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Pizza fans often have strong opinions about what’s best to put on a slice of ‘za (we’re looking at you, pineapple!). There are endless topping options — squid, cereal, emu and pomegranate molasses, just to name a few.

If you’re craving some new or even unusual flavor combos for your next pizza night, look no further than this international toppings roundup. We’ve included links to recipes or places that use the toppings in question for those who are brave enough to try it out!

Chicken schawarma pizza
bellevue bistro / Flickr

1. Lamb shawarma


Shawarma may be Middle Eastern, but it’s actually the Netherlands that claims this as a favorite pizza topping. While they prefer lamb, chicken shawarma is also popular.

English breakfast pizza
Craig Anderson / Flickr

2. Full English breakfast


Who else but the Brits would put a full English breakfast on their pizza?

Squid and shrimp pizza
Максим Крысанов / iStock

3. Squid and shrimp


It probably comes as little surprise that this topping pairing comes from Japan. However, it should be noted that we found a slew of other countries that put seafood on their pizza, including the U.S.

‘Trivia Night’ pretzel and cereal pizza
Theaustralianhotel / Instagram

4. ‘Trivia Night’


The Australian Hotel in, well, Australia, has made headlines in the past for its bizarre concoctions, including this Trivia Night pizza. It has pepperoni, pretzels and cereal as its main toppings.

Emu & kangaroo pizza
Theaustralianhotel / Instagram

5. Emu & kangaroo


We look again to The Australian Hotel for this dish, although emu and kangaroo are far more common throughout Australia than cereal is!

Mockba sardine pizza
Khanhkat.mockba / Instagram

6. Sardines


Mockba Pizza features sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, onions and herbs. Perhaps weirdest of all? It’s best served cold.

Banana curry pizza
Robyn Lee / Flickr

7. Banana curry


Many Swedes kick off their pizza nights with banana and curry seasoning for an extra kick.

Sushi pizza
Sergey Nazarov / iStock

8. Sushi


Believe it or not, sushi is far more common as a pizza topping in Ontario than it is in most Asian countries!

Green peas pizza
Wiktory / iStock

9. Green peas


While still unusual, green peas feel rather tame compared to squid! Or bananas, for that matter.

Canned tuna pizza
Максим Крысанов / iStock

10. Canned tuna


You’ve probably heard of fish on pizza, but how about just emptying a jar of tuna you’ve got laying around on it?

Coconut pizza
Amnarj2006 / iStock

11. Coconut

Costa Rica

Coconut is another sweeter topping common on pizza in Costa Rica. If you’re not a fan of pineapple, though, this may not be for you, either.

Grand Prix Cookie dough and shrimp pizza
Robyn Lee / Flickr

12. Cookie dough and shrimp

South Korea

Dessert pizzas are nothing new, but what about South Korea’s Grand Prix? It has shrimp and sweet potatoes as toppings, cookie dough-stuffed crust and a side of blueberry sauce.

Berlusconi (Reindeer) pizza
Hugovk / Flickr

13. Berlusconi (Reindeer)


Where else but Scandinavia are you going to get reindeer meat on your pizza?

Paneer pizza
Subodhsathe / iStock

14. Paneer (Indian cottage cheese)


For those unfamiliar with paneer, it’s a mild Indian cheese. While cheese is pretty common on pizza, you’ll have to dig pretty hard to find a pizza joint in the U.S. that offers paneer!

Horsemeat pizza
Euscene / Flickr

15. Horsemeat


Scandinavia is giving us another odd meat option, this time courtesy of Denmark. If you’re feeling adventurous, replace your pepperoni with horse meat.

Pho pizza
Hapapizzapdx / Instagram

16. Pho


Love pho? Put it on your pizza! It may sound like a weird combination, but this may be for you, especially if your favorite dishes just so happen to be pho and pizza.

Elote and chicken pizza
Rodrigobark / iStock

17. Elote and chicken


Elote, which is seasoned Mexican corn, and chicken is a favorite pizza topping in Mexico. This one just sounds delicious, especially if you already like chicken pizza.

Kimchi pizza
Lcc54613 / iStock

18. Kimchi


Kimchi is a common fermented vegetable dish found in North and South Korea. It’s typically made with napa cabbage and Korean radish and a variety of seasonings.

Loaded baked potato pizza
Daxphillips2006 / Flickr

19. Loaded baked potato


Where else but the U.S. would you find a loaded baked potato pizza?

Tarte flambée pizza
Firn / iStock

20. Tarte flambée


Want something fancier than baked potatoes? Try bacon, onion and fresh cream to make this French favorite.

Chicken tikka pizza
Fudio / iStock

21. Chicken tikka


Chicken tikka is a common kabob in Pakistan, often served with flatbread, so why not put it on your pizza instead of a skewer? Pizza’s a flatbread, right?

Linguica pizza
Yauhen_Zaluzhny / iStock

22. Linguica


Linguica is a Portguuese smoked pork sausage, making it a great, spicier alternative to beef or pepperoni.

Okra pod pizza
Chris McDaniel / Flickr

23. Okra pods


Okra is a staple in many parts of Africa and is found in numerous dishes. People put vegetables on their pizza anyway, so why not okra?

Chorizo and manchego pizza
Ozge Emir / iStock

24. Chorizo and manchego


We say sí to this Spanish take on a classic sausage and cheese pizza!

Sfiha pizza
ALLEKO / iStock

25. Sfiha


OK, so this is pretty much already a pizza. It’s a flatbread with lamb meat and various spices.

Kiwi pizza
Lekcej / iStock

26. Kiwi


Step aside, pineapple. There’s a new fruit on Sweden’s pizzas!

Ginger pizza
Andryslukowski / istock

27. Ginger


Ginger on pizza? In China pizza often is a combo of pizza classics like tomato sauce and mozzarella, but could also include things like pea pods, water chestnuts, soy sauce and, yes, ginger.

Pomegranate molasses pizza
IgorDutina / iStock

28. Pomegranate molasses


We’d be remiss to point out that yes, this is quite similar to Sfih. But lahmajun is typically made with pomegranate molasses, minced meat, onions, garlic, tomatoes, red peppers and cinnamon, among other spices.

Ketchup pizza
Nortonrsx / iStock

29. Ketchup


Zapiekanki pizza is made with ketchup, mushrooms and onions, although you can add other toppings as well.

Cabbage and beets pizza
LarisaBlinova / iStock

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