These Korean corndogs may make you rethink your next state fair treat

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America loves corn dogs. We truly do. They are as delicious and pure and simple as children’s laughter and will keep you feeling full longer.

But they seem to have hit a rut, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, it’s pretty much been a bun or a dunk in a vat of molten fats since the ‘40s. No one ever forwards or shares new weenie recipes. Have you ever been to a fine dining restaurant and discovered the hot young chef is doing exciting things with weenies and cornmeal? You haven’t. Not once. 

Today, that all changes.

This exciting and inflammatory YouTube video originally posted to the channel Cooking With Kiona  introduced us to Korean Corn Dogs, and suddenly the endless night of our weenie experience is flooded with sunshine and light, and it is glorious!

OK, admittedly, we were dubious when the recipe started with potatoes. 

Potatoes? Then mozzarella? What?

It was a bit out of the accepted range of corn dog ingredients and that threw us for a little loop, but we persevered, hoping against hope it would come together and be the prophesied corn dog that would lead us into a new age of weenie enlightenment.

I believe it is.

These corn dogs break all the rules. There are exactly zero corn products in them, for instance. They are merely rubbed in flower, rolled in potato bit and covered in Panko bread crumbs. If you missed the underlying tone there, it was, “Damn, these Korean corn dogs are sounding delicious!” 

Once they are rolled in all the potatoey goodness and dunked into the hot-oil-filled pan until they are golden brown, usually 3-4 minutes, don’t forget to roll them so it all cooks evenly. 

Then, and this makes me shiver just thinking about it, comes the coup de grace. The thing that elevates these Korean Corn Dogs to an almost untouchable level is … spicy Sriracha ketchup!

 Oh, my Lord…

Watch the full how to video here and become inspired by the humblest of all processed meat.

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