This gross pizza is a hoax & we can’t be more thankful

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Weird regional foods are all the rage on the internet. Kool-Aid pickles in Mississippi, butter burgers in Wisconsin, and reindeer sausage in Alaska, to name just a few. While these may seem unusual, they’re actually pretty delicious examples. Not so much the dastardly sounding Spokane Pizza.

It is, most thankfully, completely made up.

Heralded as “the most underrated regional pizza,” the pie was posted to TikTok channel MythicalKitchen by content creator Josh Scherer in response to all the regional pizzas currently making the social media rounds, such as Old Forge style, which is double crusted and sometimes stuffed with broccoli, or Colorado Mountain Pizza sporting a braided crust and served with honey for dipping. Unlike these pies, Spokane Pizza was created as an entirely inedible joke and yes, that makes the Spokane Pizza the most satirical/sarcastic pizza of all.

But that is not how the internet took it. They lost their collective minds and that ended up with Scherer receiving seemingly endless negative comments and even some death threats.

What is it people find so upsetting about the Spokane Pizza?

Just check out the video to find out what has inspired so much rage among pizza lovers nationwide, but especially in Spokane.


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