15 quick & easy high-protein breakfasts

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Protein in the morning is a great way to stay full until lunchtime. These healthy breakfast ideas are packed with protein and lots of flavor.

Black bean scramble
The Gracious Pantry

1. Black bean scramble

This wonderful high-protein egg scramble offers a dose of healthy fiber and Mexican flare.

The Gracious Pantry

2. Garlic, mushroom & spinach frittata

This wonderful frittata recipe is filled with healthy, nutritious ingredients that will fuel you to lunchtime.

Breakfast sandwich
The Gracious Pantry

3. Breakfast pita sandwich

This one is protein-packed and portable! Pack the filling into a whole-grain pita for extra nutrition.

Turkey scramble
The Gracious Pantry

4. Ground turkey breakfast scramble

Yes, ground turkey makes a great breakfast! Here’s how to throw it all together quickly and easily for a delicious, protein-packed breakfast.

Red pepper scramble
The Gracious Pantry

5. Red pepper egg scramble

Red peppers bring tons of flavor to a scramble, plus they are super good for you!

Waffle iron omelet
The Gracious Pantry

6. Waffle iron omelets

Yes, you can make a totally portable omelet on a waffle maker! Here’s how!

Italian breakfast scramble
The Gracious Pantry

7. Italian breakfast scramble

Have spaghetti sauce or tomato sauce in the fridge? Scramble up something a little Italian-ish for breakfast!

Asparagus cheddar omelet
The Gracious Pantry

8. Asparagus cheddar omelet

Cheddar and asparagus is a great combo when you mix them with scrambled eggs. Give it a try!

Spaghetti eggs
The Gracious Pantry

9. Spaghetti eggs

It might sound odd, but this recipe is way better than putting ketchup on eggs!

Breakfast tart
The Gracious Pantry

10. Vegetable breakfast tart

This wonderful breakfast can be made for you alone, but it’s also fancy enough to serve to guests!

Mini egg muffins
The Gracious Pantry

11. Mini egg muffins

If you need breakfast to travel with you, this recipe is the way to do it!

Basic frittata
The Gracious Pantry

12. Basic frittata

This wonderful recipe gives you lots of tips for making a frittata you will love!

Southwestern crustless quiche
The Gracious Pantry

13. Southwestern crustless quiche

Love quiche but not the calories that come with a crust? Give this one a try!

One-egg omelet
The Gracious Pantry

14. One-egg omelet

Not only is this delicious recipe full of protein, it’s budget conscious, too!

Egg-white omelet
The Gracious Pantry
Grilled zucchini
The Gracious Pantry

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