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More and more people are adopting a work-from-home lifestyle to suit the needs of their business. Some places have employees work from the comfort of their homes every day of the week, some may have partial days in the office, and others may have one or two designated weekdays where workers come in to socialize and check in with management. It all depends on the type of work environment you wish to cultivate and how well a work-from-home lifestyle fits into the workplace. 

It’s no secret that working from home typically leads to improved performance on the job and an increase in satisfaction among employees. By saving time on the commute and allowing workers to be more independent when getting tasks done, employees get to experience less stress with an improved work-life balance and they end up with more time to dedicate to important work-related responsibilities. Plus, companies get to save money with reduced business expenses like utilities, rent, and maintenance costs. It’s really a win-win situation for workers and employers alike. 

If your company is one of many that has adopted a full or partial work-from-home model for your workers, you have likely already started to see the many benefits that it has generated for the business and its employees. From the flexibility to improved worker productivity, there is a lot to appreciate about working from home. However, a work-from-home model can also make it a little more difficult to stay connected with employees, which is why it’s particularly important to be an attentive and mindful boss. This can be done in various ways, which can include regularly recognizing and rewarding employees for a job well done. Small gifts are a fantastic way to incentivize workers and will do a lot to make them feel appreciated for all that they do. 

A gift card is probably one of the best things you can surprise your employees with to thank them for consistently going above and beyond. Gift cards are easy to give, convenient to use, and allow your workers to spend their funds on the things they really want without judgment. They are all-around a great way to make any employee feel valued and respected for the hard work and effort they put in while on the clock. 

Let’s check out some digital gift card ideas for your work-from-home employees, including:

  • Gift cards for electronics and tech
  • Gift cards for snacks and meals
  • Gift cards for office supplies 

1. Visa

A reliable gift idea that is guaranteed to never disappoint 

Buy a Visa gift card here

Not sure what kind of gift card would be right for your employees? That’s okay, because there are always reliable options to fall back on when you just don’t know enough about their interests and hobbies to make an informed decision. A Visa gift card is perhaps one of the best gift ideas around for just about anyone. 

With a Visa gift card, your recipient can shop at the stores they love and buy exactly what they want without worry. Funds can be used for trendy new fashion items, sporting gear, music, movies, decorations for the home, and anything else you happen to stumble across while out shopping. You can personalize your gift giving experience and make it special for your employees by choosing creative wrapper designs and typing out custom messages. It’ll be a gift they won’t be able to forget!

2. Office Depot

Help them set up the ideal office space with this retailer

Get an Office Depot gift card with this link

An Office Depot gift card is an excellent choice when considering what to give to your employees. As an office supply store chain, Office Depot offers a variety of items to help you get work done such as organizational tools, writing utensils, printer ink, document scanners, video equipment, and furniture options like desks and cabinets. Office Depot also provides convenient services like printing, tech support, and computer repairs. 

You can make any employee’s life a little easier with the products and services available at Office Depot stores. Employees can use an Office Depot gift card to make purchases for both professional and personal use – how they decide to use it is up to them. 

3. Best Buy

Your workers need good tech to be on their A game

Purchase a Best Buy gift card here

Employees who work from home have to be able to depend on the technology they have in order to adequately perform their duties. An outdated computer that takes five minutes to load a web page is unreliable and makes it nearly impossible to get work done. A gift card for Best Buy is a great way to ensure your employees have access to modern, high quality electronics for both work and leisure. 

There are so many ways to get your hands on innovative tech nowadays, but Best Buy remains as one of the best retailers to shop at for a curated electronics experience. Whether you’re in need of a new hard drive to expand storage on your PC, you want to simplify your home life with convenient appliances, or you need help with repairing the screen on your cell phone, Best Buy has got you covered. Computer accessories, software, cameras, sound bars, streaming devices, smartwatches, and so much more are all available at your local Best Buy. 

4. DoorDash

Hot meals from the tastiest dining spots in town

Get a DoorDash gift card

Working from home has many benefits for employees, and one of them happens to be concerning food. Being at an office can limit your choice of what to have for lunch quite a bit, but being at home means you have more control than ever. You can easily get your favorite food delivered to your front door right in time for your meal break too with DoorDash. 

A DoorDash gift card is a nice way to provide a meal or two to employees who have been performing well on the job. If the quality of the work is commendable to you, a paid-for lunch wouldn’t be undeserving. Your workers can enjoy a delicious meal from a local restaurant and they won’t even need to walk outside. It’s extremely convenient for busy folks with little time to cook for themselves. 

5. Shari’s Berries

Decadent chocolate dipped strawberries for lovers of sweet things

Buy a Shari’s Berries gift card

Who doesn’t enjoy snacking on sweet treats every so often? You can surprise your employees with delicious goodies supplied by Shari’s Berries for some gourmet gift giving. Let them satisfy their sugar cravings and pick out the exact treats they want with a gift card for Shari’s Berries, which they can use to order from at any time. 

Sweets are one of the most universally loved things around, which makes them a pretty safe bet when it comes to picking out suitable gifts. The chocolate covered strawberries available at Sheri’s Berries are perfectly creamy and rich; try their dark chocolate and white chocolate varieties, berries dipped in chocolate chips and nuts, and fresh fruit arrangements. 

6. Google Play

A gift that is best suited for a digital lifestyle 

Click for a Google Play gift card

You do a lot of things with your cell phone, from attending to business to personal matters. Many modern workers use apps for entertainment, which are generally free to download but include in-app purchases that can elevate your experience. Help your employees make their leisure time even more enjoyable by enhancing their experience with their favorite apps when you give a Google Play gift card. 

