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The average size of a newly constructed home in the United States has more than tripled over the last 75 years, from 797 square feet in 1945 to 2,491 square feet in 2020. Cheap building materials, easy credit, and single-use zoning have led to Americans having more floor area per resident of any country and left the U.S. with an abundance of large homes.

To see just how large some Americans live, researchers at Angi found the largest single-family homes in every state. This collection of mega-mansions highlights a diverse array of architectural styles, historical landmarks, and pockets of extreme wealth across the country.

While some of the country’s largest homes are historic homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places, a majority of mega-mansions were built in the last several decades. The largest home in Virginia, for example, was built in 1776 and has remained relatively unchanged from its original design. Meanwhile, the largest home in Maryland was built as recently as 2017.
Discover the full line-up below to see the history, features, and famous owners of the largest home in every state.


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The Biggest Home in Each State, Ranked by Size

The glut of large homes in the United States has also created a supply issue in the real estate market, with a surplus of large homes nobody wants to buy. As the baby boom generation ages into retirement and downsizes their living spaces, transitioning from homeownership to retirement rental units, there are not enough potential homebuyers to fill their space.

As a result, many of the largest homes in America have been on the market for years, gradually depreciating in value as their owners slash millions from their asking price. For example, the mammoth Bel Air mansion known as “The One” sold in March 2022 for $141 million, less than half its $295 million asking price. McMurry Mansion in Casper, Wyoming, sold for $5 million in December 2021, far below its $25 million asking price.

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50. South Dakota: 812 E Tomar Pl, Sioux Falls, SD (11,734 sq. ft.)

Located in the Tuthill neighborhood of Sioux Falls, the mansion at 812 E. Tomar Place spans 11,734 square feet and contains four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a private exercise room.

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49. Alaska: Second Star (17,000 sq. ft.)

The 17,000-square-foot mansion in Homer, AK, known as “Second Star,” is the largest private home in Alaska and is available for short-term rental. For $15,000 a person, vacationers can enjoy a week’s access to 30 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 75 chandeliers, a classic library, a steam room, and seaside access to Kachemak Bay.

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48. Kansas: Spirit of Avalon (17,755 sq. ft.)

Nicknamed the “Spirit of Avalon,” the largest home in Kansas contains a gym, miles of walking and golf cart paths, a library turret, and a 30-foot-deep freshwater pond with diving tunnels connecting to the main house.

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47. North Dakota: 2043 Rose Creek Blvd S, Fargo, ND (18,000 sq. ft.)

Built in 2000, North Dakota’s largest home is located in the Rose Creek neighborhood of Fargo and contains six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a movie theater, an indoor pool, a steam room, and a dry sauna.

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46. Vermont: 506 N Hill Rd, Stowe, VT (18,055 sq. ft.)

Located along the ridgeline of the ski-friendly Mount Mansfield, 506 N. Hill Road contains 11 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a guest house, an art gallery, a barn, and a tennis pavilion.

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45. Nebraska: 14243 Hamilton St, Omaha, NE (18,194 sq. ft.)

Located in the posh Omaha neighborhood of Linden Estates, the largest home in Nebraska boasts four bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a two-story foyer, an exercise room, a bowling lane, and an infinity pool.

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44. Arkansas: 9221 Moody Road, Fort Smith, AR (18,367 sq. ft.)

Situated on 20 acres of land, the mansion at 9221 Moody Road in Fort Smith features a long, 800-foot driveway, five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, marble staircases, a custom theater, and an authentic redwood treehouse.

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43. Montana: Shelter Island Estate (18,646 sq. ft.)

The lone property on the 22-acre Shelter Island in Flathead Lake—one of the cleanest lakes in the world—the Shelter Island Estate boasts 45-foot ceilings, an indoor shooting range, a rail system to transport boats from the stall to the house, and easy access to nearby Glacier National Park.

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42. New Mexico: 4018 Old Santa Fe Trl, Santa Fe, NM (18,663 sq. ft.)

Built in 1937, the estate named “Sol y Sombra,” Spanish for “sun and shade,” features 21 bedrooms, 26 bathrooms, a theater building, and a Bodhi tree gifted by the Dalai Lama grown from a seed of the tree the Buddha is said to have sat beneath to achieve Enlightenment. Former residents of the Pueblo-style home include artist Georgia O’Keeffe and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

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41. West Virginia: 230 Quarry Rdg, Charleston, WV (19,000 sq. ft.)

Spanning 19,000 square feet, the mansion at 230 Quarry Ridge boasts eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a heated, six-car garage.

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40. Maine: Oak Hall (20,000 sq. ft.)

