Things that are common in UK homes, that Americans just wouldn’t understand


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Don’t you wish you had a nice, warm towel to top off a long shower on a long day? Well, according to TikTokker just_mckinley, that dream is a reality in most U.K. homes.

The TikTokker says that most U.K. homes also have far more, uh, complicated front door security: “You have to pull the handle up to lock the door” instead of just turning your key, just_mckinley said.

And while most fridges in the U.S. are around 6 feet tall, they’re far shorter in the U.K. In fact, just_mckinley says that she’s just 5’ 4” but is taller than her fridge. Another kitchen oddity? Most U.K. homes have their washing machines in the kitchen!

Fellow TikTokker reaganxo has also noted some U.K. staples that are oddities in the U.S.: “Every outlet also has an on and off switch. Kinda fun! … Every bathroom has two buttons depending on what you ‘do,’” which, yes, is referencing exactly what your inner 2-year-old thinks it’s referencing!

Although you’ll get that luxurious towel warmer in a U.K. bathroom, just_mckinley warns that you probably won’t get electrical outlets in your bathroom. And, oh yeah, to get to that bathroom? You’ll probably have to climb a step or two.

“There are steps that lead into literally every single room,” she says. “It’s a little weird. But also, the stairs are so steep!”

Don’t believe us? Watch just_mckinley’s video here:

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