Paleo recipes that are good & good for you

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If you’re sticking to a paleo diet to get healthier in 2022, these recipes are tasty, easy to make and guaranteed paleo.

Stuffed dates
The Gracious Pantry

1. Stuffed dates

Getting your daily dose of dates may be easier than you think. One of nature’s superfoods, dates are a nutrient-rich fruit that can be a definite boost to a balanced diet.

Blueberry-mango salsa
The Gracious Pantry

2. Blueberry mango salsa

Corn chips go amazingly well with  recipe. So next time you have company over, make a big batch of this fruit salsa recipe, put it in a big serving bowl, and let everyone dig in!

The Gracious Pantry

3. Pumpkin granola

The ingredients for making your own granola are easy to find at the grocery store. New recipes always bring a little excitement to your kitchen, and this awesome recipe gives you some healthy fats and carbs to start your morning with.

Zucchini chips
The Gracious Pantry

4. Dehydrated zucchini chips

If you need a healthy replacement for your potato chip habit, these zucchini chips are fantastic!

Southwestern crustless quiche
The Gracious Pantry

5. Southwestern crustless quiche

This Southwestern crustless quiche recipe is a delicious, low-carb option for breakfast. It’s perfect for a higher-protein breakfast and won’t take spending too much time in the kitchen to make.

Homemade guacamole
The Gracious Pantry

6. Guacamole

If you’ve never made homemade guac before, this is your chance. It doesn’t get cleaner, fresher or tastier than this. And it’s simple to make, too!

Homemade restaurant-style salsa
The Gracious Pantry

7. Restaurant salsa

If you love the red salsa you get in a restaurant, you can easily and quickly make this recipe for restaurant salsa at home!

Lemon chicken salad
The Gracious Pantry

8. Lemon chicken salad

While everybody has their own idea of what a “classic chicken salad recipe” consists of, I like to keep things interesting by switching out flavors on what most people consider to be “classic”. This recipe is easy and delicious.

Sweet potato salad
The Gracious Pantry

9. Roasted sweet potato salad

This roasted sweet potato salad is a perfect side dish to almost any main course, or, it can be enjoyed as a main course all on its own!

Bell pepper chicken
The Gracious Pantry

10. Bell pepper chicken

This bell pepper chicken recipe uses fresh peppers, tomatoes, and lots of fresh herbs. Perfect for a garden-fresh dinner!

Slow cooker Hawaiian chicken
The Gracious Pantry

11. Slow cooker Hawaiian chicken

If letting dinner cook itself so you can come home to a delicious smelling house and a warm dinner sounds good to you, then this slow cooker Hawaiian chicken (or slow cooker pineapple chicken) recipe might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Ground turkey dinner skillet
The Gracious Pantry

12. Ground turkey dinner skillet

This ground turkey dinner skillet is one of my quick and easy turkey recipes. This healthy dinner skillet can be on the table in less than 30 minutes! With good-for-us asparagus, it’s a wholesome dinner that’s Whole 30-compliant, too.

Peanut butter bread
The Gracious Pantry

13. Peanut butter bread

This delicious peanut butter bread is a wonderfully nutty option for breakfast toast, French toast, and more!

Tuscan chicken thighs
The Gracious Pantry

14. Tuscan chicken thighs

Whether you cook these in an air fryer, bake them in the oven or grill them on the barbecue, these delicious chicken thighs are sure to be a dinnertime hit.

Roasted almonds
The Gracious Pantry

15. Roasted almonds

Roasted almonds are a healthy, grab-n-go, low carb snack. These spicy nuts will put a little pep in your step, and they are delicious any time of the day. Even better, this roasted nuts recipe is gluten free, low carb, and clean eating!

Baby kale salad
The Gracious Pantry

16. Baby kale salad

This delicious salad is perfect to take to work or to enjoy with a few people at the dinner table. It has a little bit of everything that makes a salad truly wonderful.

Grilled zucchini
The Gracious Pantry

17. Grilled zucchini

It seems like no matter what I put on the grill, I’m pretty much always guaranteed a tasty outcome. Even veggies! In fact, the grill is fast becoming my absolute favorite way to prepare almost any vegetable, including zucchini.

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Baby kale salad
The Gracious Pantry