Oak Hall is a Georgian mansion built in 1913 in Northport, Maine, between the waterfront towns of Camden and Belfast. Boasting 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, two solariums, a music room, a full library, and a two-case foyer across 20,000 square feet, it is the largest home in Maine.

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39. South Carolina: 28 Seven Oaks Drive, Bluffton, SC (20,700 sq. ft.)

Located in the lavish Colleton River Club in Bluffton, SC, the mansion at 28 Seven Oaks Drive contains six bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and a private deep-water dock across 20,700 square feet. The waterfront property spans nearly 500 feet of shoreline and is several miles from Hilton Head Island.

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38. North Carolina: Harrison Point Manor (20,850 sq. ft.)

Situated along 720 feet of Lake Norman shoreline, the mansion at 104 Nathaniel Court boasts five bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a two-story foyer, a wood-lined study, a two-story library, a theater, a golf practice room, and an outdoor pool.

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37. Wyoming: McMurry Mansion (21,500 sq. ft.)

Built in 2007 on 17 acres several miles south of the North Platte River in Casper, the McMurry Mansion has four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a creek, and a pond. In December 2021, the property sold for $5.3 million.

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36. Hawaii: Casa Weisel (21,692 sq. ft.)

Named after its original businessman owner Thomas Weisel, Casa Weisel is a 21,692-square-foot home on the Hawaiian island of Maui with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The beachfront property sold for $45 million in August 2021.

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35. Minnesota: 3465 County Road 44, Minnetrista, MN (22,376 sq. ft.)

Nicknamed “The Hawk’s Nest,” the mansion at 3465 County Road 44 was built in 1989 along 192 feet of Halsted Bay shoreline. Spanning 22,376 square feet, the mansion hosts eight bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, indoor and outdoor pools, a beauty salon, and a full English pub.

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34. Iowa: Peace Harbor (24,876 sq. ft.)

Situated along 178 feet of shoreline on the West Okoboji Lake in Dickinson County, Peace Harbor is a mansion with eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and a full Irish pub. As of May 2022, the property was listed for $9.9 million


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33. Delaware: 313 Pentland Dr, Wilmington, DE (25,000 sq. ft.)

Situated less than a mile from the Pennsylvania border, the mansion at 313 Pentland drive boasts six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a greenhouse, movie theater, sauna, steam room, and arcade room.

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32. Louisiana: 11001 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA (25,372 sq. ft.)

The mansion at 11001 Highland Road in Baton Rouge was built in 2006 and sports five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a home theater, gym, cabana, saltwater pool, manmade lake, and four-bedroom cabana across 12.5 acres of land. As of May 2022, the property is on sale for $14 million.

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31. Mississippi: 606 S 8th St, Oxford, MS (25,854 sq. ft.)

Built in 1926, the mansion at S. 8th Street has nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms across 1.3 acres of land in downtown Oxford.

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30. Virginia: North Wales Farm (25,939 sq. ft.)

Construction on the property at North Wales Farm began in 1776. The home was considered one of the most valuable residences in Virginia when it was appraised at $1,500 in 1815 and remains one of the most expensive properties in the state. It is also the largest, spanning 25,939 square feet on 1,471 acres of land.

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29. Idaho: Amway House (28,469 sq. ft.)

Located along the Spokane River in Post Falls, Idaho, the Amway House contains 13 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms across 28,469 square feet. The property was built in 1995 and has been vacant since the death of its owner in 2016.

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28. Kentucky: Bloomfield Manor (28,596 sq. ft.)

Built in 2000 in the style of a 17th-century country home, Bloomfield Manor has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms on 11 secluded acres in Lexington, Kentucky.

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27. Texas: Chateau Montclair (29,122 sq. ft.)

The former home of NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, Chateau Montclair boasts nine bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a bowling alley, an indoor basketball court, and a personal barbershop on six acres in rural Prosper, Texas.

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26. Tennessee: Jubilee Farms (30,000 sq. ft.)

Built in 2003, Jubilee Farms is a 30,000-square-foot home with 17 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms situated on 13 acres of farmland in West Knoxville.

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25. Michigan: Winkler Mill Mansion (31,256 sq. ft.)

Situated on seven landscaped acres in Rochester, the Winkler Mill Mansion contains five bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a spring-fed lake, a swimming pool, a two-story foyer, a two-story library, and a 30-car museum garage.

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24. Wisconsin: Ellison Bay Manor (35,000 sq. ft.)

Situated on a bluff overlooking Green Bay, Ellison Bay Manor contains five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, an indoor pool, a library, and a 14-seat theater.

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23. New Hampshire: The Longview Estate (38,000 sq. ft.)

