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Looking to score the ultimate “Ted Lasso” gifts this year? With Ted and his crew creating fans all over the world, there are lots of gifts to choose from this holiday season. Whether the Ted fan in your life is looking for an inspiring speech from the coaches, wants to enjoy biscuits with the boss or needs some harsher words from the ever-colorful Roy, these gifts will give them the pep talk they need.

Some of these items are one-of-a-kind, so don’t save your holiday shopping for the last minute if you want to impress the “Ted Lasso” fan in your life this season. From stickers and sweaters to custom mugs and more, you can make a believer out of just about anyone with these great gifts!

“Be a Goldfish” ornament3 / 15

lexiconetc / Etsy

1. “Be a Goldfish” ornament

Price: $25

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Start the holiday season right by giving your loved ones a major upgrade to their Christmas tree decorations. This “be a goldfish” ornament is double-sided for extra fun. One side bears the phrase “be a goldfish” and a small charm of a goldfish in a baggie. The flipside displays charming art of a goldfish in a bowl. It’s cute, festive and comes with free shipping if you order two. The ornament measures 3 x 3 inches and uses porcelain for a nice finish. When your loved one is done displaying this on their tree, they can hang it in their car or somewhere else to enjoy year-round.

Tumbler and travel mug Ted Lasso4 / 15

SamanthaForsythShop / Etsy

2. Tumbler and travel mug

Price: $34

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This mug truly has it all if your loved ones are “Ted Lasso” fans. The travel mug is large enough to support a whole slew of designs from the show, including a soccer ball, a “believe” sticker, a goldfish and, yes, even the word “wanker.” You can get the mug in teal, black, copper, white or steel. For an additional $8, you can upgrade the mug to personalize it with a name. Each mug is seven inches tall and can hold 24 ounces of liquid. The stainless steel wall with copper lining will keep whatever is inside hot. And you don’t need to worry about the design wearing off. Simply hand wash it and it will hold up for many holiday seasons to come.

“Hot brown water” mug5 / 15

LifeLikeDesignsShop / Etsy

3. “Hot brown water” mug

Price: $12.95 or $14.75

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You can’t have your morning biscuits without your morning tea (or coffee). This “hot brown water” mug pairs perfectly with the Scottish shortbread fingers above. There’s even a mustache printed on the cup so drinkers can truly embody Ted while they sip their morning beverage of choice. The 11-ounce mug costs $12.95, and the 15-ounce mug costs $14.75. Both are durable white ceramic that you can safely toss in the microwave or dishwasher.

Diamond Dogs t-shirt6 / 15

LittleSwanCrafts / Etsy

4. Diamond Dogs t-shirt

Price: $22.50 (depending on sizing)

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Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more low-key. Not everyone wants to wear a bright yellow “believe” sign, after all. This Diamond Dogs t-shirt is great for the person in your life who’d like to show their fandom while flying under the radar. It comes in a range of solid colors from gray to blue to pink and more and simply says “Diamond Dogs Club Member.” If you know, you know. Either way, this super soft unisex shirt will be easy to wear all year long.

Biscuits with the boss towel7 / 15

MoonlightMakers / Etsy

5. “Biscuits with the Boss” kitchen towel

Price: $15+ (depending on quantity)

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Holiday gifts don’t have to be impractical. This kitchen towel is functional and fun all at once. It comes in white or gray and includes an actual recipe for making biscuits like the ones they eat in the show. Of course, it also works as a dish towel for cleaning up messes in the kitchen. You might want to order some extras so your loved one isn’t worried about staining the design. Plus, if you order one, it costs $15, but if you order two, it’s only $23 (and three costs $33), so there’s no reason not to get some extras.

“Ted Lasso” coasters8 / 15

GiftGoddessCo / Etsy

6. “Ted Lasso” coasters

Price: $17.99

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These coasters feature not just art of the characters from the show but also iconic quotes. Get Ted with a “how do you take your tea? Well, normally right back to the counter because there’s been a terrible  mistake.” Or enjoy Roy declaring “no one cares if I swear.” There’s also Keeley and Dani. Each coaster in this set of four has a cork backing that’s great for tabletops. Fans will get to enjoy their coasters any time they’re relaxing with a beverage, maybe even some “hot brown water.”

