Ohio Ikea store offers free ‘meatball donuts’ for National Donut Day

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There are some very strange things that happen in Ohio. 

For instance, you may not fish for whales on a Sunday. Weekday whale fishing is fine. Saturday is prime Ohio whale hunting time, of course. Well, I mean, Ohio is a landlocked state. There’s not a lot of whaling going on there, but especially not on Sundays. Oh, and while you are whaling, you may most certainly not get a fish drunk, so don’t even consider it. That is a ticket-able offense. 

See? A little strange. Different definitely. The installation and usage of slot machines in an outhouse in Ohio is strictly prohibited. Ohioans eat large amounts of shredded cheese and chili on spaghetti and they, in fact, all bleed red and gray, and it all just makes them more interesting. 

But this is weird. 

National Donut Day (June 3 this year) is rapidly swooping down upon us, and the Ikea in Butler Country, Ohio is more than ready. In that one location only, a very special, uh-hum, treat, is being served … and it’s free!

It’s a fluffy donut with a tart lingonberry glaze, a sweet dark lingonberry sauce topped with a warm, fresh, sauteed Swedish meatball. Yep. No word on the gravy. It’s not in the picture, but I’m sure you can get a side. 

Why Butler County? Well, just one reason so good I’m thinking of moving: Butler County Ohio is the home of an official Donut Trail that’s 80 miles long. The trail is made up of 13 mom-and-pop donut shops. Think of it as a donut shop crawl, the best kind of crawl. 

So, pack your bags and head to Butler County! National Donut Day is June 3, and if you time it right, you can snatch one of these sweet and savory meaty donut delights. And the third is conveniently on a Friday, so maybe even some whale hunting while you’re there!

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