What Can You Win Matching One Number on Mega Millions?


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The odds of winning Mega Millions are 302,575,350 to one. That doesn’t stop thousands of lotto fans from joining the fun and daydreaming about the day they win the grand prize. While many are focused on winning big, there are eight other prizes, too!

But what do you win if you match one number on Mega Millions? Is there a prize in Mega Millions for one number plus the Mega Ball? What can you win in Mega Millions with 2 numbers that match? How about Mega Millions with 3 numbers? 

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Mega Millions Prizes

Here is the prize structure that shows the number of balls needed, the prize (without the Megaplier) and the odds of winning.

Grand Prize: Match all five numbers and the Mega Ball number to win the biggest Mega Millions jackpots. The odds of winning are one in 302,575,350.

Match 5: Match all five numbers to win $1 million. The odds of winning are one in 12,607,306.

Match 4 + Mega Ball: Match four numbers and the Mega Ball to win $10,000. The odds of winning are one in 931,001.

Match 4: Match four numbers to win $500. The odds of winning are one in 38,792.

Match 3 + Mega Ball: Match three numbers and the Mega Ball to win $200. The odds of winning are one in 14,547.

Match 3: Match three numbers to win $10. The odds of winning one in 606.

Match 2 + Mega Ball: Match two numbers and the Mega Ball to win $10. The odds of winning are one in 693.

Match 2: No prize.

Match 1 + Mega Ball: Match one number and the Mega Ball to win $4. The odds of winning are one in 89.

Match 1: No prize.

Match Mega Ball: Match the Mega Ball to win $2. The odds of winning one in 37.

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Matching only the Mega Ball

What happens when you match one number on Mega Millions? This one number must be the Mega Ball to win a prize.

Matching the Mega Ball wins you $2. The odds of winning matching just the Mega Ball are one in 37. If you add the Megaplier to your ticket and the prize is tripled, your $2 prize turns into $6.

So, what other prizes are possible?

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Matching one main number plus the Mega Ball

What’s the prize in Mega Millions with 1 number and the Mega Ball? A small prize is available with this two-ball combination. With a base ticket (without the Megaplier applied), the one number and Mega Ball payout is $4. The overall odds of winning this prize are one in 89. Matching more numbers means a higher possibility of winning a small prize.

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Matching two or more main numbers

From matching one number on Mega Millions plus the Mega Ball, the prize levels increase with each additional number matched. There is no prize for matching two white balls, but starting with two white balls and the Mega Ball, every combination is a winner. 

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How Mega Millions works

Want to know how to play Mega Millions? Mega Millions is a lottery draw game that occurs twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Players choose six numbers from a group of 70 and one Mega Ball number from a group of 25. Players can choose their numbers or use the Quick Pick option to let the computer randomly select them. There are some additional features that you can play to make the game more exciting.

An option called Just the Jackpot option in participating states allows you two chances at the grand prize for only $3. All other prizes are not available with a Just the Jackpot ticket. Visit the Mega Millions Where to Play link for more information on whether your state participates in Just the Jackpot. To add to the thrill, you can add the Megaplier to your ticket for an additional $1 to multiply non-jackpot prizes.

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What do I need to know if I win a large Mega Millions prize?

If you win, we first recommend consulting a tax attorney or certified public accountant to help you know how best to claim your prize (lump sum versus annuity) to give you the best tax advantage. They can also help you decide how to manage your winnings to make them last long term.

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Can you play Mega Millions online?

Yes! Many states offer the ability to order your Mega Millions tickets online with a digital lottery courier such as Jackpocket. When you try your luck with Jackpocket, you can choose your own numbers or go random  with the Quick Pick feature. See our list of recent lottery winners to learn about people who have won using Jackpocket.

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What strategies can I use for Mega Millions?

People use many tips and tricks to play Mega Millions and other lottery games. From special dates to using your horoscope for lucky numbers, there are dozens of ways people choose to play. Whether you win all comes down to chance, however, as each number has an equal chance of being drawn.

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