This Wales neighborhood looks like the Millennium Falcon and we want to go to there


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There are a lot of special things about Wales — dragon on the flag, more castles per square mile than any other European country, charm seeping from nearly every nook and cranny.

But did you know the residents of Caerphilly, 7 miles north of Cardiff, guard a secret?

It’s a hidden-in-plain-sight secret that a clever Twitter user spotted on Google Maps one day. It’s a housing development in the shape of the Millennium Falcon!

You’d never notice the shape driving through the neighborhood, but the view from above shows a very distinctive Millennium Falcon shape — at least it does for any Star Wars fan worth their salt.

There are a few key differences, however. To start, unlike the movie starship, the neighborhood’s Oakdale library sits at the site of the Gun Well on the original ship. And the Oakdale Rugby Club is nestled in the starship’s Quadex Power Core. And there definitely was not a nursery school situated on the original Falcon’s escape pod.

Why does this housing development look exactly like the Millennium Falcon? We may never know, but there certainly is no denying that famous silhouette or what it means to so many of us. Superimposed, the lines match up perfectly and they look very much alike, but in my heart they are an exact match.

In my heart the Millennium Falcon now rests in Wales and I’m good with that.

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