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Home improvement chain Lowe’s is a popular destination for people in need of a new grill, thanks in large part to the impressive inventory. If you’re surfing through your options online, remember, the best grills generally come with durable parts (made of quality steel or cast-iron) and lengthy warranties. They’re also supported by positive customer reviews. 

MediaFeed combed through Lowe’s current offerings to pinpoint some of the products that fit this bill. Note: All prices are subject to change. Ratings and number of reviews associated with each grill are accurate as of the time of writing this article. Please read warranties in full to understand what exclusions may apply. Here are the best Lowe’s grills. 

The best Lowe’s grills

The best Lowe’s grills are highly reviewed, highly rated and protected by competitive warranties. The following are the products we found worthy of calling out among gas, charcoal and portable grills.

Lowe’s gas grills

Weber Genesis Grill

1. Genesis II E-315 Black 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill by Weber

Price: $799

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.7 stars

Total number of reviews: 2,418

This highly-rated propane gas grill from Weber is outfitted with porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, a porcelain-coated steel lid and three stainless steel burners operating at 39,000 BTUs per hour. It offers 513 square inches (or twenty burgers worth) of primary cooking space, a “tuck-away” warming rack, two side tables and a storage cabinet. Reviewers were generally pleased with the grill’s performance (96% of them would recommend the product), though a few reported problems with the ignition.

Weber offers a ten-year warranty on all of the grill’s components from the date of purchase, so long as the grill is assembled and operated in accordance with the owner’s manual. (General wear and tear is excluded.)

Weber Spirit II Walmart

2. Spirit II E-210 Black 2-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill by Weber

Price: $379

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.7 stars

Total number of reviews: 8,533

If you’ve got less space or a slimmer budget, Weber’s Spirit II might be the grill for you. It features porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, a porcelain-coated steel lid and two stainless steel burners operating at 26,500 BTUs per hour. It provides 360 square inches of primary cooking space, a 90-square-inch warming rack and two side tables (the left one folds down if you’re extra-pressed for space). 

Reviewers are in broad agreement that the grill offered appropriate bang for its buck, though a few reported nicks or dents upon delivery. Weber offers the same generous ten-year warranty on its Spirit grills that are offered on the aforementioned Genesis. 

Lowe’s charcoal grills  

Kamado Joe Grill

1. Classic Joe 18-in Red Kamado Charcoal Grill by Kamado Joe

Price: $749

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.8 stars

Total number of reviews: 164 

Kamado grills are essentially large, insulated ceramic grills that enable a wide variety of cooking techniques, including smoking. (They take their name and their design from Japanese wood- or charcoal-fueled stoves.) This highly rated charcoal grill by Kamado Joe features a premium ceramic lid, stainless steel cooking grate, slide-out ash drawer and two folding side shelves. It offers 254 square inches of primary cooking space. 

Reviews are largely positive with purchasers attesting to the grill’s ability to execute multiple cooking techniques, including smoking, searing and baking. Kamado Joe offers a lifetime warranty on the grill’s ceramic parts and free shipping on all covered replacement parts.

Weber Summit Grill

2. Summit Charcoal Grill Center by Weber

Price: $1,999

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.8 stars

Total number of reviews:228

This recent addition to Lowe’s line-up is billed as “the evolution” of Weber’s iconic charcoal kettle grill. The Summit is large, offering 452 square inches of primary cooking space vs. the classic kettle’s standard 363 square inches. It’s also dual-walled and air insulated to allow “for all-day smoking at a consistent temperature.” In other words, it’s built with kamado grills in mind. 

The Summit is equipped with a gas ignition that enables lighting the grill with a push of the button and a one-touch cleaning system. This version also comes with a stainless steel table-top, wire basket and diffuser storage space — hence the “grill center” in its name.

Purchasers generally appreciated all the bells and whistles, though a few outliers questioned its smoking capabilities. Weber offers a 10-year warranty on the bowl, lid and center ring; a five-year warranty on the cleaning system and plastic components; and a two-year warranty on all remaining parts. Standard exclusions apply.

Lowe’s portable grills

Weber 2200 Titanium

1. Q 2200 Titanium 12000-BTU 280-sq in Portable Gas Grill by Weber

Price: $269 

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.6 stars

Total number of reviews: 929

Weber’s popular portable propane gas grills are highly rated across retailers due to performance and ease of use. This version features a porcelain-coated, cast-iron cooking grate, an electronic ignition, a built-in thermometer and, perhaps most notably, a powerful stainless burner operating at 12,000 BTUs. It offers 280 square inches in cooking space and comes with two fold-out tables for added prep space and tool storage. 

Weber offers a five-year warranty on the cookbox, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, grates and plastic components; it offers a two-year warranty on all remaining parts. Standards exclusions apply.

Mr. Bar-b-q portable grill

2. Portable charcoal grill 206-sq in Black/Porcelain by Mr. Bar-B-Q

Price: $19.98

Lowe’s reviews rating: 4.6 stars

Total number of reviews: 71

If you’re looking, candidly, for a cheap portable grill to take on an occasional tailgate (or two), consider this charcoal grill from Mr. Bar-B-Q. Reviewers consistently call out the product’s value. (See: “Great item for price;” “This is a great grill, especially for the price!;” and “You can’t beat what you get for the price.”)

The grill features a porcelain-steel hinged lid, porcelain-coated steel cooking grid and adjustable dampers. It provides 206 square inches of grilling space. Mr. Bar-B-Q offers a one-year warranty on the grill from the date of purchase.

How to buy a grill at Lowe’s

Lowe’s delivery and pickup options vary, depending on the product and your location. The store offers free professional assembly for store pickups and at-home deliveries on many of its popular grills.

Shoppers also have the option of purchasing an extended protection plan on many grills, usually for a three-year time period. The plan advertises no deductibles, coverage for normal wear and tear, coverage for power surges and 50% reimbursement of preventative maintenance items. The plan’s price varies by item. Read your prospective grill’s warranty to determine whether the coverage might be useful.

We’ve been rounding up some of the best grills available online from top retailers. Read on to discover what other products stand out in popular grilling categories. 

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