22 epic (but totally doable) things to try in 2022

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So 2021 was pretty rough, huh? The pandemic stayed strong and carried on as many of us went about our daily lives, albeit mostly at home, with our pants and other publicly necessary clothing haunting that deep, dark corner of our closets that we avoided like the plague (What, too soon for pandemic jokes?).
For a lot of people, the new year is a time to throw out the bad habits that made us accidentally create a portal to another dimension via piles of dirty laundry in our closet and instead break out the sage and buy new clothes that actually fit our “pandemic” figures. But for those of us tired of pretending to do things like “learn a new language” or “Marie Kondo that deep, dark closet corner,” we’ve put together a list of 22 actually epic, doable things to try out in 2022. (And please, we beg, don’t buy a magic kit or a puppet unless your New Year’s resolution is to lose all your friends…).
Doga yoga with dogs
Jomkwan/ iStock

1. Doga

Dogs and yoga? Uh, yes! Doga is apparently yoga that you can “do” with your favorite four-legged pal. Just know that not all dogs will be willing to participate in poses outside of downward dog. (And if you’re more of a farm boy, gal or nonbinary pal, you could always try goat yoga!)

BluIz60 / iStock

2. Zorbing

No, it’s not actually called the human hamster ball! Zorbing involves rolling around in a padded clear ball. You can safely roll down a hill, into other zorbers or even just take a leisurely “zorb” around the neighborhood.

Man bed sleeping
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3. Competitive sleeping

Did you know that you can register for the World Sleep Championships? If you’re a serious snoozer, this could be a great way to spend your 2022! Registration is still open for the next championship.

Extreme ironing
Theredrocket / Wiki Commons

4. Extreme ironing

If you hate wrinkles and love outdoorsy stuff, this may be a really great option for you. Extreme ironing just means that you pack up your good ole iron and board and get at those wrinkles in weird, remote locations, like while water skiing or atop a rock formation you just climbed. Just make sure that iron is cordless…

Various cocktails
MarianVejcik/ istockphoto

5. Cocktails & bartending

You don’t have to be a bartender to make a wicked good drink. Being able to mix up a nice cocktail is always a nifty party trick to have in your back pocket. If you’re looking to impress your friends at your next party, learning some bartending basics could be a fun (and socially responsible) way to drink your way through 2022. And if you want to make it even more social, host some cocktail parties to either learn the art of drink-making with friends or to help teach friends how to make their own cocktails!

Tai Chi
MarkgrafAve / iStock

6. Tai Chi or meditation

Looking to leave your troubles behind in 2021? Tai Chi or meditation may be good ways to do so. Tai chi could be a better option if you find yourself having a hard time sitting still, as it’s often dubbed “meditation in motion.” But either one could help you focus up and calm down in 2022.

Miljan Živković / iStock

7. Learn self-defense through Jiu-Jitsu

Meditation not your thing? If you’d rather grab your troubles by the collar and pummel them to the ground, Jiu-Jitsu may be a better fit. Unlike karate, which is about striking, Jiu-Jitsu is a form of self-defense martial arts that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. So if you’re looking for some exercise and self-defense techniques, you can straight armbar your way into 2022!

Sticky notes on face
SIphotography/ iStock

8. Try to break a world record

If you want to pass the time on your next coffee break, grab a stack of sticky notes and see how many you can stick on your face in 30 seconds. You’ll need to get over 38 of those bad boys on your face to beat the current champion. Got a bored buddy? Grab some oranges and get to work trying to beat the current fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded team(17.15 seconds!).

Italian cooking class
Castello di Vicarello

9. Eat your way through a cookbook

We may have gotten some inspiration from the 2009 movie “Julie & Julia” for this. Grab a cookbook of your choosing and commit to making (and most importantly, eating!) every recipe in it. Not every recipe is destined to be a winner, but you may walk away with a new favorite dish. And if you’re not much of a cook, you could just try to eat your way through an entire menu from a local restaurant!

leaf / istockphoto

10. Geocaching

Have you (like me) heard the term “geocaching” before but never cared enough to look up what that actually was? According to the great wide interweb, geocaching is a type of giant, GPS-driven hide-and-seek or treasure hunt. Users post coordinates and clues online to help other geocachers find hidden treasures, like coins, books, toys and other usually small and not terribly valuable knick knacks. But if you were a fan of “National Treasures,” this could be pretty fun.

