‘The Rock’ & his mom serenading Jimmy Fallon will make you smile. Guaranteed


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So, how full is your “That’s Stinkin’ Adorable” tank?

I have to admit, my TSA tank was not far from empty. Life has been rough for all of us lately. And all these teleconference interviews for the health and safety of, well, everyone, often lack the human component that helps boost are little TSA tanks.

But then I watched this amazing video of the always adorable Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his even more adorable mother Ata Johnson serenading Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Oh, it is stinkin’ adorable.

I mean, whose mom is a ukulele virtuoso? The Rock’s, that’s who.

Whose mom is happy to play that ukulele and sing on national television with zero notice? The Rock’s, that’s who.

And whose mom apparently partied with Jimmy Fallon and his wife on New Year’s eve? Well, it wasn’t my mom, but I think you can guess whose mom it was.

YES, it’s The Rock’s. I knew you could do it!

There is so much joy in Ata Johnson, such pure and legitimate warmth that she accidentally warms us all and that’s not easy to do in the best of times. Her smile is so genuine, her laughter so contagious, that I found myself laughing along, fully invested in watching.

The really cool thing is that watching her allows us to see where one of our most beloved superstar’s gets his magic. And it’s got to be magic. For two people to be so delighted to give of themselves, to share their seemingly boundless joy, to refill our little TSA tanks so completely and, from the looks of it, kind of effortlessly?

That’s definitely magic.

Check it out here and get a free fill up for yourself!

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