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Gifts for ‘Stranger Things’ fans

Even the holiday season can get spooky if you’re trying to find gifts for a “Stranger Things” fan.

There’s no wrong time of the year to try to unearth the mysteries of Hawkins, Indiana, alongside Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Eleven. Whether it’s a close friend or a member of your family, if you know a “Stranger Things” fanatic, you can make their holiday season by surprising them with one of these creative gifts that celebrate their favorite show. Hang on, it’s about to get weird.

Stranger things T-shirt

Loveofvictory / Etsy

1. ‘Stranger Things’ T-shirt

Price: $9.99+

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Fans of all ages can show off their love of the show with this versatile T-shirt that comes in a host of sizes, cuts and colors. It depicts four of our famous, lovable kids riding their bikes through Hawkins. However, beneath them lurks the Gorgon chasing after Will in the Upside Down. The clever design embodies the aesthetic and themes of the show without even using a single word to do so.

The best part is that you can get this t-shirt for just about anyone on your holiday gift list. It comes in a truly impressive array of styles and sizes. You can get a women’s style T-shirt or unisex T-shirt in small to 2XL. You can even opt for the classic V-neck. For youth, there’s a small to XL. And there are even onesie options for the tiniest “Stranger Things” fans. The onesies come in sizes ranging from three to 24 months. There’s really no excuse not to grab this T-shirt for someone you care about. There’s also a fun selection of colors, including dark gray, light gray, black, white, mauve, navy, maroon, red, turquoise, green, leaf green, pink and sunset.

Stranger Things 50-Piece Sticker Pack4 / 23

CoolTVProps / Etsy

2. 50-Piece Sticker Pack

Price: $15

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This is the ultimate “Stranger Things” sticker pack. Your loved one will get 50 stickers celebrating everything they love about the series. And they’re all waterproof PVC with an additional water-repellent layer to help keep them from fading over time. You can slap them on a laptop, luggage, a skateboard, a travel case or, in keeping with the show, even a bicycle. Thanks to the sheer quantity and variety of the stickers, your giftee will feel confident throwing them wherever they like to decorate their life in “Stranger Things” swag.

There are stickers like “Friends don’t lie,” the iconic show logo, a waffle and “Palace Arcade.” There are also lots of images of everyone’s favorite characters, including Eleven, Steve Harrington, all five of the kids together and many more. You can even see them as Ghostbusters or cute cartoony versions of themselves. This sticker pack truly has it all.

“Stranger Things” Ornament5 / 23

ADWCrafting / Etsy

3. ‘Stranger Things’ Ornament

Price: $14

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This is a classic ball ornament with a “Stranger Things” spin. The white ornament has the iconic Christmas light strand from the show along it, the very lights Will’s mother used to try to communicate with him when he was trapped in the Upside Down. The glitter coating gives this ornament some extra sparkle, but it won’t rub off since it’s actually inside the ball. A clear coat protects the hand-painted lights and vinyl lettering so your loved one can hang this ornament on their tree for many Christmases to come. You can even customize this gift for free and add the year and a name. It’s 3.25 inches and made of glass with a red ribbon for hanging.

Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt Stranger Things6 / 23

TopTeeStudio / Etsy

4. Hawkins Middle School Sweatshirt

Price: $23.99+

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Baby, it’s cold outside! Help your loved one get cozy and warm with this vintage-style Hawkins Middle School A.V. Club sweater. It has a classic style that hearkens to the era of the show, but it’ll look right at home under the Christmas tree in 2021 thanks to the timelessly sleek and cool design. There’s even a tape to really give it that true 1980s A.V. club feel. It’s cotton and polyester, so it’s super light and soft. It only comes in small, medium and large, though the lime color comes in extra-small. Choose between lime, maroon, navy, black and gray. Most sizes are $29.94, but the extra-small lime is a little cheaper at $23.99.

