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The holidays can make you long for a glass of wine and a break from the chaos. But for some people, wine doesn’t just go with the holidays. It’s practically a way of life.

If you know a wine lover, you probably know how they celebrate wine all year long. That makes them great people to buy gifts for. You can find a ton of practical gifts that your wine lover will enjoy even after the holiday rush is over.

Check out these glasses, accessories and so much more for the wine lovers on your holiday shopping list.

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Shower wine holder

This gift is the ultimate combination of at-home luxuries. Your loved one can take their favorite wine right into the shower for an evening of relaxation (what? You’re not drinking in the shower? Where have you been?).

Whether you are pre-gaming while you get ready to go out or simply relaxing after a hard day of work this 3D printed bath or shower wine glass holder is sure to be useful. Attach it to your shower, bath, fridge or any other places a suction cup will work.

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Wine lover T-shirt

Let your loved one take their passion on the road, or wherever else they’re headed, with this fun wine T-shirt. The design is simple, but it definitely speaks to a certain sort of wine enthusiast.

This comfy cotton shirt declares the wine lover’s favorite workout, which is just putting that corkscrew to good use. It’s a cute nod to the wine-lover lifestyle and if it suits someone in your life you have a ton of options for sizing and coloring.

There are unisex shirts and hoodies with the design, as well as women’s V-neck shirts, youth shirts, toddler shirts and even baby bodysuits, for the up-and-coming wine connoisseur. Most options come in small to XL sizes, but each style of shirt varies, so check carefully based on what your giftee would like best.

You also get a ton of color options, including black, white, red, kelly green, dark gray, mauve maroon, deep teal, navy, military green, orchid, peach and raspberry. For an additional $6, you can get the design on both sides instead of just the front.

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Personalized wine & cheese board

Nothing goes with wine quite like cheese. It’s the quintessential pairing, and now your wine lover can celebrate it with a board that is personalized just for them.

This is a fully functional charcuterie board. It would look great on a holiday table filled with treats for guests. The board uses solid bamboo and even includes four serving utensils built right into it. It’s the complete package.

At 13 x 13 inches, it’s a perfect size for wine and cheese, but your loved one could also use it for things like finger sandwiches, taco fixings, cookies, dips and dressings, and so much more.

Plus, you get to personalize it with a name and other information if you wish. The board comes in a range of classy styles, including a monogram, names, rings, a heart wreath, initials, a love theme, a rooftop, a state, a key, a modern look, home sweet home, or kid’s art. The kid’s art style is slightly more expensive at $94.50.

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Vintage spoon bookmark

This is another combo gift, but very often the wine lovers in our lives like to cozy up with their favorite beverage while reading a book. If this sounds like someone you know, they might love this cute vintage bookmark. It reads “drink wine, read books, be happy,” which is a great life motto for some of us. But these bookmarks pack something a little special. They really were all spoons at some point.

They have dents and scratches from their former use. The seller says some of these spoons are more than 100 years old. Your wine lover can give them a new lease on life as a bookmark with a hand stamped design punched into the metal. The edge of the spoon hooks over the edge of the book to keep your place. For $17 instead of $14, the seller will stamp your loved one’s initials on the spoon for a personalized touch.

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Wine socks

Keep your wine lover happy and cozy with these super warm and soft wine socks. They come with an important message on the bottom: “If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine.” Straight to the point.

The seller also has several other designs, from “bring me a cup of coffee” to socks about pizza, tacos and pets, so if you know someone with multiple special interests consider grabbing a few pairs. You can get these socks in extra small, medium or large. Those correspond to women’s shoe size 3-6, 4-8 and 7-11, respectively.

The price will change based on sizing and color. And speaking of colors, there are so many to choose from here. Select maroon, green, light green, premium white or black, gray, raspberry, navy, midnight, blue, berry, pink and many more. The “premium” colors tend to cost a little more than the standard ones. For example, premium navy in size 4-10 is $16.95.

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Wine & Coffee mug

Do you know someone who just can’t choose between their two favorite beverages? Wine lovers and coffee lovers unite on this funny mug that features a glass of wine and a cup of coffee, each saying “she loves me more!” You can snag this fun gift in 11- or 15-ounce sizes. However, some of the really fun colors come in 11 ounce only. You can get a white mug in either size for $11.95 or $14.95. All of the other mugs are 11 ounces and $13.95. There’s black, blue, green, orange, pink, red or yellow. The color actually just changes the handle and rim to add a fun accent to the white base. The white helps the design stand out more.

