking experience even more elevated. Add a few of these to that cart to feel like Kate Middleton taking her first cup of tea for the day in her Wales cottage birthday escape on Jan. 9 (yes, this duchess was born during hot tea month!).

Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bags
SustainabilityCafe / Etsy

16. Organic Cotton Reusable Tea Bags

If you bought any loose tea, you’ll need some tea bags! These no-frills tea bags are reusable, easy to use and come in a variety of bulk buying sizes.

Press & Seal Tea Bags
SpecialTeaCompany / Etsy

17. Press & Seal Tea Bags

Do you always get those tea strings in your cup? Avoid the issue by buying stringless, press and seal tea bags!

Tea Llama Tea Infuser
SereniteaSavannah / Etsy

18. Tea Llama Tea Infuser

While not the most practical option (as fine tea leaves could still make their way into your cup), this sure is more fun than a classic bag! This llama is sure to put a smile on your face, even if it’s freezing outside!

Raw Crystal Tea Infuser
NewMoonBeginnings / Etsy

19. Raw Crystal Tea Infuser

This option adds an elegant spin to the class mesh tea strainer. Instead of having just a boring chain to steep the tea with, it has a crystal gleaming on the end of it so you can better steep the tea. It’s both functional and fashionable!

Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop
KitchenKite / Etsy

20. Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop

Making tea for friends? A glass tea stovetop kettle infuser, like this, can be a beautiful and practical way to brew your tea. This one is also perfect for gifting since it includes a set of four tea cups and a sample tin of loose tea.

Moon Cup & Saucer Set
GCMugs / Etsy

21. Moon Cup & Saucer Set

Do you love tea to the moon and back? Well, this set is literally a crescent moon with stars! This elegant black-and-gold celestial cup and saucer is the perfect gift for a tea lover, even if that person is you!

Personalized Tea Cup Set

22. Personalized Tea Cup Set

Looking for something with more of a personal touch? With this cup, spoon and saucer option, you can put the giftee’s name right on the cup! Choose from pink, blue, lavender and yellow for the base color of the set.

Lucky Cat Ceramic Tea Cup
Tangpin / Etsy

23. Lucky Cat Ceramic Tea Cup

I mean, how cute is this! Take your morning tea with a cute kitty that has a built-in strainer. The cat’s head serves as a lid, which will help keep your tea warm for longer.

Ceramic Black Mug & Strainer
ChinaTeaGifts / Etsy

24. Ceramic Black Mug & Strainer

Want something a bit more rustic? This tea tumbler with a built-in infuser is made out of black ceramic with a wooden handle. It even has engravings on it, which provides some elegance to the almost stone-like design!

ShopTeabloom / Etsy

25. Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler

This glass tea tumbler with rose gold etchings is perfect for showing off your beautiful tea blends. You can even throw in full slices of lemon, limes or any other fruits to add extra flavor (and style)!

Personalized Tea Storage Box
MyPersonalMemories / Etsy

26. Personalized Tea Storage Box

Now that you’ve got some new teas, you need somewhere to store them! A personalized tea storage box is a great investment for yourself or a loved one. It’ll keep your tea fresh and organized, and it’ll provide a nice, elegant decor piece to your kitchen!

Tea Storage Shelf unit
GreyRiverMarket / Etsy

27. Tea Storage Shelf unit

Got more than just tea bags and loose tea to store? You’ll love this tea shelf! It may be on the pricier side, but it’s definitely worth the splurge if you’re a tea fanatic! It has a ton of room to not only store your tea, but all your new tea accessories. Plus, it comes in a variety of wood, colors and finishes to match any tea station!

Tea Bag Wallet
BeBesJoy2 / Etsy

28. Tea Bag Wallet

Are you taking your tea on the go? This tea wallet will let you store all your teabags in one place safely. That makes it great for putting in a work or travel bag.

Tangpin / Etsy

29. Ceramic Tea Canister

This green tea canister comes in two different styles, but both are the perfect way to store your tea! They’re also both decked out in a zen garden design and topped off with a decorative lid.

Wooden Loose Leaf Tea Canister
ShizenCha / Etsy

30. Wooden Loose Leaf Tea Canister

If you’ve invested in a bulk bag of loose tea you love, this beautiful tea canister may just be for you. The Japan-crafted wooden container even has an interior airtight lid that’ll keep your tea safe from humidity and hot temperatures, which can cause tea to lose its flavor or go stale.


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