“Stranger Things” Colored Pencils7 / 23

PopColorsCo / Etsy

5. ‘Stranger Things’ Colored Pencils

Price: $14.95

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Get crafty this holiday season with “Stranger Things” colored pencils. This is a great gift for a fan of the show. Doing some coloring with colored pencils will remind some fans of their own childhoods in the ‘80s. Even if these pencils aren’t a nostalgic blast to the past, they’ll delight fans of the series with the slogans and puns that appear on each pencil. Color names include “frozen waffles” for yellow, “scoops ahoy” for light blue, “pretty” for pink and “friends don’t lilac” for purple. “The Upside Down” is brown while the “snowball dance” is white. Of course, there’s also “nose bleed” red and “shadow monster” black.

Stranger Things Retro ‘80s Coloring Book8 / 23

Spicetag / Etsy

6. Retro ‘80s Coloring Book

Price: $13.99

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Pair this gift with the previous one for a kitschy, fun holiday present. This is a retro ‘80s coloring book, but all the art is “Stranger Things” themed. You get a feel for the overall aesthetic from the cover, which has Hopper in a loud button-down shirt with “A Strange Colouring Book” written in an ‘80s-inspired font and style. The inside of this 12-page book only goes deeper on the theme. Your loved one will color in pages like Billy with a monster looming in the background, Will’s mother sitting in front of her famous Christmas lights and Mike as a Ghostbuster. Note that this is an adult-style coloring book, meaning the illustrations are quite complex and maybe a little too detailed for young children. They’ll need to sharpen those colored pencils we mentioned earlier to get in all those small nooks and crannies!

Stranger Things Personalized Bluetooth LED Sign9 / 23

CraftyDanUK / Etsy

7. Personalized Bluetooth LED Sign

Price: $27.06+

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This illuminated LED acrylic sign is not only stylish and cool, but it’s also surprisingly functional. It can do more than just glow – but the glowing “Stranger Things” logo is extremely cool in and of itself. The black base can include Bluetooth. You can play music through the sign, set a timer and change the brightness and color, among other rad features. You will need batteries or a USB plug-in to power it, but the sign comes with a free USB cable. The price and functionality both change a bit depending on the size and options you select. The black base with IR remote is the cheapest, followed by the white base. The black base with Bluetooth is the most expensive, but it’s only a small bump up in price. You can get a regular size sign that’s eight inches wide or an extra-large version for a bit extra that’s 12 inches wide. You also get to include some personalization, such as your giftee’s name. They can see their name lit up in red, blue or green letters right under the logo of their favorite show.

“Stranger Things” Blanket10 / 23

TrueBarrierCo / Etsy

8. ‘Stranger Things’ Blanket

Price: $29.95+

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What better way to spend a cold holiday season than under a cozy blanket? As an added bonus, this one features images of your loved one’s favorite TV series. The top half has the show’s logo with the four boys on their bicycles. The bottom half has more detailed pictures of the cast of the show, as well as the famous Christmas lights spelling out “friends don’t lie.” This soft plush blanket uses polyester for a vibrant print but super soft feel. The underside is especially warm and fuzzy. You can choose from three sizes. The 30 x 40-inch blanket is the smallest and cheapest, at $29.95. The medium is 50 x 60 for $44.95, and the largest is 60 x 80 for $59.95. Whether you’re buying for one person or a family of “Stranger Things” lovers, everyone can fit under this blanket for a cozy viewing party.

“Stranger Things” Wall Art11 / 23

Joumari / Etsy

9. ‘Stranger Things’ Wall Art

Price: $26.58+

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You get both the art and the frame with this purchase! The art is a super cool print that shows a color-block version of the main cast of the show, including Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Nancy, Lucas, Will and Erica (Lucas’s little sister). The minimalism of the print gives it a stark look but one that fans will still instantly recognize. You can choose a variety of sizes. The smallest print is 6 x 8, but they go all the way up to 24 x 36. The price goes up as well. At the largest size, you’ll pay at least $81.15, depending on the frame color you choose. You can save a little money by getting just the print without a frame. If you do get a frame, you can choose black, white or the natural coloring of the high-quality wood. The print and frame together can be a pricier gift, but the high quality and unique design might just make it worth it if you’ve got a serious fan on your gift list.

