The blooper reel that Marvel fans really need to see


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Yeah, OK: Things have gotten dark. Real dark. So much darker than we ever expected. 

So much darker than we truly believed it ever possibly could again.

We are hurting. This hurts. 

And we suddenly find ourselves in a world so easily morphed into something unrecognizable, so alien, that it can’t be real. We are stunned, and we need help more than we can remember ever needing it before. But who could possibly bring any light into this? Who can give us comfort enough to rally the strength we will most definitely need? 

Somebody cue the man with the shield…

Marvel is here. Our heroes are here. And while they can’t actually fly into our very real problems and resolve them in 20 tight minutes of balletic violence where only the deserving get theirs, they can show us how important and empowering a moment of levity can be.

It’s a blooper reel, but it feels like a lot more right now. 

It feels like a hand in the darkness. Yes, it is only the people who play the superheroes we love making silly mistakes and being goofy for the camera. That is all it is. Paul Rudd in full Antman garb pretending to be C3PO? Yes. I needed that. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor falling down in an array of awkward sprawls, juggling Mjolnir instead of catching it and trying to be cooler than ravens? More. Please. Dorkiness, silliness and unapologetic idiocy? Thank you, sir! May I have another? 

Just knowing they are there, that we are not alone in the dark, gives us strength, but the laughter, the window into the “everything will be fine!” world this blooper reel offers, the reminder that we are not powerless in the face of darkness, that no matter how many times we are knocked down, we will stand back up and embrace the light because that is what heroes do? 

That is a gift. 

Please, take a moment, and watch people you love fall on their faces gracelessly. It will do you serious good, and you need it. We all do. 

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