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Have you been trying to beat a new level on Candy Crush for hours on end? Are you working tirelessly at night to beat your best time in a game of Solitaire and realize three hours has passed?

After this realization, the feelings of resentment or defeat might surface. Why did I waste so much time playing games?  There’s a simple remedy to this ever-so-popular, complicated emotion (that we’ve all felt at one time or another).

Start playing the right games.  

Start playing the games that pay you to play.

When you play games that pay you cold, hard cash winnings to play, you suddenly won’t be so concerned about the time you spend playing. You’ll be way too busy thinking about all your earnings.  There are many games that you need to start playing now so that you can get paid ASAP.

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1. Get Free Rewards and Gift Cards with Your Android, Anywhere, Any Time!

Play free games from the comfort of home with Rewarded Play (available for Android only), the one-stop app for casual games you’ll love to play. Play games, choose your rewards and get your gift cards within 48 hours! Earning gift cards really is that easy. Redeem rewards from name brand places and enjoy. Use our app daily and play to earn rewards. Big brand gift cards include:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Best Buy

Reward games are free to play and available any time, even while you’re staying at home, watching TV or in between chores. Love Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee and other similar games? Play these free rewards games and earn points when you start playing. What are you waiting for?

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2. Let the Cash Flow as You Play Games!

“You are wasting your time. You need a skill to earn money.” 

Have you ever heard this sentence while playing a video game on your phone? We bet you have. But the good news is that the tables have turned!

With Cash Alarm, you can make money every second you play! Exciting, isn’t it? You continually spend time playing games that do not pay a single penny; instead, they ask you to purchase in-game assets; however, Cash Alarm will pay you money to play.

Imagine being a student and having your pockets full of cash by just playing games on your Android Device. You can earn upwards of $30 a day by playing the games, and this can be your extra cash, which you can spend on all the luxuries you want.

Numerous games are waiting for just the player like you! Put your gaming skills to the test and let Cash Alarm pay you real money. The app is entirely free and easy to use. Why not spend time on games that give you back? You will get fast payouts!

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3. Feeling Lucky? Win PayPal Prizes with Match To Win Sweepstakes

There is no thrill like the thrill of winning big. Match To Win is a 100% legit sweepstakes app, where you can enter into their daily and monthly sweepstakes for free.

You heard me right: it’s free, With Match To Win, you don’t pay to win- in fact, you don’t pay at all. Enter your name into their cash sweepstakes just by playing Match 3 games puzzle games.

First, enjoy your exciting game play then test your luck with the money sweepstakes. While you’re waiting on tomorrow’s sweepstakes earn money rewards with Match To Win games.

Who doesn’t want to be a winner?  You’re one step closer when you download Match To Win.

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4. With Your Samsung Earn Cash, Gift Cards and More Playing Dominoes!

Are you ready to play a game of Dominoes with a twist of fun & excitement? We hope you are because this game is made just for you! Dominoes Gold tests your skills in a game of Dominoes either by playing against the computer or a real live person in a race to see who the winner becomes.

The twist that comes with Dominoes Gold is the chance to earn real cash like $100 when you win the games of Dominoes. Test your skills and get to the top to earn higher cash prizes.

Better yet, enter the tournament and see what your skills are about, and get ranked in the leaderboards! Cash is fun and all, but you’ll also get the chance to win real-life prizes like gift cards, luxury watches and maybe even a car. Don’t miss your chance to be the best Domino player in Dominoes Gold and earn the prizes that are waiting for you. You don’t want to miss the train!

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5. Earn Gift Cards on Any Schedule

Time is money, and every minute counts. Side hustles shouldn’t have to take over your nine to five life, and you shouldn’t have to give all your free time for a valuable payout.

With AppStation, you earn by playing their games. Earn points that convert into gift cards to your favorite stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Nike and PlayStation.

The best part? App Station counts your points by the minute, so you can earn points 60 seconds after downloading.

Choose a game you love and start earning each minute you play. The clock is ticking, so take advantage of your time with AppStation.

