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When you know a wealthy couple on the road to marriage, you might scratch your head wondering what you can possibly get for them, but we are here to help! Even if a couple seems to have all the money in the world, and therefore everything they could ever want, you can always surprise them with a really cool gift. We have listed items that are cool, items that are sentimental, and ones that are uncommon, but very useful. Keep reading for some helpful suggestions!

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1. Picnic Basket

A couple could already have everything, but one thing they could always use is more ways to spend time together, and you can get that for them with a picnic basket. A picnic basket will remind a couple to spend time together in new and creative ways, and will let them do it with some fresh food and drink along the way. 

This wicker picnic basket from Amazon will hold on to a newly wedded couple’s food in style. It is waterproof, made of premium material, and has a cooler compartment. It also includes knives, forks, and spoons, napkins, and a fleece blanket. This basket comes with everything a couple needs to enjoy a picnic. 

A  Mr and Mrs insulated picnic backpack was made for newlyweds. It comes embroidered with the honorifics Mr and Mrs, and contains what a couple needs for a romantic lunch at a park. It comes with a wine cooler and two wine glasses, a cutting board to hold cheese and other snacks, salt and pepper shakers, and comes as a backpack rather than the traditional basket.

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2. Hammock

You can help a newly wed couple enjoy each other’s company in different ways with a hammock. It will encourage them to spend more time outdoors together, and to lay down and relax while they do it. With a hammock, they can relax on the beach, in a forest, or even in their own backyard.

This DoubleNest hammock from REI will allow two people to relax together at once. It is constructed to be soft and durable, and it packs up to fit into a small space. It comes in many colors, so you should easily find one a couple will love. 

Or go with this blue hammock that can easily fit two people, so a couple could relax together in comfort. This hammock is heavy duty and durable, and made with quality nylon. It also comes in a compact and lightweight bag for easy carrying, so they don’t have to put much effort into carrying it around. 

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3. Pet Portrait

A couple might appear to have it all, but do they have a stylized portrait of their pet? We didn’t think so. If this couple has a pet, get them a pet portrait they will never forget; one they will be happy to hang up for a laugh or as a permanent part of their living room art collection. A pet portrait of their pet in a funny or serious light will make a unique and lovable gift. 

Get a custom pet portrait to make a newlywed couple happy on their big day. You can create a portrait with their pet front and center, put their name on top, and get it in one of six colors. Choose the best picture of their pet, customize the portrait, and have it hand illustrated by a digital artist! 

If you want a custom pet portrait that makes a couple’s pet look like a 16th century prince, The Prince custom pet portrait is the way to go. Just send in a picture of their pet and you’ll have a museum worthy image that makes their pet look oh so important in no time.

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4. Funny Bathroom Rug

A couple who has access to all the high end rugs they can buy might appreciate something that is more offbeat, so get them a funny bathroom rug. A funny bathroom rug can easily be alternated with all their other favorite rugs, and it will give their bathroom a funnier vibe. Pick out a funny rug that they are both likely to be amused by!

This egg yolk rug from Amazon is a great rug for a couple who enjoys breakfast. If they enjoy having breakfast foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this rug represents one of their biggest loves in life. This microfiber rug is absorbent, durable, and long-lasting, and feels very comfortable to walk on top of. 

A corgi’s backside can also make a funny bathroom rug for a wealthy couple who has everything. They most likely don’t have a rug that is shaped like that, and you can be the one to bring it into their lives. Mostly made of neutral colors, this rug also goes with all kinds of decor!

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5. Matching Robes

Something that a newly wed couple will be sharing a lot of is relaxing moments and you can enhance those moments with matching bathrobes. They could already have robes, but they surely don’t have robes that match. Get a color and style that they are both likely to love and they might end up lounging around in them all day together.

These cotton spa robes from Amazon were made for a newly wedded couple to wear together. You can get it in white, beige, teal, and gray, and they make the perfect wedding gift. They are made with 100 percent cotton and customizable with words and initials. Wearing these robes will make their home feel like a spa. 

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6. Bathtub Caddy

Something a couple can enjoy together or separately is a bathtub caddy. A bathtub caddy will elevate bath time to a level they never thought possible and it will make them want to spend even more time relaxing in a bathtub each day. A bathtub caddy tray will make baths more fun since it will allow them to take treats and supplies into the bath. 

This bamboo caddy tray from Etsy is handmade and primed to make baths more enjoyable.It is elegant, functional, and can serve as a laptop tray, a drink holder, a food serving tray, and more. It will help their things stay safe and dry while they use them in the bathtub. 

Or consider this wooden bathtub caddy tray from Target that is made with luxury wood, can come in six different colors, and has enough for two people. There is room for drink glasses, books, soap, small towels, and even a candle. They can even pile a few snacks on there and enjoy! 

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7. Pizza Oven

Cooking together can be a fun way for a couple to spend their time, and if this wealthy couple in your life enjoys food and cooking, they would love to have a pizza oven. Many home cooks won’t think to get a pizza oven, but once they have it will realize just how useful it is. They might feel satisfied with making pizza in the oven for now, but their home pizza world will be changed when they get a pizza oven. 

The Cuisinart pizza oven comes equipped with a griddle and a grill. It has lots of cooking space, a dual lid design, and storage space on the bottom. It will have a couple’s pizza cooking without losing any heat. 

Alternatively, the Ninja Woodfire Outdoor pizza oven has eight functions in one. It can grill, roast, broil, smoke, dehydrate, and more. It makes artisan pizza in three minutes and you get to choose a setting for each different kind. There is a setting for neapolitan, thin crust, pan, New York, and even frozen

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8. Unique Crystal Glasses

They might already have enough glasses to spare, but it can always be fun to drink out of something more unique than usual, and that is why you should get a couple you know a unique set of crystal glasses. Unique classes can stand out more than their regular glasses, and add a different aesthetic to an event. They can also look good when put on display when they are stored away. 

handblown crystal wine glass set from Etsy can add some color to a couple’s dishware. They come in four different colors and come in luxury packaging that will let them know there is something gorgeous in the box before they even open it. 

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9. Custom Visa Gift Card

A custom gift card for a couple who has it all. 

Get a Custom Visa Gift Card

When a couple seems to have everything, they can still appreciate a gift card, especially if that gift card is customized. With Gift Card Granny, you can make a custom gift card that a wealthy couple can use to buy anything. A monetary gift never hurts no matter how much money the gift recipient already has!

When a couple is wealthy and appears to have it all, it can be tough to figure out what to get them, but when you pick gifts that are fun, creative, or personal, things can work out perfectly! Pick one of the gifts on this list and you will be all set for the upcoming wedding.

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