5 ways to turn your smart speaker into a travel agent


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Did you know that you can use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to book your next vacation without lifting a finger?

GearBrain found ways to use Amazon EchoGoogle Home and other smart speakers to set up an entire getaway.

Smart speakers may not yet have the same breadth of information as a website or an old-fashioned brochure, but they’re hard to beat when it comes to looking up booking information. Here are 5 of our favorites:

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1. Google Assistant

Asking your Google smart speaker about flights is one of the best uses we’ve found for any digital assistant.

You can ask Google Assistant specific questions about destinations and airlines. It then asks you questions to fill in the gaps. Google Assistant can also let you know about price changes, delays and cancellations.

Google Assistant can find hotels and local activities upon request. You can also ask for the “best” hotel in a certain area, but the assistant can do no more than provide an address.

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2. Kayak

Alexa has a number of skills that can help you with your next vacation, including Kayak.

Once you’ve enabled Kayak, you can ask Alexa about hotel options and book whichever accommodations you prefer. The skill can also be used to search flights by cabin class and to set up price alerts.

Some of Kayak’s services are also available through the Google Assistant, though you have to ask the Assistant to speak to Kayak for you. Hopefully, the release of Google smart display devices will help make this process less convoluted.

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3. Skyscanner for Amazon Alexa

If all you need is the cheapest flight from one airport to another, Alexa’s Skyscanner skill is for you. Simply tell it your travel dates and preferred airports, and it will generate the cheapest flight it can find.

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4. Expedia for Amazon Alexa

Like Kayak, Expedia lets you ask Alexa about flight details, as well as search for hotels. If you use your Expedia account via the Alexa app, though, you can also ask about upcoming trips, check for flight delays and even find a rental car. You can also ask Alexa for an update on your Expedia+ loyalty points and receive packing recommendations.

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5. Google Duplex

Although Duplex isn’t available yet, it’s clear that Google is pioneering the next generation of voice assistant. As demonstrated at the company’s I/O event in May, Duplex sounds uncannily like a human. Google claims that individuals who tested Duplex were unaware that they were talking to a computer.

Duplex can book everything from hair appointments to restaurant reservations, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it add hotels and flights to that repertoire down the road.

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