Remember Tim Conway & Harvey Korman’s hilarious Emmy acceptance speeches?


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You need to see this.

But maybe pee before you watch. I did not, and there was a moment of very genuine concern. 

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman are the stuff of comedy legend. They destroyed us regularly on “The Carol Burnett Show,” but do you remember the hilarious and fearless stunts they would pull at the Emmys each year? 

You have got to see this video posted to YouTube on the channel aptly named Television Academy. 

See, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were very close friends as well as coworkers, and they had this unbelievable chemistry. Just go watch some outtakes from “The Carol Burnett Show” and you will see. You can’t watch them and miss it. You just can’t. But practically every year, the Emmy nominations would be announced only for Conway and Korman to find themselves competing head-to-head, but no matter who won, it was hysterical.

Like the time Conway won and spent his entire speech reading a congratulatory telegram from longtime fans at the Tarzana Pitch & Putt. Don’t bother looking it up; it’s totally fake, but their love for and support of Conway feels real, and I’m kind of dying for one of Andy’s American Open Hotdogs at the 19th hole, but I’m not even mad because it’s so darn funny. 

Or the time Korman won, and Conway got up and went on stage right along with him. What follows is pure, pathetic fun, and it is hysterical. No one was better at facial expressions (especially pathetic ones) than Tim Conway. 

And, at the end, Harvey Korman gives us words to live by: “You can’t take everything seriously; you’ve got to break the mold.” 

Watch three different Emmy acceptances here full of silliness and rediscover two of the funniest, least moldy men to ever trod the boards. You won’t be sorry.

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