This 10-year-old already owns 2 companies & could retire at 15


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Pixie Curtis is financially ready for retirement. Her companies, Pixie’s Fidgets and Pixie’s Bows, under the umbrella of Pixie’s Pixs, are flourishing. She has retirement dreams — a house by the beach with a Lamborghini SUV (yes, those are a thing. Who knew?) in the driveway. Oh yes, Pixie is a success. She’s also 10.

I know, right?

Born in Australia in 2011, Pixie hit the ground running. Mum, Roxy Jacenko, who runs Sweaty Betty PR, a successful public relations firm in Australia, started an Instagram account shortly after the future mogul was born, featuring fashion and a tongue-in-cheek photo diary of Pixie’s jet set lifestyle. By 2014 Pixie was dubbed the “Princess of Instagram,” and had a rapidly growing number of followers.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Jacenko launched Pixie’s Bows that year featuring bows Pixie wore in her instagram photos. They were a hit. A big hit. An international kind of hit.

Soon, celebrity children like North West and Suri Cruise, were sporting Pixie’s Bows. By 2018 a retail expert predicted that Pixie could be worth $21 million by the time she’s 18 (yeah, that’s a lot of zeros for an 18 year old. Heck, that’s a lot of zeros for anyone) from her bow sales alone.

But wait! There’s more!

Last year Pixie launched Pixie’s Fidgets, with the help of Jacenko. The toys sold out in 48 hours and the company made over $140,000 in its first month. Did I mention that Pixie is in elementary school? Yeah.

Both companies now exist on  The website features the bows and the fidgets as well other toys, games and accessories all with Pixie’s stamp of approval.

She can retire at 15 and live quite comfortably on bow money alone.

So, how’s your retirement fund coming?

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