These deleted ‘Ghostbusters’ scenes are the perfect remembrance of Ivan Reitman


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How do you feel about “National Lampoon’s Animal House?”




Loved them all, right? Still quote them? Me too.

Well, if you loved those you loved Ivan Reitman, at least a little bit. His passing earlier this month at age 75 has saddened many of us and made us more than just a little nostalgic for a moment lost in time. We should honor him for the laughter and wonderful collective memories he gave us all as a thank you. Let us send him our laughter.

And here’s the perfect laughter fuel…deleted scenes from the original “Ghostbusters!”

What could be more perfect?

Everything about the original “Ghostbusters” is perfect and this hysterical video takes us back into the Ghostbusters Universe New York City circa 1984 when Peter Venkman, game show host — I mean paranormal scientist — whose work could easily be confused with that of Galileo, if he does say so himself, was leading his troupe of intrepid fellow scientists in a battle royale for the very survival of the city.

These scenes take us back in a whole new way and show us the world of “Ghostbusters” that so many of us know so well, with a little more clarity and give us a few new moments with which to share in the magic of the movie.

And what magic it was.

Godspeed, Mr. Reitman. May the laughter of the past lift you up and may the laughter of tomorrows yet to come light your way. You are already missed.

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