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There was a time long ago when great damage could be done to a celebrity’s career if it became known that they indulged in cannabis. Today, with the drug legal in many states and much harder drugs to contend with, such as opiates, the green stuff has become almost mainstream in its acceptance.

 This acceptance has led to many musicians openly professing their love for the stuff, but there have also been those who were open about smoking weed when it was considered a one-way ticket to homicidal insanity. However you feel about it, these 15 musicians have had no problem whatsoever letting everyone know how much they love the sticky icky.

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Willie Nelson

The braided nonagenarian from Abbott, Texas, has taken more than a puff or two of the devil’s lettuce in his life and even got arrested once for having a large brick of the stuff on his tour bus. In 1980 he got former president Jimmy Carter’s son Chip high on the roof of the White House.

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Cypress Hill

The members of the rap group Cypress Hill are unapologetic and brazen in their love of the mind-impairing marijuana leaf, using it as the subject of many songs beyond counting. They even got mocked for it on “The Simpsons,” in an episode in which the stoned rappers order a symphony orchestra for a performance and then don’t remember doing it.


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Miley Cyrus

The days when Miley Cyrus’s persona clashed with the family-friendly one of her alter-ego Hannah Montana are long gone, ever since she started turning up naked in certain publications and espousing her love of pot. Although we should have suspected that she was on the green stuff when she worked with Flaming Lips.

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Bob Marley

Reggae legend Bob Marley smoked a ton of pot in his short time here on the planet Earth. In fact, he was widely photographed smoking pot, often availing himself in these photos of joints the size of walrus tusks.

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Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana has smoked a lot of pot in his life, and in fact, has consumed all manner of drugs enthusiastically for multiple decades. We think pot’s actually healthier for him than the mescaline he took at Woodstock that made him think the guitar he was playing was an electric snake.

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Kacey Musgraves

While the substances of choice for most country musicians seem to be beer, whiskey, and bourbon, it’s funny to hear a contemporary country artist extol the virtues of pot. But extol Kacey Musgraves does, posting photos of herself to social media in which she’s smoking the diabolical substance.  


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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a marijuana smoker, something he may have mentioned once or twice throughout his decades-long career. He even has his own line of cannabis products, which we’re betting have years of hard-won expertise behind them.

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Melissa Etheridge

Musician Melissa Etheridge doesn’t limit herself to just smoking the occasional joint. She’s gone ahead and founded Etheridge, a “holistic lifestyle brand” based out of California that positions cannabis as a medical product, and they sell the stuff in jars or in pre-rolled joints.

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Ziggy Marley

On the one hand, following in his father Bob’s famous footsteps has probably been difficult for Ziggy Marley, who must always endure comparisons to his dad. At the same time, Ziggy Marley said that he’s been smoking pot since he was nine years old, so maybe he never noticed the comparisons enough to get upset in the first place.


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Eric Church

Country musician Eric Church doesn’t smoke pot. It’s hard on his throat and he needs that for singing. However, he said that he quite enjoys edibles, and he even gained the respect of the stoner community by revealing that he had once turned a bar of soap into a makeshift weed pipe.

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Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews has made no bones about the fact that he likes to smoke up. He’s even said that he plans to do exactly that when the apocalypse comes. He also said to steer clear of Willie Nelson, who got him so baked at Farm Aid in 1995 that he described himself as “useless.”

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Rick Ross

In April 2023, Forbes reported that rapper Rick Ross had gone one better than just sitting around on his couch smoking pot and playing Fallout 4 while eating donuts. He had partnered with the cannabis company High Tolerance to create a strain called “Collins Ave.” A High Tolerance co-founder referred to only as “Manny” called Ross “a true cannabis connoisseur.”


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Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones frontman has never been shy about his past experiences smoking pot, and he’s never apologized for it either. In 2010, he told Larry King that he thought all drugs, not just marijuana, should be legalized because people have been taking them for thousands of years, so why fight it?

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Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette had already alluded to her enthusiasm for marijuana on her 1995 song “Mary Jane,” but in 2009 she gave an in-depth interview to High Times, the marijuana publication of record, in which she sang the praises of the drug. She said it in incoherent stoner-ese, but the upshot of the interview was that she felt weed helped her with her creativity.   

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Louis Armstrong

A lot of great jazz music was made under the influence of drugs, sometimes with fatal results for people like heroin user Charlie Parker. Louis Armstrong, on the other hand, enjoyed marijuana and used to smoke it before playing, whether it was a recording session or a live performance.

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