This card trick will absolutely blow your mind


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America’s Got Talent is a great show. It takes us back through our history of vaudeville and childhood talent shows, only the talent is amazing (not like my school at all now that I think about it…) Contortionists, singers, dancers and all the talent we want to see eventually hits that stage. But the most fun talent, the most involving of the audiences both home and studio? 

Well, that’s the magicians. 

And 26-year-old Eric Chien of Houston is one of those magicians. What he can do with cards, just simple cards, is absolutely other-worldly. 

Eric is a sleight-of-hand, or as we called them in the old days, a close-up magician. This means he uses inhuman amounts of manual dexterity, practice, practice, practice and, in Eric’s case, a couple of packs of cards to pull tricks on us right under our very eyes. No smoke, no mirrors, just a master and his tools. And Eric is definitely a master. 

So, it’s no surprise that Eric went viral on YouTube. You can tell he’s nervous out of his mind for what is the biggest performance of his life, but once he sits down in that chair, takes a deep breath and steels himself, the nervous young man is gone, and a performer sits in his place. Even as we watch from only a couple of feet away, his routine appears flawless. 

And then the cards start changing color, and the whole place falls apart as blue, red, red, blue cards change from one to the other faster than we can see them, faster than the camera can see them. You know it’s a trick, but he is so consistent, so quietly capable, and there are cards disappearing and reappearing all over the place the whole time. But Eric is always in control and brings us one of the most intense magical sequences in AGT history. 

Watch and be amazed!

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