Kristen Bell has an important PSA for LEGO fans


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So, here’s a useful bit of information, and it comes from Kristen Bell so you know it’s solid. Would Kristen Bell steer us wrong?

No. She just never would. She is a good person who only wants to help…and build snowmen.

Check it:

You know all those free-range Legos roaming about your house? The ones that you can’t really prove ever belonged to a set and that you are pretty sure were actually the love children of two (or more, I don’t claim to be an expert on the LEGO reproduction system, so zip it.) LEGO pieces you did actually buy?

Yep. Those. All of those…

Piling up in corners like the detritus from a child-themed natural disaster, taking out your bare feet anytime you let your guard down for a second…LEGO pieces are hard on adults and they will take over. It is only a matter of time until we lose everything.

But Kristen Bell has our backs and she proves it in this video posted to her Instagram account.

Yep, LEGO will send you a postage paid label and you can just toss all those pieces that grew up feral into a box, slap that label on and send that chaos right back to its source.

So what does LEGO do with them? The company’s Replay initiative repackages them and, through charity partnerships, gives them to kids in need who want them and that is freakin’ awesome.

Every child in the world (and their adults) should know the pain of stepping on a LEGO in the middle of the night, and now, thanks to Kristen Bell, they will.

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