The 9 Most Festive Funfetti Treats For Any Occasion… or Just Because!


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Every day can be a celebration thanks to fun foods, like Funfetti cake, a vanilla layer cake with sprinkles. How could this delicious cake do anything but bring a smile to your face? It literally has the word “fun” in it. 

Fun + Confetti = Funfetti. Who can resist the sweetest sweets like festive sprinkle-spiked Funfetti cakes filled with hundreds of sprinkles? Take one look and you will crave colorful confetti cookies and tasty treats that are almost too beautiful to eat. 

Life is better in color and Funfetti cakes and treats are no exception. These Funfetti desserts and rainbow sweets with sugar beads and sugar rods in primary and pastel colors make each bite a celebration.

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Is Funfetti Just Vanilla with Sprinkles?

Yes, Funfetti is vanilla cake with sprinkles, but it’s so much more. Funfetti cake is a festive confetti cake filled with nostalgia. It was invented in 1989 by Pillsbury. 

Funfetti is a vanilla-flavored white cake stuffed with colorful candy bits that, when baked, look like confetti or colorful dots. The cake is typically topped with vanilla frosting and topped with loads of colorful sprinkles.

The difference between Funfetti and sprinkles is that Funfetti is a brand name boxed vanilla cake mix that includes colorful candy pieces. Funfetti’s candy bits are made from sugar, corn starch, and vegetable oil. Classic Funfetti candy pieces are round and flat. Sprinkles can be shaped like beads, rods, or flat circles.

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Funfetti Cakes & Treats

America’s top bakeries, confectionaries, and sweet shops are baking the best Funfetti everything like cake jars, bagels, rainbow cakes, unicorn cupcakes, and stuffed cookies. Go on, have fun with these fun festive foods in a kaleidoscope of colors.

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Carlo’s Bakery’s Vanilla Confetti Cake

Founded in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1910, Carlo’s Bakery is the home of “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro. The Italian bakery makes its Vanilla Confetti Cake with vanilla sprinkle cake. Each cake is decorated with vanilla confetti icing and — you guessed it — rainbow sprinkles.

Image Credit: Carlo’s Bakery’s Vanilla Confetti Cake.

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen’s Confetti Rainbow Cake

Stan Strickland’s Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has been creating confections for years. Its Confetti Rainbow Cake is one of its cutest and tastiest treats. The three-layer cake has layers of pastel teal, pink, and purple cake. Each is slathered in buttercream icing and hand decorated with confetti sprinkles in pink, orange, yellow, green, teal, and purple.

Image Credit: Savannah’s Candy Kitchen’s Confetti Rainbow Cake.

Misha’s Cupcakes’ Funfetti Birthday Cake

Miami, Florida’s Misha’s Cupcakes, founded by Misha Kuryla in 2005, is famous for its cupcakes. Their Funfetti Birthday Cake is worth celebrating too. This vanilla cake with a full-spectrum color palette of sprinkles is frosted with white buttercream and trimmed with rainbow sprinkles.

Image Credit: Misha’s Cupcakes’ Funfetti Birthday Cake.

Blue Owl Bakery’s Funfetti Birthday Cake

Blue Owl Bakery’s Funfetti Birthday Cake is a slice of heaven. Hand-made in Kimmswick, Missouri, this fabulous three-layer Funfetti cake is dotted with colorful confetti candy. Each freshly baked cake is generously frosted with thick layers of buttercream icing and showered in confetti sprinkles.

Image Credit: Blue Owl Bakery’s Funfetti Birthday Cake.

Nadia Cakes’ Buttercream Rainbow Confetti Cake

Abby Jimenez’s Nadia Cakes has won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” and our hearts. Celebrate every day with buttercream, cake, and sprinkles. Nadia Cakes’ Buttercream Rainbow Confetti Cake features three layers of vanilla bean confetti cake and buttercream frosting. This confetti cake is decorated with gumballs and oodles and oodles of pastel sprinkles.

Image Credit: Nadia Cakes’ Buttercream Rainbow Confetti Cake.

Baked In Color’s Funfetti Cookie Cake

As its name suggests, boutique bakery Baked in Color bakes in color. Each nine-inch chocolate chip cookie cake is baked with bright pink dough. Each Funfetti Cookie Cake is loaded with and topped with classic rainbow sprinkles.

Image Credit: Baked In Color’s Funfetti Cookie Cake.

Sugar And Scribe’s Funfetti Glitter Vanilla Marshmallows

Brighten up any day with La Jolla, California’s Sugar and Scribe Funfetti Glitter Vanilla Marshmallows. Each fluffy, bouncy marshmallow is a perfect two-inch cube of marshmallow and sprinkles that is dusted with edible glitter.

Image Credit: Sugar And Scribe’s Funfetti Glitter Vanilla Marshmallows.

Killer Brownie’s Confetti Killer Brownies

Dayton, Ohio, is home to Killer Brownies. These are big, triple layer brownies in flavors like Salted Caramel Brownie, Cookie Dough Brownie, and Confetti Brownie. Each 1/3 lb. Confetti Killer Brownie is a blonde brownie stuffed with a layer of caramel, white chocolate chips, and, of course, confetti sprinkles.

Image Credit: Killer Brownie’s Confetti Killer Brownies.

Bell’s Cookie Co. Confetti Cookies

Started during the pandemic, Bell’s Cookie Co. makes some of the most craveworthy cookies. Each Confetti Cookie is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and packed with sprinkles. Bell’s cookies are made with cookie dough infused with crunchy milk bits. Each Confetti Cookie is topped with red, pink, orange, yellow, white, and green jimmie rods to create picture perfect cookies.

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