Here’s what Prince really thought about that pancake skit


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You saw this “Chappelle’s Show” episode right? The one with Prince and the pancake breakfast?

You know, the one where the always hysterical and greatly missed Charlie Murphy told the side splitting story of meeting up with Prince, Micki Free  and the rest of Prince’s royal entourage at a club around the time Purple Rain came out and ending up spending the evening with Prince at his home listening to new music and culminating in Prince himself proposing a basketball game in which His Royal Purpleness pretty much destroyed Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy and their entire crew?

Whew. Yes, that was a run-on sentence. But I was excited to get to the good part.

Turns out Prince could play basketball. And serve up pancakes. And make his guests feel oh-so-welcome even after a round-ball pounding. The skit is beyond funny. And Prince liked it enough to end up using an image of Chapel from the skit on his single release of “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Here’s Prince in a radio interview remembering the actual event that led to the skit.


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