Stranger Things Christmas sweater12 / 23

KyrosClosetShop / Etsy

10. ‘Christmas Things’ Ugly Sweater

Price: $30.90+

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It might seem counterintuitive to intentionally buy something ugly as a gift, but ugly sweater parties are a tradition nearly as old as the holiday season itself. This year, your loved one can show up in a truly hideous sweater but that also truly delights them by showing off their favorite show at the same time. The words “Christmas Things” appear in the signature style of the “Stranger Things” logo. Rows of gaudy Christmas lights separate out the three sections of the sweater. The middle shows the kids on their bikes in truly eye-scorching colors, while the bottom pays homage to the Upside Down, which is, of course, actually upside down on the sweater. The sweater is cotton and polyester fleece, and it’s made to last. It comes in unisex size small to 3XL, so it’s great for everyone on your list. Larger sizes are more expensive than smaller sizes.

Stranger Things Scoops Ahoy T-shirt13 / 23

UnchartedStudios / Etsy

11. Scoops Ahoy T-shirt

Price: $21.59+

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In season three, the ice cream shop Scoops Ahoy became a major setting for a lot of the action and drama. Steve and Robin had to wear cheesy sailor uniforms as employees of the shop. It turned the ice cream shop into a beloved icon for fans, who can commemorate that with this fun T-shirt. The shirt uses the logo of the shop, complete with a big red anchor. To the untrained eye, this humble shirt might look like it belongs to a real ice cream shop. It even says “Ice Cream Parlor” under the logo. But fans will see right through the distraction.

On top of being a fun memento, this shirt is also bright and comfortable. You can select between unisex sizes from extra small to 3XL, with the largest sizes costing a couple extra dollars. You also get a bunch of fun colors, including kelly, mint, navy, pink, true royal, ice blue, purple, peach and more.

“Stranger Things” Music Box14 / 23

RealCraftWives / Etsy

12. ‘Stranger Things’ Music Box

Price: $19.99+

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This is a really special gift for a “Stranger Things” fan. It’s a handmade music box that plays the first 18 seconds of the theme of the show. You can even put a personalized engraved message on the bottom of the box for just a couple dollars extra. You won’t have much space, however, as these music boxes are just 2.5 x 2 inches. They fit in the palm of your hand as you wind it up to get the music playing. The lid even has an image of the show’s logo plus the main characters in silhouette. If you know a “Stranger Things” fan, this is a super charming gift that may just surprise them. It’s slightly different from the cups and mugs and T-shirts, so you can give them a memorable holiday.

“Stranger Things” Pendants for Jewelry15 / 23

HazaBoutique / Etsy

13. ‘Stranger Things’ Pendants for Jewelry

Price: $6.70+

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This gift is all about options. All of these handmade pendants will speak to true fans of “Stranger Things,” from the Christmas lights that spell “run” to the “I believe” pendant. There’s also the show’s logo, a simple “011” and “friends don’t lie” in a heart, among other designs. The seller will place your pendant of choice in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms, then seal it all in a gift bag to make it perfect for holiday parties. Most of the charms cost $6.70, but the two pendants that have both a logo and smaller charms are a few cents more at $6.98. Act quickly if you want a specific design, as some will sell out, especially as the holidays draw near.

“You’re an Eleven” Socks Stranger Things16 / 23

KOYSARsocks / Etsy

14. ‘You’re an Eleven’ Socks

Price: $19

Get it

Puns and “Stranger Things.” What a holiday season. These socks use the iconic font from the show. The bottom of one says “In a world full of tens” and the bottom of the other says either, “You’re an Eleven” or, “Be an Eleven.” See what they did there? These socks are super warm, as they use a thermal blend of wool and cotton to keep those toes toasty during the winter months. They come in two broad size ranges, either women’s shoe size 7-12 or men’s shoe size 8-11. This makes them great for most adults.

iPhone Case and Bumper Cover Stranger Things17 / 23

iChooseBitz / Etsy

15. iPhone Case and Bumper Cover

Price: $15.31

Get it

If your loved one is an iPhone user, they can protect their phone with one of these great “Stranger Things” phone cases. They have a raised bumper along the edges for a little extra protection, but they won’t block the speaker, charging port or cameras. Bright colors make the “Stranger Things” designs super vibrant and bold on each case. There are many to choose from, including the famous string lights, the show’s logo, the seasons one, two and three posters, as well as other iconic artwork from the series. You can choose black or white for the visible edge of the case. You’ll also need to know which model of iPhone your loved one uses. The seller can support iPhone 6 all the way up to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Hawkins, Ind., Vintage Travel Poster Stranger Things18 / 23