Keeley Jones button9 / 15

TheHissinKitten / Etsy

7. Keeley Jones button

Price: $3

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Here’s another great stocking stuffer idea. At just $3, you could order enough of these buttons to satisfy every “Ted Lasso” fan in your life. The 2.25-inch buttons feature a bold and bright design with a pink thunderbolt on a purple background that states, “Keeley Jones Independent Woman.” The seller also has other button and keychain listings if you really want to fill up those stockings with “Ted Lasso” paraphernalia. Check out their designs for “be a goldfish,” “believe,” “what would Ted Lasso do?” and more!

Coaches vinyl sticker pack10 / 15

BetelgeuseX3media / Etsy

8. Coaches vinyl sticker pack

Price: $10

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Lasso and Beard will motivate more than just their team thanks to these vinyl stickers. The eye-catching designs feature the coaches themselves as well as some of their sayings, such as “be curious, not judgmental” and “be a goldfish.” Or you can support “Lasso Beard 2024.” The stickers are laminated and glossy, so they look great on surfaces like laptops, water bottles, phone cases or notebooks. You could even pair this gift with a “Ted Lasso” tumbler or calendar.

“Believe” adhesive vinyl car decal11 / 15

MarsDeeCals / Etsy

9. “Believe” adhesive vinyl car decal

Price: $5.75+ (depending on size)

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Sometimes, it simply isn’t enough to only show off your fandom at home. This car decal will let your loved ones take their passion on the road. The goldfish design contains the word “believe” in the center so that other fans can spot like-minded enthusiasts. While these start at $5.75, the price goes all the way up to $14.75 depending on the width of the stick. The smallest is three inches, while the largest is 10 inches. There’s also a range of colors to select from, including white, black, gray, yellow, lime green, pink, red, orange, turquoise and blue. The vinyl should hold up outdoors for up to six years and it’s great for surfaces like metal, plastic, glass and PVC, which means it’s ideal for cars.

Keeley Green hibiscus tea12 / 15

RichmondTeaCompany / Etsy

10. Keeley Green hibiscus tea

Price: $14

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Fans can enjoy their very own cup of “hot brown water” themed after one of the characters in the show. Keeley’s tea is a green hibiscus that will appear bright pink in the cup. It includes green tea, hibiscus, marigold petals, safflowers, jasmine flowers, natural mango flavor and natural lychee flavor. You get 20 eco-friendly bags, which should keep your loved one covered for weeks to come. The shop also has teas for Dani and Rebecca. Dani’s is a green tea, and Rebecca’s is black tea. Choose your loved one’s favorite character or let them sample all three!

AFC Richmond beanie13 / 15

Freebeens / Etsy

11. AFC Richmond beanie

Price: $31

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Speaking of bundling up against the cold, this AFC Richmond beanie is attractive and comfortable all at once. It includes the team’s logo on the front and comes in a huge range of colors. You can choose red, yellow, blue, navy, green, white, orange, gold, maroon or black. They’re all one-size-fits-all and are made with acrylic wool. This is a surefire way to spruce up your loved one’s winter wardrobe. You can even select two-tone variations. If you’ve got someone on your list who rocks a beanie all year, you could make their 2022 with this gift.

“Barbecue Sauce Dart” waterproof stickers14 / 15

KonikCreates / Etsy

12. “Barbecue Sauce Dart” waterproof stickers

Price: $1.80

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Here’s a super cheap option that will put a smile on any “Ted Lasso” fan’s face. These darts will transport fans back to that fateful darts game from the show, with British flags on the back and “barbecue sauce” written across the center. Each sticker is about 4.4 inches long. They look great on things like laptops and water bottles. You get to choose between red or blue for the center of the dart with text in the opposite color. And because they’re laminated, they should hold up pretty well.

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