Say goodbye to messy burritos with this new invention!

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Am I the only one? 

The only one whose enjoyment of burritos is negated by burrito explodabity? Am I the only one who never wears light colors on burrito day because I know that no matter what I tell myself, it does not look like tie dye or creative patterning, but rather as if I had someone stand 20 feet back and launch hot beans and melted cheese onto my face and clothing with a tricked-out T-shirt cannon and yes, everyone will notice?

It is not my favorite thing, and after all these years and countless personal experiences with the volatility of the tortilla wrapped menace, I have finally proven that, despite what my high school guidance counselor said, I can be taught. 

Burritos, wraps, overstuffed tacos: Each a delicious booby-trap seeking to ensnare your clean shirt and the thigh region of your pants in its delicious, but ultimately nefarious, salsa seduction. 


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I had to walk away, until now.

Now, there is hope for the burrito/wrap/gyro lovers of the world.

It’s super sciencey and difficult to really understand, so here’s the skinny: It’s edible tape.

Edible tape to hold your burrito, wrap, what have you, closed and maintain the structural stability of the delicious foodstuffs for all of your binging needs. 

The brainchild of a team of chemical and biomolecular engineering students at Johns Hopkins University, Tastee Tape is a fully edible, digestible food tape made entirely to keep your clothes clean on those days that gravity seems to be set to high. 

A multitude of ingredients were tried before a workable tape was created that is safe and edible and has tensile strength to hold even the most self-destructive tortillas in check. 

And it’s blue! Cool! 

So, take heart sloppy eaters and even tidy eaters enamored with messy foods, Tastee Tape is on its way, and its magnificent work with tortillas shall usher in a new all-white-wearing era more spectacular than any before. 

Finally, the future is now.

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