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6. No Need to be Alone Playing Solitaire (Samsung Users Only)

There’s no need to play solitary in a game of Solitaire! With Solitaire Cube, you get to the chance to play against friends and challenge others in a competitive bout to see who wins first! Are you game enough to test your might against the clock in the Solitaire Royale?

Join tournaments and gain amazing rewards for playing head-to-head matches with all types of Solitaire players! Earn cash prizes, in-game trophies, and a standing in the game leaderboards against other top-notch Solitaire gamers.

Work your way through the game brackets in tough, competitive matchups against players across the world and watch your name grow in the ranks!

Test your skills, challenge your mind and win against other players in Solitaire Cube! There’s no need to play alone when you’re playing Solitaire. Challenge yourself to the top and you’ll have the chance to win cash prizes during the in-game tournaments!

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7. Earn Money by Playing Games on Your Android

Picture this: you’re relaxing at home and playing video games, and you’re making money doing it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong- earning money by gaming is easy with Money Well.

Money Well is a free gaming app that pays gamers just for playing their games. When you game with Money Well, you earn gift cards from your favorite stores, including:

  •  Amazon
  •  BestBuy
  •  Starbucks
  • Nintendo and more!

You can line your wallet with cash by converting your Money Well tickets into PayPal money. The pro gamer life is calling your name, and it’s easy to get started.

First, download the free Money Well app.

Next, select from Money Well’s variety of games, and start playing. Enjoy an ad free gaming experience with absolutely no in app purchases. The more you play, the more you earn. Earning extra cash is simple with Money Well.

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8. This Fun App Will Pay You in Cash & Gift Cards to Play New Games – No Hassle!

Are you bored at home, playing video games with barely any cash to spare? Did you know that you’re losing money by not playing this app we came across that pays you for playing video games? That’s right an app that pays you for playing!

And when we say “get paid for video games,” we mean it because App Flame offers players the opportunity to earn big while playing. The good news about playing through App Flame is the fact that you won’t have to worry about advertisements when playing games.

Additionally, if you win the games you play, you’re not only limited to cash prizes but your choice of free gift cards are a bonus in exchange for the tickets you’ve earned while playing.

There’s no boredom when you play daily from App Flame rotation of new games that switch out regularly to keep you earning more tickets with new game experiences and higher chances to making more cash.

Quit being bored at home and start making more money and earning gift cards through App Flame.

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9. Have $1 in Your Pocket? Start Your Investing Journey Right Now!

What do you want most? Is it buying a new home? Putting money aside for retirement? Saving up for a nice trip? Stash can help you kick start your investing goals.

Have you been wanting to find ways to grow your money, but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Let me guess, you give yourself excuses like, “I don’t know how to start,” “Now is not the right time, maybe someday,” or the classic “I just can’t afford it.”

But investing is actually easy now! And it doesn’t require hundreds of dollars to start. Actually, you just need $1.

Through Stash you can invest in a piece of a share of a company for as little as $1 and invest as much money as you want in well-known companies like Amazon, Apple and other companies with just pocket change! Signing up takes just a few minutes. Set up your investment goals and the app can do the rest of the work for you. When you sign up for Stash and deposit at least $5 into your Personal Portfolio, Stash will also give a $5 bonus for you!

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10. Never Run Short On Cash Again With This App

Using the Klover app, you never have to worry about asking to borrow money if you’re in need of a rainy day fund. Get the money you need in minutes and pay it back when you get paid. No credit checks are required and that’s not the only best part!

You gain more cash opportunities with no interest and no hidden fees through gaining points. Earn points through sharing everyday tasks you do like watching videos, browsing through your apps, or even something simple like sharing your receipt from the store.

Earn other opportunities of getting extra cash in daily sweepstakes. Have a higher chance of winning the sweepstakes by using extra points and you can gain extra points by doing the things we’ve already mentioned and more.

Use your data usage to your advantage to earn more cash payouts to help pay off your everyday expenses- what are you waiting for?

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11. Use Your Samsung and Put Your 21 Skills to the Test – Up For the Challenge?