WindowShopGal / Etsy

16. Hawkins, Indiana, Vintage Travel Poster

Price: $19.50

Get it

This poster pays homage to not only the show, but also the time period that inspired much of its imagery. The seller created a vintage-style travel poster like the ones from the ‘80s. To a casual observer, it might look like a real travel poster. However, fans of “Stranger Things” will notice the subtle references to the show sprinkled throughout the finer details of this poster. For example, if you look closely, you might just see four kids riding their bikes down the road. You can get this in 11 x 17, 18 x 24 or 24 x 36. The price will range from $19.50 to $57.50, depending on the size. The poster doesn’t come with a frame, but the three sizes the seller offers makes it easy to find frames in most stores.

“Stranger Things” Rainy Day Activity Book19 / 23

PizzaEaters / Etsy

17. ‘Stranger Things’ Rainy Day Activity Book

Price: $4.18

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Winter weather isn’t always very kind. Brighten up winter with this cheap and fun activity book that fans of all ages can enjoy. While this activity book does have coloring pages like the coloring book we mentioned above, it also includes other activities, like a word search, “odd one out” game and maze. The illustrations are also simpler than the adult coloring book, making this more of a low-key and low-stress gift, especially if you know some younger fans. The 6 x 4 book includes 16 pages of fun for the whole family.

“Welcome to Hawkins” Sign Stranger Things20 / 23

DeepFriedSigns / Etsy

18. ‘Welcome to Hawkins’ Sign

Price: $14.99

Get it

Help the “Stranger Things” fan in your life make the pilgrimage to Hawkins, Indiana, (at least in their heart) with this “Welcome to Hawkins” sign. The tiny town takes center stage in the series and almost becomes a character itself. This 11.5 x 17.5 sign includes pre-drilled holes at the top and bottom so your giftee can really hang it up somewhere as a welcome sign. The hard plastic can hold up to wear and tear so that your loved one can enjoy this piece of memorabilia for a long time to come. And the big white lettering is bright and visible.

Stranger Things Edible Film Strips and Cake Toppers21 / 23

Radabakery / Etsy

19. Edible Film Strips and Cake Toppers

Price: $13.95+

Get it

You might need a sweet tooth for this one. These film strips and cake toppers are no good on their own; they’re best served on a delicious cake. This might be fun if you’re going to a holiday party this year that you know will be chock full of “Stranger Things” fans. They’ll be blown away by the film strips that depict famous scenes from the show, like Eleven’s first bloody nose or a terrifying monster looming over the town of Hawkins.

Or you can go with the cake topper that has the four boys in silhouette plus the show’s logo. The topper is $13.95 and the film strip is $14.95, but you can get both elements for $25.95. All of them use frosting paper that’s gluten, nut and dairy free (and are completely edible, of course). The film strips come in four 2.5 x 7 pieces. The topper is eight inches. Pair them with an appropriately sized cake to wow your friends and family at your next holiday party.

Stranger Things Knotted Bracelets and Keychains22 / 23

shop315 / Etsy

20. Knotted Bracelets and Keychains

Price: $15

Get it

This handmade item comes as a bracelet or keychain. It uses knotted adjustable embroidery floss with a sliding knot fastener. The seller will let you pick up to six characters from the show. You can make this a one-of-a-kind gift by choosing your giftee’s favorite characters and color. The seller does offer some default options, however, such as rose, sea green, emerald green, sky blue, bright turquoise, blue, blue violet, violet and silver gray. Simple cartoony versions of the characters from the show will appear on the bracelet. Fans will recognize them instantly from their distinctive hair, clothing and colors. The seller will also work with you on length and width. However, this might change your final price. Most bracelets or keychains end up around six inches long with a one-inch band to make space for the characters.


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