The longest running talk show in history is finally coming to an end


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Well, the results are in. May I have the envelope? 

Maury Povich, host of the longest running television talk show in history, our polygrapher asked you when you planned to stop filming your show “Maury.” You said, “Never!”

It says here that was a lie. 

The crowd goes nuts. Maury bursts into tears and runs hysterically off stage and flings himself on a settee, sobbing broken heartedly.

And that is how we could have found out “Maury” is coming to an end, and it would have been appropriate and awesome. Instead, we just read online that our beloved TV daddy is calling it quits after 30 years. 

It just seems like a missed opportunity, is all I’m saying.

It is true, though. After 30 years of bizarre, eccentric and often unbelievable life stories that we just could not get enough of, the iconic “Maury” show has been canceled. 

Why? We’re not sure, but one can safely assume that the 83-year-old Povich might be looking to relax a bit. And after 30 years of “Moms Who Dress Too Wild,” “Odd Couples You’ll Have to See to Believe” and “You Were My Bully Look at Me Now,” honestly, who could blame him?

Don’t worry too much though; you can still get your fix of pregnant teens, baby daddies and, of course, all those lie detector and paternity tests daily. While the show will stop filming this spring, it will continue to air in syndication. 

In the meantime, you can check out MsMojo’s best Maury moments on YouTube. And always remember: If an attractive girl comes onto you in the green room of a TV talk show, something is up. Be cool. 

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