Would you say you’re good at Solitaire? How about Blackjack? If your answer is “Yes!” then playing both games could never be so much fun when you’re playing it through 21 Blitz. Your skills are put to the test in this game mash-up and you won’t regret it! Why? You can win up to $5 or more while you play!

In 21 Blitz, you’ll have the chance to play against real people around the world en route to win big cash payouts! Don’t want to wage any cash yet? Don’t worry, you can also play against people for free while you brush up on your skills and perfect your strategy. When you’re ready, you can put your skills to the test and work your way up the Leaderboards!

Did we forget to mention that you’ll also have the chance to win real-world prizes like a 4K TV or a brand-new jet ski? Well, test your 21 and Solitaire skills in 21 Blitz and get your chance to win these extravagant rewards because of your expertise. Get ready to win – Win Big Through 21 Blitz!

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12. Earn With The Gaming App That Has Rewarded Millions to Their Players

You’ve heard the story before (or perhaps lived to tell the tale yourself): Earn just by playing video games online, but the payout is slower than what you had hoped for. But with Mistplay, it really is that simple.

Mistplay is the real deal, and they’ve put their money where their mouth is. Since 2016, Mistplay has rewarded their players with over 9 million USD in rewards, and they want to cut you in on the deal.

Download the free Mistplay app and choose from their wide variety of featured games. Yes, every game is free to play. Once you’ve downloaded, you can start earning. The more you play, the more you earn.

Then, convert your Mistplay game points into gift cards to your favorite stores. You’ll get rewarded faster than ever with Mistplay.

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13. Receive Extra Money While Shopping

We’re not lying when we say you can earn rewards, gift cards, and cash back when you do the things everyone loves – shopping! Whether it be in-store or online, you get to earn points (or kicks) and the more kicks you get, the more rewards you can earn using the Shopkick app.

As you pick the products you need, you can earn even more kicks when after scanning the product using the Shopkick app, then after you purchase the product and share your receipt, more kicks go into your account for you to redeem a gift card of your choice!

This can apply to anywhere you shop like Target, Walmart, or your favorite grocery store, and turn your shopping experience into a fun one.

What’s even better is that you don’t have to only shop to earn more kicks. You can also enter a store in person, or even explore new brands and products through the Shopkick app to rack up your kicks. This can give you a higher chance to earn a free gift card every week.

Change your shopping experience with Shopkick and look forward to shopping every time you go. Go shopping, earn kicks, and get rewarded with gifts!

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14. Cashyy for Android Pays You To Play Mobile Games

Discover free games, accomplish missions and win coins to exchange with gift cards. All you have to do is play, complete missions and you will receive real gifts. The more you play the more money you make. As simple as that.

Download Cashyy for free. If you already like playing mobile games, Cashyy is the Android app for you, it literally pays you to play games! Get rewards for every minute you spend playing games. Aren’t you looking to make extra cash while having fun?

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15. Use Money RAWR to Earn Cash With 30,000 Other Users From Your Android

Do find interest in getting paid to play games you’ve never played before? Or maybe you have a kid who you let play on your phone or their tablet to keep them preoccupied while you shop for groceries? Did you know the Money RAWR app pays you for playing the games they offer for free? Well now you do!

Money RAWR is an app that offers new games every day and you get paid to play them. Over 30,000 users have played games using Money Rawr to get paid and they love this app because it’s easy to use, which means you’re just missing out on the chance to get paid!

There are quick payouts as you find yourself playing the games and you can build your new game portfolio to earning cash on the side, while you play and have fun. Play the games of your interest and you’ll get paid in no time with Money Rawr. You won’t regret it!

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16. Streamline Your Side Hustle with This Money-Making Service that Has It All

You can get paid to answer surveys, play games, and try new products. The best part? You can do it all in one app.

Tippp is the one stop shop when it comes to earning free gift cards and cash on your computer or mobile device. With Tippp, you earn by gaming, taking surveys, and discovering new products you’ll love. It has all the options in one place. Yes, it’s all completely free, so you can earn with no worries.