Located at the cliffside tip of Clay Point in Alton, New Hampshire, the Longview Estate overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee on 10 acres of verdant land. In addition to seven bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, the mansion includes a two-story ballroom, two movie theaters, two libraries, a tea house, cottage stone amphitheater, helicopter pad, and pool with a waterfall and adjoining grotto.

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22. Oklahoma: 12500 W Wilshire Blvd Yukon, OK 73099 (39,354 sq. ft.)


Located on 19 acres of active ranchland in Yukon, OK, Express Ranch has been a working ranch since the early 1980s. The 39,354-square-foot property is the largest of any family home in Oklahoma.


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21. Pennsylvania: Villa Noci (39,400 sq. ft.)

While Pittsburgh is home to dozens of historic mansions owned by tycoons from the city’s steel days, the largest residential property in the state was built in 2003 by former healthcare CEO Joseph Nocito Sr. The 39,400-square-foot home contains 12 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms and was the subject of a tax fraud case when it came to light that Nocito has claimed his mansion as a business expense.

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20. Indiana: St. Maur (41,762 sq. ft.)

Sitting on 150 acres of Indianapolis land that once belonged to the Benedictine Monastery of St. Maur, Indiana’s largest home features 61 rooms, a variety of gardens, imported trees, and a host of sculptures. In January 2022, the property was listed for $14 million.

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19. Nevada: 901 Trophy Hills Dr, Las Vegas, NV (43,557 sq. ft.)

One of the newer homes to rank as the largest within a state, the mansion at 901 Trophy Hills Drive was built in 2013 on 2.5 acres of land and contains eight bedrooms and 19 full bathrooms. The mansion was built by the late casino billionaire and political donor Sheldon Adelson and is now owned by his widow Miriam Adelson.

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18. Rhode Island: Seaview Terrace (43,772 sq. ft.)

Originally located in Washington, D.C., the mansion known as “Seaview Terrace” was disassembled and moved to its current location in Newport, Rhode Island, from 1923 to 1925. The 29-bedroom, 19-bathroom Châteauesque home now sits on seven acres of seaside land and spans 43,772 square feet.

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17. Georgia: Villa Vittoriosa (44,234 sq. ft.)

Situated on 105 acres, the 44,234-square-foot mansion known as Villa Vittoriosa features 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, and one of the largest private pools in the United States. The mansion is currently owned by rapper Rick Ross and was formerly owned by boxer Evander Holyfield.

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16. Illinois: The Illinois Governor’s Mansion (45,000 sq. ft.)

Built in 1855, the Illinois Governor’s Mansion is one of the oldest homes to rank as the largest within a state. The Italianate estate contains 31 rooms and 16 bathrooms and spans 45,000 square feet.

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15. New Jersey: Villa Collina (46,000 sq. ft.)

The mansion known as Villa Collina is situated on 50 acres in Moorestown, New Jersey, and features 35-foot ceilings, a library, an indoor pool, two massage rooms, and a movie theater, among other features. The owners of the secluded estate are relatively private about their home, often requiring visitors to sign confidentiality agreements about the property.

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14. Utah: 8272 E Left Fork Hobble Creek Rd, Springville, UT (50,738 sq. ft.)

The largest house in Utah sits at the end of Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville on a bluff facing the Wasatch Mountains. Built in 2010, the mountain estate features six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, a swimming pool with waterfall and lazy river, a basketball court, and a 27-seat theater on 156 acres of land.

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13. Connecticut: Chase Mansion (50,853 sq. ft.)

Named for its owner, businessman Arnold Chase, Chase Mansion was built on 84 acres of land on Avon Mountain in West Hartford. At 50,853 square feet, the mountaintop Georgian Colonial estate is the largest home in Connecticut and one of the largest in the country.

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12. Oregon: 32088 SW Peach Cove Rd, West Linn, OR (51,000 sq. ft.)

Situated on 2,700 feet of Willamette River waterfront, the mansion at 32088 SW Peach Cove Road features 11 ensuite bedrooms and 18 bathrooms on a 32-acre farm. While building permits for the mansion were first issued in 1996, construction on the secluded estate is unfinished as of May 2022.

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11. Arizona: McCune/Hormel Mansion (52,000 sq. ft.)

Built in 1970 on six acres of land in suburban Phoenix, the McCune mansion features 14 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, an ice skating rink, 150-seat theater, Olympic swimming pool, and tennis court across 52,000 square feet of living space.

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10. Maryland: 10423 Willowbrook Dr. Potomac, MD (53,487 sq. ft.)

One of the newer homes to rank as the largest within a state, the mansion at 10423 Willowbrook Drive was built in 2017 on five acres of land. At 53,487 square feet, the sprawling estate dwarfs its two nearest neighbors, which span 5,805 square feet and 12,906 square feet, respectively.

