Yes, Kid Rock is opening concerts with a Donald Trump video


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Wait…Kid Rock’s name is Bob?

It is!

And this is just one of the many things we learn in a tailor-made video greeting from former president Donald Trump that is being played, to the delight of the crowd, at Kid Rock concerts just before Bob…hee, hee, I know, I couldn’t help it!… before Kid Rock takes the stage. The video is being called awkward and even unhinged by the media .

Standing before two large American flags, Trump begins by telling the crowd that he loves them, he goes on to to extoll the awesomeness of Kid Rock (though not his golf game, the two golf together on occasion) and the “hard working, god fearing, rock and roll patriots” that make up the backbone of our country and the majority of Kid Rock’s audience, finally reminding them to “continue to love one another” to “fight for our God given freedoms” and “most of all, let’s make America Rock Again!”

Rock and Trump have developed a relationship over the years as Kid Rock is a longtime, vocal supporter of Trump, even releasing songs specifically written for Trump’s fan base including the single ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live” and saying in an interview with Fox that while Trump was president he frequently consulted with Kid Rock on ”matters of national security, even Top Secret ones.”

Nevertheless, the Trump video did its job. The crowd goes nuts, Rock brings the noise and the rest is just another weird day in rock and roll history….aren’t they all?

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