When you complete easy tasks on Tippp, you earn Tipp points. Convert your Tipp points into gift cards for your favorite brands, including Amazon, Starbucks and Mastercard. Rewards feel sweeter when you have options on how to earn your points.

Take control and download Tippp to streamline your side hustle.

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17. Fealing Lucky? Win Cash Bonuses with Lucktastic for Android

Feeling lucky?  Game enthusiasts love to earn cash using the Lucktastic app (available for Android only).  Not only is it fun, but it also pays you cash bonuses when you win.  Play trivia games, enter contests and giveaways, and scratch off virtual lottery tickets to earn tokens.  Once you earn tokens, you can redeem them for cash prizes.  

Lucktastic has paid over one million winners for their daily contests.  Now that’s one easy and fun way to earn money quickly!

These are some of the most popular apps to use to earn money without having to spend more time behind a desk, waiting on others, or even doing anything.   Stay home, kick up your feet, download one (or more!) of these awesome money-making apps, and start earning today!  Who’s with me?

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18. Earn up to $600 a year listening to music with Current for Android

Music enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that they can earn money for jamming out to their favorite tunes.  With Current (available for Android only), you can earn up to $600+ per year for listening to music while you are running, working, or doing household chores.  

Stream music from their 100,000+ radio stations and start earning points that convert into to spend at your favorite stores.  If you’re reading this while listening to music, you are already missing out on the opportunity to earn money.

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19. Get Paid From Online Surveys. Anywhere. Anytime.

Branded Surveys is a great money-making opportunity that is open to everyone. It is a free service that pays you for your opinion. The website is easy to navigate, easy to use, and free to join. All you need is a computer and an email address, and you are ready to start making money. You earn points for taking surveys and with those points you redeem for cash, gift cards or donate to charities of your choice!

In order to get started with Branded Surveys, you must complete the free registration process that will take you through a few demographic questions and then your profile is completed. There is no application to complete or a waiting period to see if you’re accepted.

Whether you are a student trying to make some extra cash or a stay-at-home parent trying to bring in some extra income, Branded Surveys is a great way to earn some side cash. It is open to everyone and anyone can join and start making money today!

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20. Up to 15x in Points for Bonus Cash Back Rewards

When using the Current neobanking app, you can optimize your spending habits, manage your checking account, and set financial goals all from your phone. It’s like having your own personal financial manager without having to go above and beyond to look for one.

With over three million members, users can also earn cash back when you pay with Current and visibly know how you’re spending money in real time. It only takes about two minutes to sign-up and Current sends you a Visa debit card with free shipping.

While using Current’s premium services, you’ll build up to 15x in points for bonus cash back rewards at eligible/participating stores/merchants every time you swipe to make a purchase and you’re also able to get paid two days faster with direct deposit*, so you won’t have to worry about those anticipated paydays to get your money when you need it.

Have a teen and want to keep track of their spending? Current also has a feature for users to connect teens to accounts that benefit them and the user to manage their spending, while you can earn bonus points when they need to make a purchase.

Don’t miss out on the benefits you can earn while using Current and learn improved ways to help manage your finances through this simple app.

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21. Ways to Earn More Money and Learn How to Invest With a Strategy

The investment app M1 Finance allows you to customize your portfolio to benefit your ownership in stock of what you’ve always wanted to invest in.

Have you always wanted to own some of Tesla’s stock, but one share is too expensive to own? M1 Finance has you covered, where you’re able to own a fractional share of Tesla stock and have a slice of a share in your “pie.” Your pie is customizable to your selection and M1 Finance assists with making the hard decisions for you and automating your investments.

Get to own stocks like Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook by using M1 Finance and watch your portfolio grow while you continue to make investments. Diversification is key in portfolio creation and you’re able to maintain balance using this great investment app!

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22. Saving Money? Earn More On Top Of Your Bank Interest Rate Using This App

Sounds too good to be true right? But, we’re here to tell you that it is true and you can start earning more cash by just saving using Long Game Rewards.

