5 sheet pan chicken dinners you can prep in minutes

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I’ve been working on a lot of sheet pan dinner recipes lately. I love them! You can prep them in minutes, cleanup is minimal with just a sheet pan to wash, and they are so filling and yummy! You can easily cut the recipes in half for just one or two servings or multiply them many times over to feed more people. Any way you look at it, recipes like these are the “fast food” of clean eating!

When I started down this road, I knew I wanted to focus on chicken breasts because, as clean eaters, we do eat a lot of chicken breasts. That’s just a fact. It’s good, lean protein and it’s versatile. But I also know how boring chicken can get. So that became my focus because chicken should never be boring, and these five clean-eating chicken sheet pan dinners prove it!

I also focused on using all frozen ingredients (with added spices) so that food prep would be a breeze. I hear all the time how food prep can be a huge hangup for many of you, and I wanted to take the stigma out of it. Food prep does not have to be complicated or take up hours of your weekend!

Just check your spice cabinet before you go grocery shopping, and then simply purchase the main ingredients from the freezer aisle. So easy!

Sheet Pan Chicken And Cauliflower2 / 6

1. Sheet Pan Chicken And Cauliflower

Try this sheet pan chicken and cauliflower recipe for dinner tonight, or simply stock up your freezer with it for a fast and easy busy weeknight meal.

Chicken And Sweet Potatoes3 / 6

2. Chicken And Sweet Potatoes

This chicken and sweet potatoes sheet pan dinner recipe could be the answer to, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Chicken And Peppers4 / 6

3. Chicken And Peppers

This chicken and peppers sheet pan dinner will be ready for your freezer in under five minutes using already frozen ingredients!

Sheet Pan Mexican Chicken5 / 6

4. Sheet Pan Mexican Chicken

This delicious sheet pan Mexican chicken dinner is perfect for a busy weeknight!

Chicken and cinnamon carrots6 / 6

5. Cinnamon Carrots And Chicken

This cinnamon carrots and chicken sheet pan dinner is a simple and easy way to get a healthy dinner on the table!

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