From in-game powerups that allow you to progress faster to digital media like books and music, a Google Play gift card can be used for all sorts of entertainment. Accessing popular content on your cell phone is something practically everybody does, and a Google Play gift card brings you one step closer to all the things that bring you joy. Beat your high scores, read the latest gossip in magazines, and stream episodes of your favorite TV shows all in the palm of your hand. 

7. Yankee Candle

The best destination to get irresistible fragrances 

Buy a Yankee Candle gift card

You can never go wrong with a candle. It’s a great gift that is appropriate for professional relationships, including between managers and their employees. Consider if a gift card for Yankee Candle would be right for your workers who enjoy pleasant aromas and cozy spaces. 

There are tons of candle scents available at your local Yankee Candle at this very moment, and they always offer tempting seasonal fragrances that make you appreciate the little things. Browse all the candle varieties you want along with car air fresheners, wax melts, candle holders, and many more accessories to optimize your comfort levels. 

8. Staples

Watch them work better on the job with reliable office supplies

Get a Staples gift card here

You can never be too prepared for work. Whether your employees operate independently or as a team, everyone needs to have quality supplies that will help them complete their tasks in timely and satisfactory manners. Ensure your workers have all they could ever need for the job and more when you gift them a Staples gift card. 

Staples is every desk worker’s dream store since it carries pretty much all types of office-related paraphernalia. All businesses, big and small, can benefit from the products available at Staples and stay inspired with what they do. Shop for computers, printer ink, office supplies like academic planners and writing utensils, paper, furniture, electronics, accessories, and tons of cleaning supplies to keep your space looking pristine and professional.

Even though there’s some distance between yourself and the workers you supervise, it’s still important to set an example as a good and compassionate leader. When you notice hard work and effort put forth by your employees, take the time to recognize and, when appropriate, reward them. Employees who work from home don’t need huge gestures to feel appreciated while on the job, but little things like gift cards are always a thoughtful way to show that you care and are grateful for what they do.

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Check out the Welly First Aid Kit to see if it’s the right kind of gift for you. 


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Quirky individuals deserve gifts that are every bit as eccentric as they are. That’s why jewelry designed by Susan Alexandra is an excellent choice when shopping for anyone who isn’t afraid to flaunt their style and stand out from the crowd. These shrimp cocktail-themed earrings are great for a dinner party or when enjoying a night out on the town with friends. This piece features Czech glass beads with brass ear wire artistically shaped into a charming crustacean and lemon combo. All jewelry is handmade and takes about two to three weeks to ship once ordered, so give yourself ample time for this gorgeous gift to arrive. 

Check out the Shrimp Cocktail Earrings from Susan Alexandra. 

Susan Alexandra

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Misette Floral Salad Plates are a great way to introduce your appetizer or pre-meal garden salad to your dinner guests. 


More and more folks are lovingly embracing their darker sides when it comes to curating their ideal household aesthetic. For your witchy friends who aren’t afraid to show off their gothic style, a cute coffee mug that reflects the stars in the night sky is the perfect addition to any fine china cabinet. This novelty porcelain coffee mug (or tea cup) would fit nicely into the hands of any guy or gal who prefers the darker things in life. As you sip your delicious brew, a beautiful constellation in a sea of black will slowly be revealed to you. It’s a great way to start your morning or finish off your night. 

The Rogue + Wolf Midnight Coffee Mug is waiting to make itself a home in your friend’s kitchen. 


Some jewelry looks good enough to eat, and when it smells like a batch of freshly cooked pancakes? Well, you may have to physically restrain yourself from putting it in your mouth. This aromatic pancake necklace will have people craving a syrup-coated breakfast with one good whiff. People won’t be able to stop showering you with compliments and other kind words when you add this stylish, butter-topped pancake charm to any outfit you wear. It’s a fantastic addition to breakfast or brunch dates, and it isn’t too over the top like some gaudy jewelry. Even wearing this scented pancake necklace around the house on lazy days will make life that much more sweet. 

The Scented Pancake Necklace by Tiny Hands is made to order and first come, first serve. Don’t miss out on scoring this tempting piece!

Tiny Hands

If you need to buy a gift for someone who likes to write or document their daily lives, then a journal is always a good choice. But don’t settle for a run-of-the-mill, boring journal you can find in just about any store – get them a journal that is reminiscent of the constellations above with this sun and moon wellness journal. A wellness journal is a fantastic tool you can use to adopt healthy habits and behaviors, and it gives you the space you need to be alone with your thoughts and away from the chaos of everyday life. Wellness journals from Papier can be personalized for each order, which makes every journal unique and specific to the user. It’s a thoughtful gift that looks stunning and has the potential to make a positive impact in people’s lives. 

You can check out the Sun & Moon Wellness Journal to see if it’s something you would be interested in. 


Buy an Apollo Box gift card

Even if you know what kind of things your friend is interested in, it can be hard to settle on one particular item. You never know if your gift will miss the mark and end up in the back of a closet somewhere, forgotten about for the foreseeable future. Avoid running into any issues with your choice of gift when you go with a gift card for Apollo Box. 

Apollo Box is a unique marketplace filled with one-of-a-kind products that are certain to fit right in with your quirky friends. Vendors from around the world design and sell a vast array of creative merchandise through Apollo Box. You can shop for furniture, home decor, candles, dinnerware, art, toys, office products, gadgets, apparel, footwear, and tons of other exclusive items that are impossible to find in major retailers. Apollo Box also has themed collections throughout the year for different seasons and holidays, including spring, autumn, Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. An Apollo Box gift card is a fitting choice for eccentric individuals who prefer to do the shopping for themselves, leaving you in the clear every time. 

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