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9. Massachusetts: Searles Castle (54,246 sq. ft.)

Built by architectural designer Edward Francis Searles from granite, fieldstone, and sandstone cut from his own quarries, Searles Castle is one of the largest castles in the United States and the largest private residence in Massachusetts. The towering castle features 40 rooms across six stories and 54,246 square feet of living space.

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8. Alabama: Chateau Montagel (54,400 sq. ft.)

Built in 1977 on a sprawling 28 acres of land in suburban Birmingham, Château Montagel features 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms across 54,400 square feet of living space. The estate boasts handcrafted stucco, limestone, and marble, as well as a Grand Hall, a 25-seat movie theater, and two full apartments with separate entrances.

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7. Colorado: Hala Ranch (56,000 sq. ft.)

Situated on 95 acres of land in Aspen, Colorado, Hala Ranch was built in 1991 by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan while he was ambassador to the United States. The lavish ranch contains 15 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms and its own wastewater treatment plant and was sold to hedge fund billionaire John Paulson in 2012 for $49 million.

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6. Ohio: Eschman Meadows (57,000 sq. ft.)

Built on 200 acres of farmland outside of Columbus in 2001, Eschman Meadows contains seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a ballroom, home theater, swimming pool, barn, carriage house, and helipad. The Georgian manor also features a winding drive, three stocked ponds, and landscaped outdoor terraces.

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5. Washington: Xanadu 2.0 (66,000 sq. ft.)

Xanadu 2.0 is the nickname for the mammoth lakefront estate in the Seattle suburbs built by Bill and Melinda Gates in 1995. The 66,000-square-foot Pacific Lodge-style home was constructed using natural materials from the region, has a private tunnel entrance connection to Highway 106, a 2,100-square-foot library, and a bevy of high-tech features.

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4. Missouri: Chateau Pensmore (72,215 sq. ft.)

Completed in 2016, Pensmore is a 72,215-square-foot mansion situated in the Ozark Mountains in Highlandville, Missouri. Standing five stories tall, the mansion has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms and can be seen from Highway 65. The Châteauesque estate was built with concrete exterior walls 12 inches thick and was designed to withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and bomb blasts.

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3. Florida: Versailles (90,000 sq. ft.)

While construction on the megamansion known as Versailles stalled after five years in 2009 amidst the Great Recession, the 90,000-square-foot estate is still the largest single-family home in Florida. The Lake Windermere home features 11 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, five kitchens, and a 35-car garage and was the subject of the 2012 documentary “The Queen of Versailles.”

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2. California: The One (105,000 sq. ft.)

The Bel Air mansion known as “The One” was purchased in March 2022 for $141 million by fast fashion CEO Richard Saghian. The 105,000-square-foot home contains 21 bedrooms, a 30-car garage, a movie theater, a full gym, and a hair salon.

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1. New York: Fair Field (110,000 sq. ft.)

Completed in 2003, the Fair Field mansion reportedly contains 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, three swimming pools, a synagogue, a theater, a basketball court, and a bowling alley. Located in the Sagaponack neighborhood of the Hamptons, the house has been the subject of controversy among local residents, who speculate that the builder may intend to convert the 63-acre complex into a conference center or retreat.

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A Slice of Paradise

This collection of the largest homes in every state includes mountain homes, beach houses, Spanish villas, French châteaus, canyon ranches, and more. And while many of America’s most palatial properties are secluded deep in the woods or located in gated communities, more are becoming accessible to the public. As more megamansions on the market struggle to find new buyers, many are converting to short-term rental properties, allowing spendthrift vacationers to live in luxury for a few days at a time. So before you book your next vacation, it may be worth reviewing the largest home in every U.S. state.

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We curated lists of the largest houses in each state by compiling results found in blog articles and online listings such as Family HandymanHomesOfTheRich, and PriceyPads. We also collated information from local newspaper articles.

We then confirmed that each building cited was indeed currently used as a residence. To fill in any research gaps, we sorted state listings on Zillow (in the “sold” and “for sale” categories) by square footage to find the largest single-family residence in that state. Where conflicting information was found, we chose the most frequently quoted record, the record from the most reliable source, or the most specific record (i.e., 72,215 ft2. rather than 72,000).

We searched each address in Google Maps on satellite view, preserving a screenshot of the home’s footprint. If Google maps could not find the specific address, we searched the road in question until we found a home whose footprint matched the appearance of the real estate listing. If the image available was blurry, we tried to find additional images of the home to share.

Other images were pulled from real estate listings, Google Image search, or news sources.

The data was collected in Feb 2022.



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