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55 iconic products that are still made right here in the USA

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It’s a common misconception that little, if anything, is made in America anymore.  While a lot of manufacturing has certainly been moved to other countries in …


55 of the most popular products made in America

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It’s a common misconception that few if any products are made in America anymore. While manufacturing has certainly been moved to other countries in recent decades, …


The 13 most iconic movie cars of all time

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Movies are often cherished as much for their sweet rides as any thrilling plots or romantic speeches. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for certain vehicles to be …

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10 tips for falling asleep fast

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Few workweek roadblocks are more frustrating than trying (and failing) to catch enough sleep ahead of a busy day. Throw smartphone screens, workplace stress and old-fashioned …

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The top 50 fast food chains in America

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Whether it’s fries or frappuccinos, there’s no shortage of fast food available for Americans to choose from. In fact, there are more than 200,000 fast food …


Have you even heard of the 50 richest people on the planet?

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As proposals to increase U.S. taxes on the ultra-wealthy became a hot topic among billionaires gathered at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, an annual …


10 travel tips that can make holiday flying easier

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No phrase can conjure feelings of dread quite like “holiday travel,” but millions of Americans brave overcrowded terminals, endless lines and more to see their loved …


7 spooky video games to try this Halloween

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Video games can be much scarier than even the most suspenseful horror movies. Their interactivity means that players must run from monsters and bad guys instead …

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Awesome themed restaurants in every state

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Dining out has as much to do with atmosphere as food, which is why many restaurants strive to present settings more exciting than a table with …

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The best young chef in every state

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Knowing who’s who in the culinary scene can make a big difference when planning a trip or looking for a new favorite restaurant. Watching new chefs …