Tattoo kit
Amilciar Gualdron / iStock

11. Tattooing

Let’s be clear before jumping into this one: Maybe don’t buy a tattooing kit and get to work tattooing all your friends right away, OK? Not practicing first could result, at best, in an ugly tattoo and at worst, end up injuring someone. But if you’re interested in learning how to tattoo, there are some stick-and-poke tattoos you can buy online, as well as other more professional (and modern!) ones. No matter what type of kit you get, consider getting some fake skin, a hand or even a guinea pig to practice on before moving to human subjects, including yourself! Even if you never move on to actual human flesh, you’ll sure get some attention posting photos of your fake hand all tatted up on your social media!

Wood carving and whittling
Mehtap Orgun / iStock

12. Woodworking & whittling

Generally, woodworking refers to making larger stuff like chairs or tables, and whittling refers to making little sculptures and whatnot that are much smaller. No matter which one interests you, good, trusty Amazon has loads of stuff to help you out, ranging from instruction books and tools to full kits! The best part? If you make anything halfway decent, you could have some unique gifts for friends and family (or for enemies, if you aren’t too great…).

Sip & paint
nata_zhekova / iStock

13. Sip & paint

Sip & paint classes (where you drink while painting) were popular pre-pandemic classes at many local arts and crafts stores. In the pandemic era, many people are turning to digital forms of these parties, such as Zoom parties or even just throwing on YouTube tutorials that you and friends follow along to at-home (think Bob Ross). No matter if you want to do this solo or with a group, you can find a ton of supplies online for pretty cheap. Amazon even has sip & paint kits for both small and larger groups. You can also check with your local arts stores to see if they’re offering sip & paint classes that are instructor-led.

Sommelier tasting wine

14. Wine tasting & aromatics

Looking to channel your inner sommelier? You can go at it solo or find some friends to learn more about wine and aromatics. You can get started with something like this wine tasting game for a casual night with friends or this fancy, very official-looking aroma kit, complete with bottled samples of common wine aromatics and informational sheets. The best part? You can also pick up some tutorials on YouTube about which foods best pair with your wines to host epic fancy grown-up parties with your friends.

Leonidas Santana / iStock

15. Homebrewing

If wine isn’t your thing, you may want to try to brew your own kombucha or beer. With home fermentation, you can get as involved in the process as you want to be, ranging from just buying a simple kit or taking the time to learn more about the fermentation process and how it works.

Dragon boat racing
su_pei / iStock

16. Dragon boat racing

You may have heard of rowing, but how about dragon boat racing? This Eastern water sport involves a team of 10 paddlers who work together to be the first boat to the finish line. The sport has grown in popularity in America over the last few years, and many major cities are now offering dragon boat racing clubs.

Duck herding
gynane / iStock

17. Competitive duck herding

Whether you’re looking for something to do with your trusty four-legged friend or some team building exercises, competitive duck herding could be your 2022 calling. Your team’s goal is to be the first to herd all your ducks through an obstacle course.

Ghost hunting
Vladimir Zapletin / iStock

18. Ghost hunting

There has to be at least one haunted building or graveyard in your neighborhood, right? Gear up and ghost up either solo or with some friends to find out what the ghosts in your town have to say. If you find anything spooky, you may even be able to make some money off your experiences by writing a blog or uploading your filmed experience to YouTube!

3D printing pen
Artem Zakharov / iStock

19. 3D printing

3D printing involves using special resin to “draw” 3D designs and inventions. You can even buy a 3D printing pen kit on Amazon for under $40! Make up your own clever 3D-printed knick knacks and drawings that you can enjoy yourself or sell online!

Aromatherapy essential oils
marrakeshh / iStock

20. Essential oil pairings & blending

Trying to keep calm and zen on in 2022? You can learn how to make your own calming essential oil blends using some relatively inexpensive kits on Amazon. If you get pretty good at it, you can even give them out as gifts for birthdays and special occasions (or, of course, sell them!).

Flower arrangements
zozzzzo / iStock

21. Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements cost a fortune, so what if you could learn how to make them yourself? Whether you’re just a fan of having fresh flowers in the home or if you want to make your own unique arrangements for parties and weddings, this is one “to-try” item that could save you some serious cash on one-of-a-kind flower arrangements.  And if you have friends who are getting married, graduating or throwing some other celebration this year, your gift to them could be doing the flower arrangements for the special day!

Foraging for mushrooms
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