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Wine lip scrub

This gift comes with some definite personality. Content warning for the seller’s description: It’s definitely got some spicy language. But the seller is just so sure you will love this lip scrub. Note that this isn’t a lip balm. It’s specifically a lip scrub, so it packs some exfoliating properties. The balm itself is all natural and never tested on animals. It uses cocoa butter, pure coconut and sunflower oil, and French beeswax. There’s no preservatives or fake additives, just a delicious and nourishing lip scrub.

It has a deep purple-red coloration from alkanet root that makes this scrub look like your loved one’s favorite red wine. They can scrub this on and then go right for their favorite drink for a great pairing. Get just the lip scrub for $4.49. The scrub and an item description card costs $4.69. The scrub and a pink organza bag costs $4.89. Finally, you can get all three – scrub, card and bag – for $5.29.

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Custom wine cork shadow box

Every wine cork tells a story, and this shadow box helps commemorate that. It will arrive empty, but the wine lover in your life can fill it up with their own corks, each with its own memories and story to tell. The box itself is attractive wood measuring 9 x 9 inches. It has a depth of two inches to fit all those corks. There’s a glass front and a minimalist but lovely black backing with a simple design and an outline of a hand holding a glass of wine.

Your loved one will slowly cover this up over time, but it will be well worth the journey encapsulated in all those precious corks. Your giftee can safely hang this from a wall or set it out on a table or shelf for display. You even get the option to personalize this gift with a name. The seller is happy to ship it in gift packaging, too.

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Real wine art

Wine lovers regard wine as art, but in this case it is literally art. The artist behind this set of two prints used real corks and real Italian wine to paint an image of Italy itself. The first print is Italy, while the second is a depiction of all the wines used to create the bright and beautiful colors. That includes pinot grigio, sangiovese, barolo, nebbiolo, primitivo, nero d’avola, montepulciano, barbera and dolcetto.

Each print uses cotton cold press archival fine art paper to stay true to the original painting. Plus, you get to order right from the artist. It doesn’t come with a frame, but you can get the prints in a bunch of sizes. The 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 stay under $100 (at $48 and $75, respectively). But larger sizes do start to get pricey.

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Funny wine bag

Give the gift of wine in the perfect gift bag. This canvas drawstring bag not only cradles a bottle of wine so you can gift it at a party or celebration, but it comes bearing a funny quip, too. The bag says, “Here, boss. Drink this. It’ll make you feel better.” If you have the type of boss who’d appreciate the joke, or anyone in your life who might get a chuckle out of this, this bag can add a dash of humor to your holiday giving.

It’s not just funny, though. The bag is also sturdy and the perfect size for most wine bottles at 14 x 6.5 inches. And while the wine inside the bag might disappear quickly, the bag itself can hang around for a long time as a treasured memento.

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Set of wine glasses

We had to include some actual wine glasses on this list, and this set is absolutely gorgeous. Each 18-ounce glass comes in rose gold, black and white for an elegant look. The rose gold in particular gives  the bases of the glasses a faint pink hue. The seller creates each piece themselves by painting high-quality glasses. If you have specific requests for colors, you can message the seller to get a completely customized set.

Your wine-loving friend or family member definitely doesn’t have glasses like these, since they’re truly one-of-a-kind. You can get two for $45, four for $58 or six for $78. No matter how many you buy, these are sure to become treasured glasses even among a large collection.

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Red wine infusion cocktail kit

Take wine to a whole new level by turning it into an infused cocktail. The kit comes with packets that contain dehydrated fruits, veggies and spices. This “red wine sangria” kit includes enough packets for quite a lot of booze, but that’s OK because unopened kits can last up to two years, and even an opened one will stay fresh for six months.

To use the packets, pour up to two bottles of wine into a large pitcher. Add in the packet and put the whole blend in the refrigerator or on the counter to infuse for two or three days. You can even add in other brandy or vodka to really take this up a notch. After it infuses, you’ll have a whole pitcher of a unique and delicious cocktail to share at a holiday party or any other gathering. Cocktails know no season, so your loved one can enjoy these at holiday parties and backyard BBQs alike.

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Wine necklace

This handmade gold necklace offers a subtle nod to wine lovers. If you look closely enough, you’ll find multiple wine bottles along the 18 inches of the chain. One hangs down from the center. Another completes the loop of the necklace. If you aren’t paying attention, you might just miss them, however, which makes this a nice way to subtly signal your love of wine. Your loved one could wear this at home, at work, on a night out or just about anywhere else and it would still look classy. It even comes in a gift bag so it’s all ready to go for gifting.

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Mulled wine

You can go with the standards if you’re gifting wine this holiday season. Or you can give your loved one something a little different with this mulled wine packet.

