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You scream, I scream, we all scream for weird ice cream flavors!

Unless you’re lactose intolerant, the chances are high that you’re a fan of ice cream. Be it classic vanilla or more adventurous flavors like Rocky Road, there’s an ice cream flavor for any set of taste buds.

If you’re looking to expand your ice cream horizons and find some Instagram-worthy flavors, keep reading!

Note that flavors may be seasonal or limited edition and therefore currently unavailable.

Ben & Bill's lobster ice cream
Ben & Bill’s
Torimi Cafe's Bird Food
Torimi Cafe

2. Bird Food

  • Torimi Cafe
  • Japan, 〒657-0836 Hyogo, Kobe, Nada Ward, Shironouchidori, 3 Chome−2−14

Torimi Cafe serves up bird-themed ice cream while letting visitors also hang out with birds in the cafe. One flavor is Cockatiel, which is made with honey, apple, pumpkin and sunflower seeds … you know, bird foods!

Jeni's Everything Bagel ice cream

3. Everything Bagel

  • Jeni’s
  • Various stores

As part of its Ice Cream for Breakfast campaign, Jeni’s released this Everything Bagel ice cream. While it was a limited edition, some grocery stores may still have some in stock.

Max and Mina's PB&J Caramel ice cream
Max and Mina’s

4. PB&J Caramel

If peanut butter and jelly isn’t a sweet enough combination for you, Max and Mina added caramel fluff to this delectable treat! This one is a must-try for only the most serious of sweet tooth cravings.

Odd Fellows' Gin and Coconut ice cream
Odd Fellows

5. Gin and Coconut

Have your alcohol and eat it too with Odd Fellows’ boozy ice cream line. One popular pint is the Gin and Coconut.

Salt and Straw's Monster Blood ice cream
Salt and Straw

6. Monster Blood


Goosebump fans young and old will be glad to know Salt and Straw has brought back its Monster Blood ice cream. It’s made with citrus, “green goo” and red strawberry bark.

Humphry Slocombe's Hong Kong Milk Tea ice cream
Humphry Slocombe

7. Hong Kong Milk Tea



Humphry Slocombe’s Hong Kong Milk Tea is another fan-favorite flavor that’s been brought back. It’s made with organic tea, condensed milk and almond cookies.

Il Laboratorio del Gelato's poppyseed gelato
Il Laboratorio del Gelato
Creole Creamery's Mangonada ice cream
Creole Creamery

9. Mangonada



Creole Creamery created this punchy sorbet for those looking for a less sweet dessert. It’s a combination of mango, Tahin and chamoy, giving you sugar, spice and everything nice with every bite!

Big Gay Ice Cream's Monday Sundae
Big Gay Ice Cream

10. Monday Sundae



Mondays are a drag, but this Monday Sundae by Big Gay Ice Cream certainly is anything but! It’s made with twisted chocolate and vanilla soft serve and dulce de leche and whipped cream as toppings. The best part? The waffle cone is lined with Nutella!

Sweet Action Ice Cream's Cadbury Egg ice cream
Sweet Action Ice Cream

11. Cadbury Egg



This limited edition treat was served up by Sweet Action Ice Cream for the Easter season. It was made with Cadbury Eggs and vanilla ice cream.

Azucar Ice Cream's Cream Cheese and Guava ice cream
Azucar Ice Cream
Leopold’s Ice Cream's Tutti Frutti ice cream
Leopold’s Ice Cream

13. Tutti Frutti



Leopold’s Ice Cream has made a name for itself online with its Tutti Frutti ice cream. This flavor is made with rum ice cream, candied fruits and roasted Georgia pecans. Leopold’s has been serving Tutti Frutti since 1919, and you can even ship it to your home!

Wingie Ice Cream's Roasted Garlick ice cream
Wingie Ice Cream

14. Roasted Garlick



Wingie Ice Cream fans are head over heels for Roasted Garlick! It’s made with garlic-flavored vanilla ice cream and is a staple flavor at Wingie.

Capannari Ice Cream's black licorice ice cream
Capannari Ice Cream

15. Black Licorice



Few flavors are as polarizing as black licorice. But Capannari Ice Cream has embraced the derision with this limited-edition flavor.

