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Are you looking for something to do now that COVID-19 restrictions are lifting? How about something mysterious and spooky?

A myriad of ghost tours across the U.S. are opening up now and already filling up for the fall. No matter if you’re looking to book a ghost tour for next week or in time for Halloween, now is a great time to check out some of America’s most haunted ghost tours. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular tours around the country for you to check out before they book up.

Nightly Spirits ghost tour

1. Nightly Spirits: Multiple cities

Address: Various, see the website 

This tour offers a ton of locations and experiences for you to choose from. Not only do they offer more traditional ghost tours, but they also have haunted food tours and pub crawls, too. Their list of city options is pretty impressive, too: Alexandria, Austin, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Nashville, New Orleans, San Antonio, Savannah, Seattle, St. Augustine, Tampa, Temecula or Washington DC.

Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours

2. Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours: San Antonio, Texas

Address: 204 Alamo Plaza Suite #T, San Antonio, Texas

Take a bus tour of Old San Antonio to see the best local haunts … literally! You’ll see “the most haunted hotel in Texas,” the Menger Hotel; one of the first hospitals (and the ghosts that haunt it) in the city; Bexar County Jail; and the San Fernando Cathedral, where visitors say they’ve seen faces mysteriously appear and disappear.

Haunted Asheville ghost tour

3. Haunted Asheville: Asheville, North Carolina

Address: 80 Broadway St., Asheville, North Carolina

There are plenty of haunted sites around Asheville, including Grove Park Inn’s “Pink Lady” legend, suicide victims’ ghosts at Helen’s Bridge, a murdered young woman at the Bartty Park Hotel, the victims of the city’s largest killing spree and more.

Mysteries of Hawaii ghost tours

4. Mysteries of Hawaii: Oahu, Hawaii

Address: Various locations around Honolulu

Want to learn more about Oahu’s haunted past? Mysteries of Hawaii offers a variety of lectures as well as private and public tours about the “mysteries” of Hawaii. Their current tour offerings include Urban Legends & Ghost, Waikiki Night Marchers Ghost and Ghosts of Old Honolulu.

Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tours

5. Secrets of St. Augustine Ghost Tours: Saint Augustine, Florida

Address: 9 St. George St., St. Augustine, Florida

Learn about the tall tales and legends of St. Augustine with this tour, which has been running for over 20 years. The tour guide will talk you through the city’s “five centuries of trauma and tragedy,” according to its website.

Bar Harbor Ghost Tours

6. Bar Harbor Ghost Tours: Bar Harbor, Maine

Address: 26 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor, Maine

Walk your way through the spooky streets of Bar Harbor. Through the cover of night, you’ll see the city at its creepiest and visit an array of haunted places. However, note that popular haunt 1932 Criterion Theatre is closed to the public in 2021 due to the pandemic.

Black Cat Tours

7. Black Cat Tours: Salem, Massachusetts

Address: 185 Essex St., Salem, Massachuesetts

What could be creepier than visiting the historic Salem at night? If the nighttime is too scary for you, they also offer them in the daytime, too! For those who dare take the night tour, though, you’ll visit Salem’s haunted graveyards, historic sites and more.

New Braunfels Ghost Tours
New Braunfels Ghost Tours / Facebook

8. New Braunfels Ghost Tours: New Braunfels, Texas

Address: 129 South Seguin St., New Braunfels, Texas

Looking to explore a haunted small town? New Braunfels, near San Diego, may be the trip for you! You’ll see the town’s spooky side during this nighttime walking tour of various haunted locations as the tour guide tells you about the town’s history. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a ghost!

Boroughs of the Dead ghost tours
Boroughs of the Dead / Instagram

9. Boroughs of the Dead: New York City

Address: Various locations around New York City

This popular tour will be back just in time for Halloween; however, tickets are already going fast! You can choose from a variety of tours, including one of the haunted Greenwich Village, West Village Ghosts, The Forgotten Dark Histories of Lower Manhattan and Island of Lost Souls: A History of Madness and Medicine on Roosevelt Island.

DC by Foot’s Ghosts of Georgetown

10. DC by Foot’s Ghosts of Georgetown: Washington, D.C.

Address: 1056 30th St. NW, Washington, D.C.

DC by Foot offers a variety of tours, but their Ghosts of Georgetown is definitely a crowd pleaser for paranormal enthusiasts. You’ll get a glimpse of an old house with unidentified noises, a slew of lost souls from the city’s storied past and more.

Haunted History Ghost Tours
Haunted History Ghost Tours / Instagram

11. Haunted History Ghost Tours: New Orleans

Address: 723 St. Peter, New Orleans

Haunted History Ghost Tours is a great option for those who may be interested in doing multiple ghost tours. Choose from the French Quarter Ghosts & Legends, New Orleans Cemetery, New Orleans Cemetery History, 5-in-1 New Orleans Ghost & Mystery, and the Garden District History Tour. With a city as famous (and infamous) as New Orleans, there are definitely a myriad of options for any ghost enthusiast’s tastes!

Ghost Walk Of Gatlinburg
Ghost Walk Of Gatlinburg / Facebook

12. Ghost Walk Of Gatlinburg: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Address: 520 Parkway, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Few places are as haunted as battlefields. So if you’re a history buff looking for a thrill, The Ghost Walk of Gatlinburg may be for you! You’ll find out about the city’s haunted downtown building, a famous hotel murder (you’ll have to visit to find out more!) and a young wouman who died by suicide who now lures others to do the same.

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

13. Gettysburg Ghost Tours: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Address: 47 Steinwehr Ave., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This candlelight walking tour is great for the whole family, according to its website. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of haunted locations,including East Cemetery Hill, haunted field hospitals and more. You can also join a craft beer and spirits tour or sign up for a ghost hunt.

Haunted Haight Ghost Tour
Haunted Haight / Facebook

14. Haunted Haight Walking Tour: San Francisco

Address: 1206 Masonic Ave., San Francisco

Haunted Haight boasts on their site that they’re the only San Francisco haunted tour run by an actual paranormal investigator. You’ll tour the haunted Haight-Ashbury district, including over 150 Victorian homes with storied histories. The tour guide will teach you how to view the district’s tragic events and ghostly happenings through the eyes of a working paranormal investigator.

Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours

15. Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tours: Denver

Address: 1701 Wynkoop St., Denver

This historic walking tour of lower downtown Denver was created with the help of psychics, mediums, paranormal investigators and other otherworldly experts. That means you’ll see and hear some lesser-known stories about the streets of Denver. You can tour the Ghosts of Capitol Hill, The Ghosts of Cheesman Park or the Seamy Side of Denver.



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