Each packet is single-use and provides one large cup of mulled wine. You can use four to prepare a full bottle, however. The blend of herbs and spices will warm up a cold winter day. And the seller welcomes you to add your own fresh touches of lime and lemon to enhance the taste further. The packet comes with a steeping bag that you place the ingredients inside. Warm some red wine to a boil then add the baggie. Add in the cinnamon stick and crystallized ginger while it steeps for five minutes.

If your loved one has children, they can use the packets to make mulled juice by using red grape juice instead of wine. One packet is $8.90, but the seller offers two-, three- and four-packs. The four-pack is $24.90.

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Cutting or cheese board

Use this board for cheese to pair with wine or just as an all-purpose cutting board. It will work great for either purpose, though you may hesitate to get a knife near the fun design.

The board says “you pour the wine, I’ll cut the cheese” with a tiny wine glass and piece of cheese on it. It cuts right to the heart of the matter with a funny saying. But the mango wood is still a great cutting board that can function for daily use.

The natural wood may have slight variations from the picture in the listing, but that just makes it one-of-a-kind. You can get an 8 x 11 or 9 x 20 board for the same price. Whether they’re using it as décor or a functional kitchen accessory, be sure to let your loved one know that they need to hand wash this item to keep it in good shape.

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Bird feeder wine bottle

This seller is giving wine bottles new life as bird feeders. Each bird feeder is bright blue. It looks beautiful in the backyard as a piece of glass art. However, it’s also fully functional as a bird feeder.

There’s even a T-cork at the top that your loved one can easily remove to pour in fresh birdseed. Copper not only decorates the bottle, but serves as a perch for the birds and a means of hanging the bottle. It could go on a porch or patio, or anywhere else in a back or front yard frequented by birds. The wine lover on your list will love getting to share their passion for wine with every bird in the neighborhood. For a slightly higher price, $27.99, the seller will gift wrap this for you.

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Funny wine stopper

We can’t always finish every bottle we open, but these wine stoppers will let your loved one save their precious wine for later. Plus, they’re hilarious. Each wine stopper is fully functional, but the top features a funny and fun design. You can select from four vintage ladies, all dressed like 1920s flappers. They might look vintage, but they’ve got very modern sensibility. One declares, “Keep your friends close, and your wine closer,” while  another says, “It’s not drinking alone if the dog’s home.” Or go with a simple label of “liquid sanity.” The last design says “I really should give up wine, but I’m no quitter.” That’s the spirit! We understand if you can’t settle on just one of these. Grab a few for your wine loving friends.

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Wine soap

Here’s another simple gift you could throw in a stocking or small gift exchange this holiday season. This wine soap is handcrafted in the U.S. with quality ingredients like rosemary leaf extract, cranberry seed and, yes, actual wine. According to the seller, the antioxidants and other ingredients in wine can be great for your skin. That means the scent is delicious, too, with a jammy, rich and bright scent. Your loved one can really use this for shampooing or shaving as they like. Each soap is five ounces and comes in its own box. This particular one is “vintage merlot.” If you know a merlot lover, they might keep this around just for the wonderful scent.

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Engraved stemless wine glass

Here’s another variety of wine glass to shore up your loved one’s collection. This one comes with a personal touch, however. It’s not names or messages this time, but states. Do you know someone who’s lived in multiple states? Perhaps they recently moved and still feel homesick. This is a perfect gift.

You get to select two states connected by hearts and surrounded by the words “never too far to wine together.” The engraving on this high-quality glass is a special and sentimental memento. This is an especially great gift if your wine person lives in a different state than you currently. Grab one for yourself while you’re at it so you and your loved one can toast together whenever you like.

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Wine stand

This wine stand does more than just display your loved one’s favorite bottle. It will put everything they need in one space, including the wine, the glasses and the snacks. There’s a small tray for fruit or cheese and a wine glass holder, as well as a dedicated spot for the wine itself. There’s even a sneaky spot for the corkscrew, which the seller includes for free. Made from natural wood, the stand is easy to assemble. It also looks great.

Your loved one will love displaying a bottle for their guests when it sits on this natural wood grain stand. The seller even invites you to add a touch of personalization to make this a truly special gift.

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Engraved wine tool set

Finally, don’t leave your wine lover hanging. Give them all the tools they need this holiday season. This four-piece bamboo tool set will keep them covered with a corkscrew, stopper and decanting pourer with stopper and drip collar. All of the tools come with bamboo accents to match the box itself, which is attractive in its own right. It’s a simple and clean design and you can add your own monogram.

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