Long Game Rewards realizes that we have financial goals, and we know that you do too, so, why not earn more on top of what you’ve already saved? You’re already earning more with the interest rate provided by your bank and while you save more, you’ll get rewarded for it.

Every day you earn coins to also play games in the app that help you earn more, and by playing the games in the app, you can earn extra rewards that can help you grow your savings on top of the interest you’ve earned! Get this – Not only can you earn cash, but you have an opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies as well.

What better time to start saving your money now and watch your savings grow? Long Game Rewards is waiting for you and now is the time to earn more money as you save!

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23. Reap Rewards and Get Paid by Sharing Your Opinions

Looking to get rewarded with a flight to your next destination? Maybe you constantly shop at Target and would like a few extra dollars to pay at the checkout? Better yet, you’re looking forward to going for a run and need new athletic apparel from Nike, why not get it for free?

By sharing your thoughts and values through Valued Opinions, you can be rewarded with the efforts you put into reshaping the products and services of the future. Your opinion counts and you’ll get rewarded for it too!

Share your experience with everyday products that you use or the services you come across and earn credits for your reviews. As you build your credits, redeem them for gift cards and rewards you’ve earned for sharing the value you bring to products and services you engage with.

Say you’re neighborly and would rather donate your rewards. You can do that too with a $20 UNICEF donation as you earn the compensation from your thoughts. Join Valued Opinions today and start earning!

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24. This Rewards Company Has Paid Out Over $7 Million!

There are so many things out there that are competing for our valuable time, we should get paid when we have time to ourselves!

With all the time you spend on the internet, don’t you think you should be making some cash for your troubles? The team over at QuickRewards definitely thinks so. In fact, QuickRewards has been helping millions of people earn extra cash by doing extremely easy and fun things on their phones and computers every day. 

Whether surveys, playing games, or shopping online is more your thing it really doesn’t matter; QuickRewards caters to every type of person and does not discriminate with who it offers its cash to. 

One of the best parts about using QuickRewards is that if you ever just want to take your cash out for any reason, you can! Whether it’s $1 or $100, you can always withdraw through PayPal in a quick and efficient manner. With millions of people enjoying their free time doing the things they love and making some cash at the same time, signing up today is a must if you don’t want to be missing out!

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25. A Digital Bank Account That Saves, Invests, and Budgets Your Money the Right Way!

You won’t want to miss out on this evolutionary financial app we’ve come across known as Digit Direct!

There’s a variety of financial apps available that look to help improve your financial health, however, Digit Direct is different. Digit Direct is a newfound bank account that assists users by helping them make an enhanced financial decision as it analyzes their everyday spending habits.

Nearly 66% of Americans are considered to be financially unhealthy, which is why Digit Direct was created to help lower that percentage and build better financial welfare for its users.

With the number of bills that people accumulate over a period of months, the expenses can get lost throughout their course and it just takes too much time to track your spending habits and ensure that you’ll have enough to spend freely or even have enough for your next upcoming bill. The Digit Direct app can handle that stress for you.

With a 30-day free trial, you’ll know when and how much to save, invest, and budget for depending on your financial needs with Digit Direct. Time moves forward and with Digit Direct, you can feel more confident with the financial decisions you make to enhance your financial future.

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26. An App that Helps Find the Best Discounts While Shopping Online

Slickdeals takes all of the legwork out of finding the best discounts and coupons for the brands you love to shop. Saving time and money has never been easier joining the fast-growing community has never been simpler.

By creating a community of shoppers and savers who are constantly looking for great deals, Slickdeals has connected like-minded people and made finding the best discounts beyond simple. Users can regularly save between 50 to 90 percent on popular items including televisions and tablets. Even better, the community that Slickdeals has created allows everyone to comment on the deals that are available, vote, share, and engage with one another to ensure that only the best savings opportunities are being presented.

Aside from finding the best deals, Slickdeals enables communities to combine points, credit card offers, and other coupons with the already generous discounts that are posted each day, allowing Slickdeals users to save more than with any other website. With millions of users and over two decades in operation, Slickdeals is the obvious choice for anyone looking to snag the hottest products at a fraction of the price.


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