Jamie Foxx explains why he didn’t star in ‘Jerry Maguire’ with Tom Cruise


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Ever get nervous and talk really loud for no reason? Or just get excited and overdo everything and end up feeling like a total buffoon? 

Great news: Jamie Foxx gets it! 

See? Don’t you feel better?

The Graham Norton Show is an institution. Hilarious and unique every week, it often seems there are no hard and fast rules on the show. So, celebrities, all the really big ones anyway, seem to feel freer, to open up and share some stories that we’ve not heard before. It’s kind of a treasure chest in that way. 

On one particular episode featuring (you guessed it) Jamie Foxx, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, Foxx opens up and tells about the time he almost starred in a movie with Tom Cruise. (Yes, I know he starred in “Collateral” with Tom Cruise and got a best supporting actor Oscar nomination for it the same year he won Best Actor for Ray, but that was much later!).

So, according to Foxx, he was originally up for the role of Rob Tidwell (Cuba Gooding’s Oscar-winning role) in Cruise’s “Jerry Maguire.” He had a really good first audition in Los Angeles and was asked to fly to New York to audition for TC … TC is Tom Cruise. 

Back then, Foxx was a young actor looking for his big break, but he was loud. Too loud for TC.  So during the audition, Foxx  just yelled, “Show me the money!” They showed him the door instead.

Later on, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise became good friends while filming Collateral, that is, until a woman came between them. But that’s a story for another day…

Watch Foxx relieve his audition fiasco if you need an extra dose of funny!


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