KFC’s new plant-based nuggets may just blow your mind

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KFC released plant-based fried chicken alternative on Jan. 10, and the internet instantly lost its mind.

Just 36 minutes after KFC opened on the release day, YouTuber Timmy’s Takeout placed an UberEats order for a 12-piece of the Beyond Meat nuggets and turned on his camera to give the world his review. The YouTuber has reviewed several vegan meat alternatives in the past, including Impossible and Beyond burgers.

Timmy said the 12-piece vegan nuggets cost $17.99 through UberEats, which he notes is on the expensive side even for vegan fast foods. He also said it was more square and larger than your average fast-food chicken nugget and that he wasn’t immediately impressed with the aesthetics of it.

“It looks like a frozen nugget, to be honest, just the look of it,” Timmy said in the video. “It doesn’t look like something new.”

However, after breaking the nugget in half and giving it a good whiff, Timmy said he was shocked by how much it looked and smelled like a KFC nugget.

“It smells truly like KFC fried chicken, so that’s a great sign that it may taste like it, too,” he said. And after ripping it in half, he added, “I am shocked. That texture! And the pull of it, too, really felt like chicken.”

The taste was surprisingly realistic, according to Timmy. While it was a “little bit tougher” and gummier than the typical chicken texture, he was happy to note that it was less greasy than most KFC chicken. The taste was nearly identical to that of real chicken, too.

“I am so confused. How is that not chicken? I don’t get it!” Timmy said. “If I didn’t know, I would think, ‘That’s a piece of chicken.'”

Timmy’s final rating? A perfect 10/10, which Timmy said is a rating that he has hardly given out to any of the past plant-based meat alternatives he has reviewed. If you’re vegan, you may want to keep in mind that the nugs are fried in the same oil as the regular chicken.

You can see his full review, plus how the plant-based nugget pairs with KFC’s sauces, below.


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