Kenny Lover's Soy Sauce and Chocolate ice cream

16. Soy Sauce and Chocolate


  • Kenny Lover
  • 796 High Street Thornbury, Victoria, Australia


We all have that friend who puts soy sauce on everything. Well, Kenny Lover is that friend. They’ve put soy sauce on chocolate ice cream, creating a fan-favorite that’s made the place famous online.

Masiwa's Squid Ink ice cream
Masiwa_2006 / Instagram

17. Squid Ink



You may have never tried squid ink before, but Masiwa offers luxury squid ink-flavored ice creams, coffees and other treat. It’s got a photo-worthy black color served in glasses with its cute octopus mascot!

French's mustard ice cream
French’s / McCormick

18. Mustard


  • No longer available in stores, but you can make it yourself!


In 2019, French’s partnered with CoolHaus to create mustard-flavored ice cream. You can’t find these limited-edition pints in stores anymore, but you can now find a recipe on McCormick’s website.

Craft Creamery's Jalapeno Cornbread ice cream
Craft Creamery

19. Jalapeño Cornbread



Looking for some southern flavors in your ice cream? Craft Creamery made a jalapeo cornbread-flavored ice cream that may just be the ticket! It may look like plain vanilla, but it certainly has a kick to it.

Cacao al Cubo's bacon ice cream sandwich
Cacao al Cubo

20. Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich



Bacon. Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate. Cookies. Need we say more? Cacao al Cubo dipped a traditional ice cream cookie sandwich in chocolate and sprinkled it with bacon bits. What’s not to like?

OwowCow's Strawberry Salted Stracciatella ice cream

21. Strawberry Salted Stracciatella



Strawberry, salt and chocolate: What’s not to like? OwowCow recently released this strawberry salted stracciatella, which balances sweet strawberries and chocolate with Maldon sea salt.

Odd Fellows' Olive Oil ice cream
Odd Fellows

22. Olive Oil



We’re traveling back to Odd Fellows for another weird flavor: olive oil. The company admits that it’s an odd flavor, but they claim the flavor is “bomb.”

Eishaus' Spaghetti Ice Cream

23. Spaghetti Ice Cream


  • Eishaus 
  • 117 Park Place, Covington, Kentucky


OK, so this isn’t actually spaghetti-flavored ice cream! Eishaus has a special machine to make its ice cream look like noodles and tops it with chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles, making it look like gravy and cheese.

Jacob’s Eats & Treats buffalo wings ice cream
Jacob’s Eats & Treats

24. Buffalo Wings



Jacob’s Eats & Treats released a buffalo wings-flavored pint in February. This limited edition flavor combined vanilla ice cream, buffalo flavoring and fried sugar crisps.

Salt and Straw's Toasted Anise ice cream
Salt and Straw

25. Toasted Anise



Salt and Straw is getting fancy with this toasted anise ice cream! While Monster Blood may be for the kids, this flavor requires a more refined pallet. It’s made with vanilla ice cream, rhubarb jam and toasted anise.

El Paraiso Ice Cream's spicy pickle ice cream
El Paraiso Ice Cream

26. Spicy Pickle



For those who aren’t a fan of sugary sweets, spicy pickle paleta from El Paraiso Ice Cream may be for you! It’s made with pickle and Hot Cheetos flavor to give it a spicy and savory kick.

Jordan's White Chocolate Habanero

27. White Chocolate Habanero


  • Jordan’s
  • 894 Laconia Rd in Belmont New Hampshire


Still looking for more spicy ice cream? Jordan’s has a white chocolate habanero that may be for you. It’s a traditional milk-based ice cream made with habanero seasoning and topped with white chocolate chips.

The Parlour's Black Sesame ice cream
The Parlour

28. Black Sesame



Full disclosure: This spooky treat is only available around Halloween. But that gives you plenty of time to plan your trip to The Parlour! This black-colored ice cream is sprinkled with black sesame throughout, which many commenters on this Instagram post say tastes a lot like peanut butter with more earthy undertones.

Sweet Cream Co.'s honey sunflower ice cream
Sweet Cream Co.

29. Honey Sunflower



This may not be a pairing you see in ice cream often, but it’s perfect for summer! Sweet Cream Co.’s honey sunflower is a light but tasty sweet treat on a hot day.

Leones’ Creamery's gummy bear ice cream
Leones’ Creamery

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