Is Michael Jackson alive & well & wrestling in Mexico?


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I know a secret. It’s about Michael Jackson. 

I’m about to lay it on you. 

I know we all think, think, Michael Jackson died in June of 2009, but I’ve just seen something that will change everything we know and believe to be true. 

It’s Michael Jackson wrestling in Mexico. And you better believe he’s “bad bad” in an awesome way, and it’s hysterical. 

Clip after clip of “Jackson” in this Facebook Watch posted by a user named Consequence show that he has incorporated “The Dance” into his idiosyncratic wrestling style. Sure, there are the typical mandible claws, power bombs, stunners and moonsaults flying all around, but “Jackson” with his usual genius has weaponized dance. No one sees it coming. How could you? Jackson was always known for his subtle, under the radar style, and why would anyone wrestling Michael Jackson expect dance? 

It’s totally unexpected, and that’s its power. 

Was that a Pas De Bourree into a clothes line? Yes. It was. Was that a fouetté into a chokeslam? Oh, yeah. Totally. And is that a moonwalk into a technical knockout? Please. You know it was. 

Just as Jackson once changed the music world, he has now moved on to the much more globally impactful world of semi-pro wrestling in Mexico. You can tell he’s a crowd favorite. Like always. He mesmerizes. His hip thrusts seem more powerful than they ever have been before, and the little move where he bends his knees, goes up on his toes to look like he’s sitting in an invisible chair and points all upper appendages to the sky and goes “ow?” You will not believe its power. 

It just gives me happiness to know he has finally found his calling, found a place where he fits and can finally get the love and adoration he seemed to always need. 

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